Why are my cats Ears Hot?

Why are my cats ears hot

You should examine your cat regularly so that you can get a better understanding of what is normal for your cat. This way when something is wrong with her or him you will detect it much sooner.

As a cat owner myself, I check my pet’s body for any unusual occurrence once in a day. This helped me when one day when I found a bump on my cat’s back. Thanks to that I was able to take steps much quicker. 

When you check your cat everyday whether he or she has any redness or swollen body part or irritation and many more things you can go ask your vet and then if that is something serious you will be some step ahead. Which can eventually save your kitty’s life. 

There are various ways you can check up on your cat’s health. Like you can look for any unusual bump or redness in the skin, also keep an eye whether your cat is scratching any place excessively. 

However, one of the common check methods is to check a cat’s ears. You need to see how your cat’s ears normally look. Only then you can determine whether your cat has something unusual going on. 

Cats release their body temperatures through their ears. Cat ears are thin in texture and have less hair so it makes it easier for them to release the heat. Do you know that cats have a lot of blood vessels in their ears. They get expanded and contracted through their blood vessels. It varies on weather.

Some basic things are if the weather is hot then your cat’s ears will also be hot. You do not have to worry in this kind of situation. Some cats can sleep with their paws on their ears. That is normal.

You need to check her or his heartbeat too. Place your hand on the cat’s chest and you will be able to feel the beats. Now if you do that everyday then you will get an idea of what their normal heartbeat feels like. Then if someday you notice any changes like slower or quicker heart rate than usual then you should consult that with a vet.  

Does a cat with hot ears mean fever

Can temperature signal other cat ear problems?


There are some allergies which cause the cat’s ears to heat up and redden. But these allergies are not that common. Allergies not only just cause this but also they may cause diarrhea or vomiting, rashes and itchiness etc. 

Your cat can get allergic reactions because of —

  1. Chemical products like soap, shampoo
  2. Certain foods
  3.  Bites of any flea
  4. Certain materials.

However, allergies are not life-threatening if diagnosed properly and treated. It will take some time to figure out the exact allergen. You need to follow your vet’s advice and keep a track on your cat’s daily life. Your cat will become better over time.


If you notice abnormal warmth in the ears of your cat, if your cat is scratching his ears a little too much than usual, redness in ears, continuous rubbing against something then you can suspect ear infestation. 

Ear infestations are downright most typical ear problems a cat can experience in his lifetime. It happens when the cat mostly stays outside or when the indoor cat goes outside once in a while. These ear infestations are generally caused by fleas and ear mites. You need to take your cat to a vet if you suspect your cat is manifesting this disease. 

Those mites and fleas take their supplements from a cat’s ears. A cat’s ear has very less hair on them so that makes it a lot effortless for the mites and fleas to get what they require to survive.

Now that I have stated the facts, I highly implore that you do not apply counter medication without taking permission from your vet. Counter medications are easy to find. They are sold in many pet drug stores but there have been many reports where that caused further irritation in the ears. They also caused burns which will not fade away for the rest of their lives. 

If the counter medication is recommended by your vet then too, you need to ask for more directions on how you can apply it on your cat properly without causing any harm.


When too much ear wax builds up in the ear of the cat, it decreases ventilation. As a result, the internal climate of the ear canal goes up. You can see the outer part of the ear (which is known as  the pinna) getting heated up as well. 

You can tell that it is warm just by touching the ears of the cat. The warmth inside the ears actually helps those mites, yeasts and fungi to grow. They need the heat to survive and breed. There are a few symptoms which indicate this illness. They are —-

  1. Very warm ears
  2. Discharge which is dark in colour
  3. Discharge which has a foul and strange smell.

Can ear mites cause cat ears to be hotter?

I know this is not something you think of first when you try to find reasons for your cat’s warm ear but if her ear is very red and warm then your cat may have an ear infection. It can also be ear infestation.

It is known that ear infestation in cats typically causes tenderness in ear tissues. This is also popular as otitis of the epithelium. These infections are generally caused when junk gets stuck in scrapes or cuts. 

It is just like what happens to humans. When the area around the cut becomes red that usually means that the body of the cat is trying to fight the infection and regain its prior state. In most cases ear infestation gets healed by themselves.

Can ear mites cause cat ears to be hotter

Though depending on the volume of the infection, there are some very effective medications which may speed up the healing process quite a lot.

Mites are very difficult to notice because they are very small in size. That is why it can be quite hard for you to detect those in your cat’s ears with normal eyesight. 

Some research shows that mites lay eggs very often. The eggs need to be eliminated otherwise they will hatch in 21 days. Mites cause your loved pet to aggressively itch and scratch  his or her ears more frequently which can cause wounds. It is also blamed for the foul stench that comes from the cat’s ears. 

What can you give cat for a fever?

You need to take your cat to a vet when your cat’s temperature has risen up to 106 degree fahrenheit and has not come down for 24 hours. That means if your cat has a fever of 106 degrees Fahrenheit for a whole day then you need to take your cat to the vet as soon as you can. 

When you take your cat to the vet, they will start doing various tests to determine the exact cause of the fever. Otherwise, proper medication can not be given. 

Then when the results come out, they will discuss with you about your cat’s allergies or any specific conditions (if your cat has one). Then according to that they will decide upon some medicines which will help your cat get better. 

Suppose your cat has some kind of bacterial infection. Maybe he or she went out to play and then got wounded and developed this condition. He will then be given antibiotics. The IV fluid or subcutaneous fluids are needed when your cat has severe dehydration. 

However, you need to keep in mind that you should never give any kind of medication without asking your vet first. Some medication may look harmless but it can be fatal if not used properly.

What can you give cat for a fever



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