Why is my Cat Shaking?

Why is my cat shaking

Many owners have noticed their cats shaking but they do not know the reason. They get unnecessarily anxious too. A cat shaking does not always mean that he or she is having any disease. Although that is a possibility. Read further to know when you should take him or her to the vet. 

  • FEAR – The reason can be fear of something or if your cat is getting anxious about anything. It can also be the cause of loud noises. Dogs and cats do not like loud noises. Suppose there is construction going on nearby, the loud noises of that can make your cats shiver. Loud noises like fireworks can also cause this problem. Those sudden and annoying sounds are really not comfortable for your cats. 
  • TEMPERATURE – We generally do not stress on this one but shaking can be the result of being too cold. If your cat has returned from a very cold place or if you are feeling cold then it is likely that the temperature of the place is also very cold, causing your cat to shiver. If any of them are not present but your dog is still shaking then temperature is not the devil here. 
  • CAUSE OF PAIN – Pain can be a cause of this. Pain is a very common cause. You need to be concerned about the source of your cat’s pain. It can be from a variety of things. In this case you can not be sure what the source is, it can be something medical so you have to take your cat to an emergency facility (or to any vet).  When you notice immoderate panting with shivering and trembling this can be because of stress, much heavy pain and uncomfortable feeling. When you can see and / or feel any particular problem with your cat like any kind of fracture, any abdominal limb or pancreatitis (stomach gets bloated and causes extreme pain), any pain caused by intestinal issues or if your pet tends to stay in one place longer, does not want to move that much — these can also be the cause of intense pain. 

Sometimes you would also notice your cat is unable to walk normally, like he is drunk. It happens when there is pain in the neck or back. This indicates that your cat may have muscle dysfunction In the spine area or herniated disc. These are very dangerous diseases and you need to take your cat to the vet or emergency clinic as soon as possible. 

If all these symptoms are missing then you can take your vet’s advice and give your cat medication of pain and anti-inflammatory medicines. Remember that any medicine that contains tylenol can be fatal to cats. So before giving your cat any medicine check the ingredients of them. 

  • CAUSE OF HYPOGLYCEMIA – hypoglycemia happens when cats do not eat for a long time. It causes their bodies to drop the sugar level drastically which results in hypoglycemia. Well, it can occur even if your cat is normally eating. Maybe your cat has diabetes. If your cat’s eating habits are usual but still she or he is shaking then you need to take your pet to the vet. 
  • CAUSE OF CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE – If the kidney of the cat fails then protein and other materials that body does not need will keep on building in the bloodstream. This will cause loss of appetite / general malaise and if this goes on without proper treatment then eventually kidney failure can occur. Kidney failure will then lead to seizures. 
  • HYPOTHERMIA – A cat’s normal temperature of his body is 100.5 degree fahrenheit to 102.5 fahrenheit. Most adult cats do not have a problem maintaining that. Kittens and older cats struggle to keep up. Their immune systems are comparably weaker that is the reason. Cats who have other health conditions will also experience hypothermia.  
  • HYPERTHERMIA – Hyperthermia is a more serious situation. It happens because of fever that can not be controlled / poisoning / epilepsy. If a cat’s temperature rises above the normal temperature that is 102.5 then it is considered that the cat is having a fever. The most common cause of this is either a virus or anything infectious. This condition is serious and should not be neglected. If you notice any fever symptoms in your cat, quickly take him or her to a vet. 
  • CAUSE OF TOXICITY – Outdoor cats love to roam around and explore, they often find something that picks their interest a little too much. But that thing can be something harmful. A cat does not realize that and engages with it directly. Things like toxic plants / poisonous materials / chemicals are very bad for cats. These things should be kept away from their reach. Toxicity does not only cause shaking and trembling, it also causes vomiting, diarrhea etc. Moreover, it can be fatal too. That is the biggest concern. If you suspect anything regarding this case immediately take your cat to a vet or call any pet helpline to take advice about what you can do. 

What to do if your Cat is Trembling?

If you think that your cat’s blood sugar is low then try giving her drops of honey and maple sugar. This will increase the level of her or his blood sugar up quickly. But if you notice that your cat’s hypoglycemia is not going away then you need to take your cat to a vet to do some blood tests. Your cat may need different diet plans. 

Hypothermic cats need to be wrapped up in a towel to gain that required warmth. You can also use a heated blanket / heated pad / heated lamp. It is like how we wrap little babies. This condition is life threatening for kittens and sick adult cats. You need to take your cta to a vet then they will decide what to do. They will probably detect the main cause of this condition and then treat that first. If the cause is gone then the effect will also go away. Which means the hyperthermia will be treated. 

Shaking caused by toxicity or shock or excessive pain also need to be treated by a vet. You can not treat it by yourself unless you are a professional.

If the cause is psychological then you have to be the upper hand and you need to detect the cause that is making your cat anxious and unsafe. You will still need to do some tests for that also you need to take your cat to a vet. A professional advice is always best before you decide anything for your cat. 

Can shaking a cat hurt it?

If you shake your cat it can eventually lead to brain damage.

 Kittens should never be shaken even just a little. Cats also do not like that behaviour.

 It is likely that if you keep on doing this to your cat, he or she will become violent and develop symptoms of being withdrawn. 

Why is my cat shaking while sleeping?

Normally it happens to cats and dogs. They tend to twitch and shake because they dream about something. There is normally nothing to worry about. 

But I still recommend that you talk to a vet about these. If your cat is having other symptoms than just shaking during the sleep there must be something wrong. 

There are certain issues that you can help with and certain things you can not do. If your cat is trembling because of something mental then you might be able to do something but if the cause is purely medical then you just have to take your pet to the vet. 

However, here are some tips to follow when you want to stop your cat from shaking. 

  • Temperature change – if you think that your cat is feeling cold then you need to make him warm. If your cat has come home all wet or maybe he played with some water and now he is shaking because of the cold. Maybe you gave him a bath. That is also a reason for your cat’s shaking. Then you need to make the temperature around him warm. You can wrap that baby with a warm towel or blanket or you can turn the thermostat up in your home. If you have just bathed him then dry him properly before letting him lose.  
  • Make sure that your cat does not go out to play in rainy seasons or in cold weathers. Prevention is always best. If your cat is an outdoor one then make him a shelter or build him a little house so that snow and rain or cold breeze can not reach up to him. Inside that you can add warm blankets or water bottles so that the warmth does not go away. If the weather is bad it is best you let him stay inside. Otherwise you need to check up on him every hour of the day. 
  • Never ever use any electric heating pad. This will potentially burn your cat. It can harm him seriously. You can try to check your cat’s rectal temperature if you can. If your cat still does not stop shaking even after being all warmed up then you need to take him to a vet. 
  • If your cat is suddenly shaking then you need to check his whereabouts. Where he went what made him like this. If you can find the source then you can take necessary steps. Sometimes when a new pet arrives and starts to boss your previous cat then he or she might suffer from anxiety.



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