Why is my Cat Peeing on my Couch?

Taking care of dogs and cats as pets is an enjoyable but tiresome task. You need to make your cat learn every little manner like a baby. That’s part and parcel of the beautiful journey you have with your pet. Right from the day you first brought them home, you’ll make them learn how to play, eat, obey, and pee. Out of all these activities, teaching the last is the most difficult.

Why is my Cat Peeing on my couch

Animals don’t have basic manners, and you need to train them to pee at a particular point. What if your cat starts peeing on the couch even after days or months of training her? No matter how much you teach her, she just doesn’t pee in the litter box. But cat pee smell is almost unbearable on the couch.

It’s hard to remove from the fabric and has a powerful odor. I bet you don’t sit on the couch even after several hours of cleaning up. Moreover, cat pee converts into a stronger ammonia scent after some time because of the bacteria that it attracts. Understandably, you would want to punish your cat for peeing on the couch.

It’s essential to understand at this point of time that her peeing behavior on bed or couch isn’t because of her notoriety or way of seeking some revenge. It’s a behavior problem and sends out a message to her owner, i.e., you at this point in time. So first up, we’ll discuss the possible reasons why your cat is peeing on the couch. We’ll also discuss what you can do to stop this behavior, including home remedies. 

Why does my cat keeps peeing on couch at night?

If your cat often pees at the couch or your bed, particularly at night time, it’s the cause of significant concern. While the problem can be better handled in the day, you have little control over your cat at night. Possible reasons for this kind of behavior include lack of vision during night time, a medical issue like arthritis, or she may be crying out for attention.

Why does my cat keeps peeing on couch at night

You may want to put the litter box in your bedroom itself and turn on a dim night light in the room. This will solve the vision problem as well as the litter box would be easily reachable to her. Other solutions to prevent her from peeing on the couch at night include making her sleep in a small room, which is ideal for your cat to pee.

Reasons your cat is peeing on your couch

The reasons why your cat pees on the couch might be behavioral or medical and it can als9 be related to the placement of litter box etc. You need to understand all the possibilities before putting in measures to change this irritating habit of your cat peeing on the couch. 

Medical Reasons

They are the most significant cause of concern for any pet owner. You may look out for these issues and consult your bet immediately on observation:

  • Bladder Stones

Notice if your cat is frequently going to the litter box. Your cat sometimes will end up peeing on the couch as she may not want to go the box again and again. If she’s crying or mew in pain while peeing, it may point out to an obstruction in the urinary tract. Touch her abdomen, and you find it tender, it is a sign of blockage. Another critical sign to check for obstruction is if you notice traces of blood in her urine. Take her to the vet immediately in this case as the situation can aggravate.

Reasons your cat is peeing on your couch
  • UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

This kind of infection is also common in humans. Your cat frequently feels the need to pee a small amount of urine. The frequent and urgent urge to pee again and again means she may end up peeing on the couch at times. Take her to the ver for a checkup of UTI.

  • Feline interstitial cystitis

It’s the urge for a cat to pee out of the blue. In other words, she loses control of the excretion of urine and ends up wetting the couch or the bed, among other such places.

Behavioral Reasons

  • A Major Change

Cats like to stay in a stable environment and follow a daily routine and hate any disruptions or changes in their pattern. A significant change around her surroundings may include shifting to a new house. She might not get accustomed quickly and feel frustrated, which makes her pee at random places, including the couch. 

This may also happen if you’re not giving her enough time because of a new baby or pet in your house. You might also keep working for long hours and deprive her of attention. She would urinate on carpet, rugs, bed, couch, and almost anywhere in this case.

  • Habit

If your cat accidentally peed on your couch once, she would leave her scent on the sofa. This smell lasts long and might attract your cat to pee there again unless it becomes a habit. Removing the odor from there would be of great help in getting rid of this habit.

  • Height of the couch

Cats easily feel suspicious and threatened by their surroundings due to any minor change. They like to stay attentive in such times, and the height of the couch gives them a good view of the surroundings even while peeing. The height also helps her feel safe, unlike litter boxes that are on the ground at a much lower height.

What does it mean if your cat is peeing on couch suddenly
  • Separation Anxiety

Cats are surely more solitary animals than dogs, but still, they can have anxiety attacks at times when you leave them alone for extended periods. This can lead to abnormal behavior, which includes peeing in random places. You should take out time for your cat at least 15 minutes every day, and if you can’t do that, at least leave some clothing that has your scent around them for a quick therapy.

Other reasons

  • Litter Box placement

If you have changed the location of your cat’s litter box, peeing on the couch might be the direct result. Just like humans, cats like privacy while peeing. They don’t want their litter box in a busy place. Shift it to a secluded place to solve this one.

Ways to stop your cat from peeing on your furniture
  • Cat doesn’t like the litter

Cats are very choosy and may not like a particular texture or color. The couch is a comfortable place for her. Another thing that could stop your cat from peeing in the litter is if you’ve covered up the box. She would feel uncomfortable peeing in such a case and will look to avoid it when you’re not around.

Ways to stop your cat from peeing on your furniture

Different problems demand different solutions, but a few of the most common solutions are listed here. The good news is that you may not need to consult a vet and pay massive costs in some of these.

  • Furniture covers

Adding a thick cover over your furniture will firstly save it from damage and permanent odor. Additionally, it can make it difficult for your cat to get to them.

  • Litter box problems

Cats don’t like to use a dirty litter box, so you should consider cleaning it often. A good idea is to keep two litter boxes for your cat so that you have a backup if you are washing the first one. Clean the box every day with soap, baking soda, and warm water. You should also keep in mind that you keep as many litter boxes as the number of cats in your home. Lack of sufficient litter boxes can be another reason why your cat is peeing on the couch.

  • Medical Treatment

Consult your vet in case you observe frequent urination, blood traces in the urine, or your cat in pain during urination. Your vet can prescribe the apt medicine to treat your cat’s issue, which may include antibiotics, medicines, or injections.

  • Change placement of litter

If your cat has started to pee on the rug or couch, keep the litter box near them and encourage your cat to pee on it. You can also light up the areas around the couch to dissuade your cat from peeing there since cats like to pee in the dark places.

  • Give her time

If you’ve brought a new cat in your house, give her some time to adjust. Similarly, when you have a guest or a baby, let the cat become familiar with them so that her anxiety goes away quickly.

  • Clean the furniture properly

It’s important to remove the scent of your cat’s urine from the furniture so as to discourage her from peeing there again. You should use a market bought enzymatic cleaner or homemade cleaners, as discussed further below. Enzymatic cleaners help break down bacteria and eliminate odor. You can additionally spray citrus-scented water as cats hate its smell.

Home Remedies to stop your cat from peeing on your couch

Home Remedies to stop your cat from peeing on your couch

There are a lot of effective home remedies to prevent cats from peeing on the couch. We love to use vinegar solution and citrus spray because they are so easy and inexpensive to make. Artificial cleaners can be harmful to people having breathing problems, so we prefer homemade repellents. Clean up the couch using a wipe cloth and then apply any of the following solutions:

Vinegar Cat Pee Cleaner

This is one of the cheapest and most effective methods to remove urine odor. You would need vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide.

  • Mix one part vinegar with three parts water and spray it on the affected area. Let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Use paper towels to remove the solution.
  • Let the floor air dry or use a fan. Sprinkle baking soda on the dried spot.
  • Mix hydrogen peroxide with dish soap and pour it on the baking soda.
  • Scrub the area well and let it dry afterward.

Citrus Cat Repellant

This solution doesn’t actually remove the odor. It’s a protective solution that discourages cats from coming back to your couch. It’s proven that cats hate the smell of a citrus solution.

  • Pour two cups of water in a pan and boil it.
  • Add peels of citrus fruits, including orange, lemon, and tangerine.
  • Allow it to heat for 20 minutes and then cool it down in the air.
  • Pour the cold solution in a spray bottle. Mix a little dish soap solution along with two teaspoons lemon juice. Shake it well, and you’re done.

You can first clean up the furniture using the vinegar cleaner and then spray the citrus solution to shoo away your cat from that place.

What not to do?

You need to adopt friendly methods to help your cat use the litter box to pee. Punishment can compound anxiety and also harm your bond with your cat. Avoid the following in such case:

  • Don’t rub your car’s nose in urine in a fit of anger
  • Don’t yell or forcefully drag her to the litter box
  • Keep the litter box away from your cat’s dining area

What does it mean if your cat is peeing on couch suddenly?

Urinary Tract infection or Feline interstitial cystitis is the most common reason why your cat is suddenly peeing on the couch. She can’t control her urge and has to release every 15 minutes. She would, as a result, get tired and pee while sitting on the couch. It can also point towards her being emotionally upset, and you would want to consult the vet in both the cases.

Why my cat peed on couch right in front of me?

Your cat starts peeing on the couch right in front of your, mainly because of stress or anxiety. A bad litter box may result in anxiety, and your cat would start peeing in front of you to express that. Clean up the litter box daily and change it every six months to ensure your cat never wants to pee anywhere else.

Removing the scent and spraying citrus will definitely prevent your fat from returning to pee on your couch. But it’s essential to make her comfortable and not shout at her. Subtly employ counteractive measures and you will see the results soon.



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