Why does my Cat Lick my Hair?

Why does my Cat Lick my Hair

I have been in a situation when I would wake up and see that my cat has been licking and chewing my hair for the past few minutes. I have wondered why my cat did what he did, then I gathered some information about it.

Reasons for this behavior:

Apparently, your cat licks your hair because —


Grooming is considered as a common conduct among cats who are friends or have a bond. It is not uncommon to see two felines licking each other, rubbing their cheeks and heads against each other. Sometimes cats close their eyes and it looks as if they are enjoying it too much.

Similarly, when your pet cat loves you very much and has a very strong bond and connection with you then you would face this behavior often. 


Some  cats like the scent of the shampoos and gels and also the smell of those hair sprays. 

So this can interest your cats to get a taste of that mysterious smell and if they like that taste then you might see this behavior everytime you put that particular product on your hair. 

But if your cat still licks your hair when you did not apply your hair product, then it might be something else.


Sometimes, cats do this kind of behavior to get their owners’ attention. Licking, pulling, chewing their hair would make them notice and then the cats can demand something with those beautiful mesmerizing eyes.

They may be hungry or they may want to play with you. You will know once you have bonded with your cat. You will kind of know what they are trying to say.

It is like having a baby. You do not exactly know what they are thinking but you know what they want and need. 


Some cats like to show their affection through licking their owners’ hair. They treat it as a part of grooming. Cats like to rub their heads to release pheromones. Your cat may think that your hair contains pheromones.

It can also mean that they are marking their territory. It happens when there are other animals too. Cats do this to let others know that you are theirs only. 

So next time you should probably give some love back.

Why Does my cat lick my hair after a Shower?

Does your cat licks your hair only when you get out of the shower?

Then maybe your cat likes a particular scent or taste of the product that you use. It can be any kind of shampoo or hair sprays and gels. Some cats like those weird tastes and some do not. Guess your cat fell into the do’s side.

It can also like the dampness of the hair after you showered. The hair gets soft and it feels nice on a hot summer day.

It is not harmful unless your cat is licking too much. You should also rinse your pair properly so that no amount of the product stays on the hair. It can be harmful to cats. 

Is it ok for my cat to lick my hair?

It does not cause any harm unless the cat is chewing off the hair and eating it while licking. Some cats fall extremely sick after they lick human hair. So if your cat is fine while licking your hair then just keep an eye on him so that he or she does not eat little bits of hair.

Other than that it is mostly a display of care. That does not cause harm. Bonding and caring for each other is all that is there.

Why does my cat lick me?

Why does my cat lick me

Cats can lick their owners for various reasons. We all know that cats have a strange way of showing their feelings. Some cats lick a lot, some do not. Every cat is different.


When your cat wants to get your attention then they will start to do things that will make you notice them. Most common signs are meowing, pawing and licking.

If your cat is licking you and then eagerly looking at you then he or she probably wants to play a little. You can pet them to see their reaction. If they are not going away rather leaning more close, they just want some love.  


However, this can also be a hint that your cat is not mentally okay. He or she may be feeling sick. Some cats lick a lot when they are in any stress. 

Suppose you are taking your cat to a vet or someone’s house then this type of behavior may occur. It is their method of coping with stressful situations.  ADHD is such a disease that makes cats lick anyone or anything obsessively.

ADHD needs serious medical help. You need to talk to a vet immediately if you suspect that your cat has that disease.


Grooming is a necessity for cats. They groom to keep themselves clean. Well cats also groom other fellow animals whom they think are close enough. 

If they are friends for a long time and they trust each other then you would often see them engaging in that activity. 

For cats, humans are big animals. So, when they trust you enough then they will show that by licking you. It is as if they are trying to groom you but it is to show that they have faith in you. They are expressing their love for you. 


Have you accidentally spilled anything on your arm? You know that cats have a strong sense of smell. So even if the smell has been rubbed off and you have washed the area, your cat will likely notice the faint scent.

Then they might be curious about it. They would sniff it and if they think of it as something edible, they would probably lick the part to get a better knowledge of that interesting smell.