What to Feed a Cat who has had Pancreatitis?

What to Feed a Cat who has had Pancreatitis

The difference between an ailing and smoothly sailing cat is its potential to perform the normal gesture of meow and purr.

Expressionless creatures, Cats signal the existence of sickness by its inability to spit, yowl or purr.

Like humans, the disease stuck to cat range from simple and shallow symptoms, to inactivity and dormancy, to complex paralysis of movement.

Which disease is riskiest for the lives of cats?

Death-approaching disease like pancreatitis can cause irregular attacks and internal strikes to cats and lead to its death.

Pancreatitis, although, has varied stages but it is mostly examined at the later stages which is fatal.

Veterinarian suggest that cats suffering from pancreatitis must be fed with canned wet food for easy swallow as it would give rise to less pain to the channeling nerves!

Food like ziwi peak lamb grain free canned cat food made of digestible protein, lotus just-juicy venison stew grain free canned cat food made free from inflammatory ingredients and royal canin moderate calorie cat food containing prebiotic to support a healthy gut can be fed to cats suffering from pancreatitis. 

Symptoms of pancreatitis in cats:

Pancreas is situated below the liver. Any ailment or complication in pancreas disrupts its functioning, which is releasing of insulin and synthesising digestive enzymes like pepsin and lipase. 

Abdominal pain, an abnormal degree of pain near kidney, is the foremost symptom in cats.

The pain inhibits any action and makes cats lethargic and sluggish, making it lie at the corner under a roof!

Other symptoms in series of abdominal pain are dehydration( due to less ingestion of water) , long sleeping hours( as a result of pain and exhaustion) , dysfunction of  exocrine and endocrine glands ( glands which perform varied functions to maintain body metabolism) leading to diarrhoea, vomiting and excessive abdominal fluid secretion. 

The skin of cats also tends to turn light yellow and traces of white shade appear on the eye which indicate the presence of jaundice.

Jaundiced cat falls weaker day by day and is unable to conduct its normal activities.

Feline cats are more vulnerable to pancreatitis because of any default during pregnancy period called queening. 

Would these symptoms deliberate the existence of pancreatitis( or some other severe disease)?

At the initial phase, the intensity of bad health is less yet, doctors advise regular and at certain point, immediate check up of pets          (especially cats) to avoid any long term hazards.

What to look for in a cat food for pancreatitis? 

Families of cats have an ingrained diet consisting of meat, brewer rice, poultry-by-product meals wherein a clower       ( group of cats) may prefer chicken more and a kindle ( collective of kitten) would like grain-free meals over anything else.

As far as pancreatitis is concerned, the essentials are restricted to fewer food.

Highly recommended items during the days of pancreatitis are:

Ziwi Peak Lamb grain-free canned cat food

▪Lotus just juicy venison stew grain-free canned cat food

▪instinct by nature’s variety grain-free red duck recipe

The daily bread of cats for a couple of weeks should have moderate fats and protein, more fraction of wet food than dry or light weighted meal with easy absorbing and assimilating property.

The slight sign of recovery must be edged by constant companionship and care! This can help cat recover faster and reintroduce its strength and zeal.

For a healthy and proper treatment, palatable meals with no extra added preservatives, easily digestive nutrients, fibre grains equipped with high percentage of moisture ( around 78%) and caloric content ( approx 475 Kcal/13 Oz can) should be preferred.

With elevation in technology, human resources, skills and research, there has been a constant acceleration in treatment of symptoms and sickness of the patient.

Probiotics are a type of friendly bacteria which travel along the oesophagus to the gut of the cats’ body and regulates the immunity and digestive system.

This can be used as a resourceful treatment for pancreatitis as it shows efficient results in a week and also begins its anti-microbial function within a few days.

Cats can be provided probiotics so that the ratio of friendly and disease-fighting bacteria are more in comparison to disease generating bacteria.

What do you need to know about pancreatitis in cats

What do you need to know about pancreatitis in cats?

If people tame cats, they appreciate the fun-loving and affectionate nature of cats who climb on their knees, lick cheeks, encircle in and around, fall, plunge, walk, hide and create nuisance in the house to keep their master refreshing. 

Any sudden change in its cats’ demeanour or approach marks the beginning of its poor health.

Declination to play, drift from food, day-night sleep, dullness of whisk, dusk of fervour and even fall of whiskers are the conventional indication of its misery.

Increase in intrathoracic pressure accretes      (makes more intense) the heartbeat, heart rate and further severity can cause self-consumption of pancreatic enzymes by pancreas itself.

The cause for this is ambiguous to many family taming cats.

In fact , there is no exact cause for pancreatitis as told by many doctors.

Proven tests and diagnosis tell the following reasons:

  • Inflammation of pancreas due to inner bruise, ill-consumption ( food with more condiments like chilly flakes and coriander) or perhaps, muscle spasm.
  • Infection caused by pathogens and parasites.
  • Neuromuscular disorder leads to dysfunctioning of the bile duct.
  • Physical ailments, maybe severe.
  • Infection  by toxins present in air.

Thyroid check up of cats is also important as any deficiency in the consumption of salt 

( which helps in release of thyroxine) ,in turn, shows lack in proper food structure. 

This, therefore, causes malfunctioning of various other glands and the ultimate result is the trap in cycle of disease i.e, pancreatitis. 

How is pancreatitis in cats treated

How is pancreatitis in cats treated?

Although, an ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure yet, later discovery and realisation of disease must be treated seriously and regularly, especially if disease has extreme and unpleasant consequences.

Injection of syringe for testing the intravenous fluid should be the first step for analysis of disease, it’s degree, type, occurrence, reason and thus, recovery. 

It is followed by either admission treatment in veterinary,  timely medicine equipment, stabilisation, check-up, or sometimes housing mechanism where cat is given full treatment in house, care by family members and limitation and replacement in food habits ( like warm food and frequent meals).

Antibiotics must be  provided regularly as a means to kill unfriendly and harmful groups of bacteria.

Specific treatment must be taken into account:

☆ If the pancreatitis causes pain in urinary tract and Gastrointestinal ulceration then cat must be subjected to antacid therapy.

☆ Severe pancreatitis may reduce the outflow of insulin leading to diabetes Mellitus. 

For this, Insulin therapy must be preferred.

The disease must be properly monitored to reduce the chances of mishaps.

The treatment must be tailor to specific occurrences of disease!

Also prior and later to treatment , sanitation must be taken as a salient feature and absolute provision should be made for the consideration of same.

This disease can be both mild and life-taking as , on one hand where it can slowly stimulate the body to reinforce itself back to originality but, on the other hand, it can also cause other related diseases like brain damage and destruction to respiratory organs. 

Therefore, timely treatment with specialisation should be the first and foremost response to the stimuli of any symptoms of pancreatitis in cats to avoid lethal results. 

How to get  a cat with pancreatitis to eat?

Post diagnosis of symptoms, the magnitude of pancreatitis decides the feeding methods, tools and meals.

If the disease comes out to be less intense, the cat  can be fed normally with prescribed meals along with medicine.

But, if the disease is highly intense and severe then the feeding tube ( like nasogastric or esophagostomy) should be inserted in cats to feed them. This can easily transport food, water, milk and all soluble matter into the body of a cat.

This tube can be inserted by a surgery in cats.

How to get  a cat with pancreatitis to eat

Plasma transfusion is also a method of cure to dilute the blood concentrated with bacteria and microbes.

Pancreas has the capability to host self-repair mechanisms at the acute stage of pancreatitis but , at the chronic stages, it loses its ability to function effectively, which sorts to a condition in cats called triaditis( which include chronic inflammation of liver and biliary system).

It can also damage mitochondria which is called the powerhouse of cells. Prolonged suffering may lead to heart, lungs and kidney failure damaging every part of body.

Cats, like all other creatures, are an asset to the ecosystem and contribute manifold in maintaining the food chain and balancing the ecosystem. They are an epitome of loyalty, enthusiasm and admiration.

Cats must be cared and provided equal attention during all phases of their life for the growth of their assets and  their generations to come! 

Love, care and affection of master should complement the affection and innocence of their cats.

As it is rightly said, ” happy owner, happy cat!”




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