Why does my cat follow me around?

Cats are the most wonderful pets who show a lot of love and affection towards owners. While being physically affectionate is one of the many ways of expressing love by cats, they often like to rub themselves on the owner or even end up sitting on the owner’s lap. Some cats who don’t prefer showing love by being physically affectionate, tend to remain always somewhere near the owner. 

Most cats follow their owners because they love the companionship of the owner. But there can be other reasons as to why the cat is following you around, for instance, during feeding time. Cats tend to follow you around wherever you go when it’s the time to give a meal to the cat. If your cat is behaving differently or growing restless during feeding time, it might be possible that your cat might be suffering from diabetes or even hyperthyroidism. These medical conditions can make your cat feel more hungry during the mealtime. If you notice these symptoms, you must take your cat to pay a visit to your vet. 

How Should You Reciprocate Your Cat Following You and Other Signs of Cat Affection? 

Why does my cat follow me around

Cats love to give as well as receive affection from their owners. Whenever you are free, spend some time in the same room where the cat is present. Try talking to the cat, and check if she is able to identify your words or respond when you say the cat’s name. You may also play with the cat with toys, inside the room or outdoors. Cats often show their affection by offering gifts to their owners. And these gifts might not be a rose, but a dead mouse or a toy. Your cat is expressing love towards the owner when the cat chooses to sleep near the pillow or bed. 

One of the best methods of expressing affection for a cat is to allow the cat to show you love and accept her love very graciously! Your cat might expose its belly or underside to express trust for the owner, but it might not expect you to pet or stroke it. Just watch carefully for the signs, while gently stroking the cat. There is a possibility that your cat might feel shy to show her affection and stays aloof for a long time. In such cases, you can approach first and show your affection towards the cat. Don’t ever try to loom over your cat, it only makes the cat feel nervous. Looming is exactly what the predators used to do before beginning to attack. All you need to do to show your affection towards the cat is to lower yourself to the cat’s level by squatting or sitting down. Pet your cat from the side or below, rather than from above like a hawk. Never try to chase after a nervous cat. Most often cats prefer to approach you when you are ignoring them. And when they come close to you, allow the cat to smell you before attempting to touch it. Watch for the signs carefully and if you observe that the cat’s ears have shifted to the back of the head, then it might be disliking the way you are petting. If your cat is sniffing in your hands or rubbing against you, the cat wants to get petted by you.

Why Does a Stray Cat Follow Me?  

Why Does a Stray Cat Follow Me

Most stray cats are not afraid of humans. Stray cats often follow people if it feels safe to them in search of food. If a stray cat is following you, call out to her softly and try offering some cat food. In order to maintain a relationship with a stray cat, make an effort to place some food outside your home so that the cat feels safe enough to access the food. If you are planning to keep the stray cat in your home, get it checked by a vet. There might be a possibility that the stray cat might be suffering from contagious diseases due to mites, fleas or worms. 

My does my cat follow me everywhere and meow? 

A lot of times, the cat would follow you everywhere to express love and affection. Sometimes cats tend to follow and start to meow to get the attention of the owner. If you do not want to encourage this kind of behaviour from your cat, you should stop rewarding the cat every time she follows and starts to meow at you. To distract the cat from continuing to meowing and following, you can offer it a toy or plaything. Another possible reason why your cat follows you everywhere is that it might be suffering from separation anxiety. The symptoms of the separation anxiety are often observed when the owner of the cat returns to home after a vacation or trip. Maybe your cat simply loves your company and that’s why it prefers to follow you everywhere. Many cats follow their owners when they feel hungry or during the mealtime. The cat might even start to meow loudly if you don’t offer the food. If this is happening again and again, you must take your cat to a vet to ensure that she is not suffering from medical conditions such as diabetes. Cats tend to feel extreme hunger when they are suffering from diabetes or hyperthyroidism. 

How to stop your cat from following you excessively?

How to stop your cat from following you excessively

All your wants from you is your consistent attention. It might be possible that she wants to play with or she might be feeling hungry. Keep reading to know all the ways by which you can stop the cat from following you excessively. 

  • Your kitty might be following you everywhere you to receive your attention. To stop your cat from doing so, you should stop rewarding it and ignore them whenever they follow you. Start giving rewards and more attention to the cat when she is sitting quietly. If your cat is continuously meowing, you must stay away until and unless it calms down and stops meowing. Apply this method only if your cat is excessively meowing to gather your attention. Make sure that you are spending quality time with your cat by playing with it. All you need to is reward the cat every time she is quiet and calm.
  • There is a possibility that your cat is suffering from a medical condition like kidney problem, hyperthyroidism or diabetes. A cat tries to communicate when she is meowing at its owner. The cat might be trying to convey that she is not feeling well by meowing again and again. If your cat is behaving weirdly then you must get the cat checked by a vet.
  • Most cats might meow when they feel hungry or if it’s their mealtime. In case you forgot to keep some food in the food bowl, then your cat might start meowing at you. You must take complete responsibility of offering enough food to your cat so that it does not feel hungry again and again. Nutritious food will help your cat to remain healthy and free from any medical conditions. Keep checking and changing the water bowl of the cat as well.
  • Your cat might start feeling a bit stressed due to some changes in your home, like the presence of guests or new animal. The cat prefers to meow loudly at the owner if she is not comfortable with the presence of new people in the home. If you want your cat to stop meowing loudly, you must try to mingle your cat with the new guests or animals. 
  • Your cat might be feeling more confused or frustrated if she is getting old. The cat usually tends to follow the owner excessively and mow loudly when it’s feeling disoriented. You can try to keep the lights on for the cat’s room during the night to make her feel safe. 



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