Why do Cats Stick their Tongues Out?

We see dogs, sticking out their tongues often for no reason. We sometimes see that cats do that too. It seems cute and very strange in cats to that. Let us take a look further into this type of behaviour in cats. 

Why do cats stick their tongues out

Cat’s tongue is usually very rough because it is used to eat or groom him. It is also used to maintain his health. Cat’s tongue has papillaes that are little barbs on his tongue. 

These papillaes are designed to help cats to hold onto food or hair. If you have a cat for long enough or if you ever experienced how it feels to be licked by a cat you will know that cats have very sharp tongues.

Dogs and humans have very slippery tongues but cats have very rough and dry tongues. The Papillaes are made of the same thing that are used to make our nails which is keratin. Which is why if you get licked by your cat in the same spot over and over again it hurts. 

Animals have a very strong sense of smell and cats are quite clever animals, they are small in size so to save themselves from other predatory animals they have to make themselves clean so that no trace of the scent of the food they have eaten can be lingered with them. Otherwise the other animals can think those cats as their food, therefore eventually attacking them. 

If your cat has something unpleasant for discomforting in their tongue they would try to remove it. Their tongue pulls food and hair into their mouths. They don’t have hands like humans or lips like us so they stick out their tongues so that that thing does not go inside their mouth and try to remove the object by continuously sticking the tongue in and out. 

Sometimes when your cat is doing something and then suddenly he stops whatever he is doing and stares into the blank space like he is thinking or observing something. And then he can stick out his tongue. 

These are not something you should be anxious about.They do that often when they sense something or get an unknown or strange smell. They can feel it through their tongue and then in their mouth. This is called Flehmen response. 

Cats usually do this to pick up sex hormones from other cats. They can sense it and therefore go to them to mate with them. In mating season this type of behaviour gets more frequent. 

So next time when your cat sticks out his tongue, do not get hyped just let him analyse the smell and then after a while your cat will go back to normal. 

Your cat can stick out his tongue as a result of respiratory infection. Infections in the cat’s nose area or in his throat can cause him to drool a lot. If he is having a hard time breathing he may put his tongue out trying to breath. 

Respiratory infection symptoms are watery eyes, having a hard time breathing, unstable, low appetite, less interest in grooming, fever. 

Take your fur-ball to a nearby vet as soon as you can. 

Why does my cat stick her tongue out when I pet her?

Why does my cat stick her tongue out when I pet her

Many cat owners have reported that their usually feisty cats stick their tongues out when they are being petted. It is not an uncommon situation for pet owners. 

As I have told before when cats become worry free and relaxed they tend to loosen up. 

When you pet her she gets the attention and it makes her feel very safe and wanted. She then loosen up and her tongue might stick out. The sight is generally cute. 

There is nothing to be anxious about in this situation. Sit back and enjoy this moment with her. This will strengthen the bond between you two.

Why Do Cats Stick their Tongues out While Travelling?

You may have seen many Hollywood movies like “secret life of pets” where cats stick their necks out from the cars. This is because the breeze feels nice on their faces when being in the moving car. 

Your cat may even let his tongue out to feel the cold breeze on his tongue too. In this case all you have to look for is if there is any other car nearby your car as it may hit your cat when moving too close. 

But If your cat starts panting and drooling it might be because your cat is having motion sickness. Yes, cats can also experience this like humans. 

Motion sickness is mainly caused by the  imbalance of the inner ear. This can make cats dizzy and it might vomit. 

Why Do Cats Stick their Tongues out While Travelling

This will stop when your cat is out of the car. It may take time. Cats take much more time to adjust in new situations. Do not get scared because motion sickness in cats is not uncommon. If your cat vomits then stops the car for some time then move again. 

Why do Cats Stick Their Tongue Out on Hot Days? 

Any cat’s skin is covered with larger hair so they have two places with which they can cool down. The first place on their physics is their paws or foot pads and the second one is their tongue.

 Dogs keep panting but cats do not pant that clearly as a dog. Keep observing if your cat is keeping his tongue out. 

He is probably trying to balance his temperature. This kind of behaviour is mostly noticed by any cat owner in summer days where it is very hot outside.

Why do Cats Stick Their Tongue Out on Hot Days

 A cat roams outside in hot weather then gets tired easily. Then he comes home and takes rest. Here he can stick his tongue out to cool himself down. He can cool down fast by sticking his tongue out or drinking water. 

He can also keep his tongue out when he is in a car that is hot in temperature. Because then he would need to cool down the whole journey so he may keep on hanging his tongue from his mouth. 

There is also another situation when your cat might feel the need to cool him down quickly. The situation is when he has exercised a lot. Exercise means he can run around in the neighbourhood or has been chasing something or has been out for a long time in high temperature. These situations can make your kitty cat stick his tongue and pant. 

If your cat is sick or he has a fever then his temperature will gradually go up so he will try and cool down by keeping his tongue out. 

Although panting and keeping his tongue out does not help that much in reducing their temperature. Many cats who are aged, small faced or overweight  cool down less effectively. 

101 – 102 degrees Fahrenheit is the normal temperature of a cat. If these scales go over 105 degrees Fahrenheit then you should be concerned about your cat’s health. Your cat may get a heat stroke

If your cat gets exhausted by the heat or the temperature then he will stick out his tongue. He may even get restless. Drooling will follow along and then he might vomit. It is likely he will lose his stability and collapse

Heat stroke is not a matter of joke. It can lead to multiple organ failure in cats. You should cool your cat down eventually and then take your cat to the vet.

You should not lock your cat in any hot places like in a car. If you lock your cat inside the car or maybe you forgot to take your cat out of the car and left the car locked then your cat might die inside. Cats do not like small places with high temperature. 

It may not look like anything but inside a locked car is very hot. You may have seen many videos where many owners have left their pets inside a locked car and some strangers rescue them by smashing the window.

Do not treat your cat as an object of show off. If you truly care about your four legged feline companion do not neglect them. 

Always make sure that your cat is not in a small space. Keep fresh water for your cat. 

Why do cats stick their tongue out when you scratch them? 

Why do cats stick their tongue out when you scratch them

Just like petting, when you scratch your cat in the spot that they think is perfect they will respond by sticking their tongue out. The cat is probably saying that  “yes that feels very nice, keep scratching”. In this situation the cat becomes extremely relaxed and happy with pleasure. 

Cats do not have language to speak to us. So they communicate with certain behaviour like purring, scratching his back against you, sitting on your lap, seeking your attention etc. 

Just like that they respond to your scratching like this (by putting his tongue out showing that he feels extremely nice). 

Why Do Cats Stick Their Tongues Out Repeatedly? 

When we have something in our tongue we try to remove it by spitting But cat’s do not have that luxury because their paws do not help that much. So they try to remove the discomfort by constantly sticking their tongue in and out.

 It is not peculiar for a cat to do that but if this behaviour stays for more than 1 to 2 minutes then you should be worried and take your cat to a vet. 

Sometimes, baby cats or kittens try to remove their baby tooth so they keep on sticking their tongue in and out. Check your cat’s mouth to see if it has something that is discomforting. 

If your cat is aged then he might have dementia if he keeps their tongue out then pulls it in over and over. He is forgetting to keep his tongue in. You should take him to a vet as soon as possible to know the exact reason. 

Why Do Cats Stick Their Tongues Out Repeatedly

Sometimes, when your cat’s tongue is big and his mouth is small then its tongue will keep on slipping out of his tiny mouth, he might try to keep it in but it will slip out. 

This may look cute even. Nothing to worry about in that case.

Cat owners tend to give less attention to the health of their cat’s dental area. Sometimes when your cat has finished its meal some proportion of food may stick in between their teeth. This is very uncomfortable for them.  They try to remove it by doing repeated in and out with their tongues.

This can also happen when something other than food gets stuck in their teeth. Check your cat’s teeth once in a day to make sure that he does not have any oral problems. Be aware of your cat’s behaviour. 

What is Periodontal Disease in cats?

Periodontal disease is dental disease in cats. This can make cats stick their tongue out and sometimes drool. 

Cats have this disease where plaque and tartar keeps on building up in their gums. Cat’s gums become loose and swollen and they emit bad breath. The symptoms of periodontal disease are bad breath, pain in tooth and gum, teeth get loose and gums get red in colour. 

In the gums a bacteria named gingivitis gets produced. Then the periodontitis that is the tissue of the teeth(soft and bony both)  gets damaged. 

The bacteria goes into the roots of the tooth and creates abscess. Other than this a cat can have loose teeth. It can lead to very painful conditions like inflammation in his mouth portion.

Although tumours can also cause bad breath so to gain knowledge of what exactly happened to your cat please go to a vet. 

This makes your cats uneasy and difficult to close their mouths. So they keep their mouth open, their tongues stick out and they may drool. 

What is Periodontal Disease in cats

Your cat will stick out his tongue and drool if he has feline stomatitis. Inflammation and ulceration in his mouth (mainly in the soft tissues inside mouth) like the back of the mouth or in the whole area of the mouth including gums, cheeks and tongue can be one of the symptoms

Other than these if you notice massive amounts of drooling, if your cat is not able to eat or groom himself or if he can not close his mouth properly or if he can not keep his tongue inside of his mouth then he has the symptoms of feline stomatitis. 

If you notice these symptoms or if you have any doubt that your cat may be sticking his tongue out as a reason of some kind of physical discomfort or any sickness then you are advised to go to a vet immediately. 

Why do Cats Stick Their Tongue Out and Drool? 

For most cases if your cat licks a lot then he might drool.

 The saliva that cats have can droop as drools if your cat starts licking a lot.

 There is nothing to worry about if your cat is in perfect health.

 But if your cat has some kind of medical issue then you should take him to a vet to check up.

Your cat might have some kind of dental disease that can cause him to stick his tongue out and drool. 

Other than this, periodontal diseases, dental diseases, respiratory infection, motion sickness, physical inability, poisoning etc, can cause excessive drooling. 

Why do Cats Stick Their Tongue Out and Drool

In any case consult your vet because your cat’s safety is first. 

Can poisoning make your cat to stick out their tongue? 

Our pet cats often render in our locality. So it is not uncommon to worry if your cat has eaten something that is poisoned. 

There are symptoms that you can notice to know if your cat is poisoned or not. 

Your cat will stick out his tongue repeatedly to remove the taste of the poison that may irritate him. 

Your cat will vomit and drool excessively. He might even collapse because of the poison. But this is when the poison is starting its effect. 

Do not let it get that far. When you see your cat is having difficulty in breathing or he is disbalanced as in dizzy or vomiting, take him to a vet as soon as possible. 

Even if you suspect him to eat any pesticides or any cleaners that are used in the house or probably some animal who died by poisoning do not wait. 

Just take him to a vet immediately because it is a serious situation. You can also consult any pet poison hotline if you do not have a vet nearby. 

But from my personal experience I have seen many people poisoning other people’s cats. So if your cat keeps going outside please observe your cat’s whereabouts closely because you do not want your negligence to make a reason for your cat’s danger. 

Keep your cat away from those kinds of people. Do not let your cat eat from outside sources. Give your cat adequate food so that he does not feel the need to go outside in search of food. 

Cat sleeping with its Tongue stuck out, What to do?

Cat sleeping with its tongue stuck out, What to do

If your cat casually relax then he might stick his tongue out. Not intentionally though.

 It is just a reflex that when they feel completely safe their mouths loosen up. As a result their tongue may come out. 

When your cat sleeps, the same reflexes happen and their tongue will be out, not the whole tongue but just the tip. 

You can even observe that your cat’s tongue is twitching a bit when he is enjoying his sleepy time. 

Cats who have missing teeth or few space in their mouth will likely stick their tongue out when relaxed.

 This happens mostly with old cats and baby kittens. 

Losened jaw can be another reason as to why your cat is sleeping with its tongue out. This can also happen when your cat is sedated. 

Just like a human being when your cat is very much relaxed and you keep petting her she might fall asleep with its tongue open. It is a natural instinct. Do not need to get alarmed by this. 



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