Why do cats roll around?

You must have observed that your cat likes to roll on the ground, cement and concrete surfaces. Most cats tend to rub their head and meow while rolling on the floor. Some cats might be just trying to get a good stretch after a nap while rolling around the house. According to studies, this behaviour is considered as a positive signal coming from a cat. It means that the cat is feeling safe and secure in the house. Moreover, she is trying to seek the attention of the owner by rolling around. A lot of cats tend to roll over on their back when they are feeling free from fear and anxiety. 

Why do cats roll around

Consider the rolling over of your cat as a good sign! It is the cat’s way of expressing her trust towards the owner. When a cat is expressing her belly or sensitive parts, it is considered as the best time for the owner and cat to bond. Notice the time, location as well as the circumstances when your cat prefers rolling over her back. For example, if the cat has a habit of rolling in the morning time in front of the owner, it means that she craves for attention. Make it a point to spend quality time with the cat by playing or walking around every time she rolls on her back. 

The kitty might make it a habit to roll each time she is craving for your attention. Since cats love to follow a routine, so they might continue repeating this pattern over and over again. One more reason behind rolling is that the cat is trying to spread her pheromones/scent in the home. A cat is known to communicate by smell, henceforth she tries to use scent glands on her cheeks, mouth, paws to mark her territory. Both feral and domestic cats show this kind of behaviour of marking territories.

Why do cats roll around

A cat rubs her cheeks and paws on a particular spot to spread pheromones. It is a cat’s way of communicating with other cats to warn them from using her spot. You will have to keep a check on the cat is she has started marking her territory or leaving her scent with the help of her urine. A cat marks a spot with urine as an attempt to warn enemies or other cats to stay away.

Most dogs start rolling on their back to communicate their submission mode. But when cats display the same behaviour, it means she is seeking attention rather than communicating her submission. Don’t misunderstand your cat by rubbing her tummy each time she rolls on her back. The kitty might even get into kicking and aggressive mode if you try to rub her during this vulnerable moment. 

Another possible reason behind rolling behaviour could be that the cat is trying to cool down her body temperature. Cats have a very high body temperature as they like to remain warm in all kinds of seasons. She might try to cool down by drinking excessive water, switching to a cool spot, or rolling on the ground. 

Why do cats roll around in the dirt? 

Why do cats roll around in the dirt

You need not get worried about your cat’s behaviour of rolling in the dirt. Moreover, it is considered as a healthy act by scientists. According to studies, this particular character is recognised as a cat’s way of dust bathing. When a cat rolls in the dirt, she is relieving her body’s tension present on the skin. It is more like a relaxing massage experience for the cat. Along with the massage, rolling helps the cat to stretch her body to get rid of loose hairs. Even though this act might appear a bit dirty to human beings, but a cat has a lot of fantastic reasons behind rolling.

Most cats love to roll in the dirt where the soil is soft as well as moist. The moist soil gives a cooling effect to a cat’s body. A cat spends most of her time lying in a warm spot irrespective of seasons. Henceforth, whenever she wants to lower her body temperature, she looks for a cool spot in the dirt to roll over her body. 

If the cat is feeling itchy because of some parasites on her fur, she might try to get rid of them by rubbing her body against furniture or rolling over their back. You must carefully observe the cat’s coat for such parasites if she is displaying rolling act. Take the cat to a vet to get treated for her constant itchiness caused by fleas or parasites. Most cats spread their scents or pheromones by dust bathing. While rubbing her body on the floor during rolling, the cat is spreading her scents on that particular spot. The major spots containing scent glands in the cat’s body are paw pads, forehead and cheeks. This method is also useful for the cat to determine if any other cat has left her scent on the spot. In case she spots another cat’s scent, then she will try her best to overpower that scent by rubbing her body against the same spot. Cats mark their territories by leaving their scents on the spot.

Another reason behind the rolling nature of the cat is grooming. Cats like to keep themselves super clean. If they are rolling in the dirt, it means that the next thing she will do is lick her complete body for grooming. If she catches any bacteria while licking her fur, she would preferably ingest it. Make sure that your lawn is free of any pesticides and herbicides. Check the spot where the cat likes to roll her body. Make sure that the spot is clean and free of parasites and fleas. There is a high risk of catching bacteria & infections while rolling in the dirt. 

In case the cat has ingested the bacteria while grooming her fur, it might play a role in replenishing the digestive bacteria in her stomach. This bacteria will help the cat’s body to maintain the gastrointestinal tract inside the digestive system. 

Majority of the female cats tend to roll on its back to cool down body temperature. Female cats tend to roll over when they are around male cats too. But the male cats only show this behaviour when they are present around a lot of male cats. According to studies, 61% of the male cats took to rolling on their back in the presence of male cats.

Even though it is healthy for the cat to roll in the dirt, make sure that your lawn is free of any chemicals sprayed for growth of plants. You must stop your cat from rolling her back in a place which has a higher risk of pest infection. Keep a check on the colour of the cat’s skin. If the skin is red or dark, you must take her to a vet for treatment. According to studies, a cat displays rolling behaviour to seek the attention of the owner to pet her. But if you observe that the cat twitches her tail while rolling, then it means that she is feeling sleepy. It is necessary to observe a cat’s posture to determine what she is trying to convey to the owner.

Why do cats roll around on concrete? 

Why do cats roll around on concrete

Cats have special glands located in various spots on her body called as scent glands. These spots are the mouth, cheeks, paws, and flanks. If your cat is rolling over her back on the concrete floor, it means that she is spreading her scent glands or pheromones to mark her territory. Rolling behaviour, especially on the concrete, signifies that the cat is trying to warn other cats to stay away from that spot. 

Why do cats roll around after mating?

A lot of cats tend to roll around and rub their body against the floor after mating. This behaviour is displayed due to hormones as well as ovulation. There’s a possibility that the cat wants to get rid of the male cat’s scent on her body after mating.

If you give catnip herb to the cat, she might start displaying rolling behaviour quite quickly. The catnip is a strong herb which stimulates certain reactions in the cat. The presence of the nepetalactone compound in the catnip helps in triggering the sexual desires of the cat. That’s the main reason why cats love to roll over after inhaling the herb. 



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