What is Ash in Cat Food?

In cat food when the organic portion of it is burned there is a mineral content left which is made of inorganic portions of the food. This inorganic mineral content is ash in cat food. The ash can contain magnesium, silicon, potassium etc.

What is ash in cat food

If you want to measure ash then you have to heat the cat food upto 550 to 600 degrees. The remains are the ash.

It sounds like something harmful. And it is harmful to some extent. So, you need to know what ash is properly. Ash is basically the minerals that are left behind after the organic food has burnt away.

Is ash safe to feed my pet?

You have to understand that ash is the thing that does not get burned after eating. You can see all the minerals at the back of the cat food packets. That is also ash content. Cats certainly need particular minerals  but in processed food the main ash content is magnesium. Magnesium causes UTI, which is urinary tract disease. 

Urethra gets blocked by the struvite crystals which extracts from stones. Male cats have a much narrower urethra which is why this happens mostly to male cats.this condition is so dangerous that it can kill a cat in just 24 hours.

Struvite crystal is made because there is lack of acidic urine and this happens when you put your cat through only a grain based diet. Your cat biologically needs protein so if they do not get it complications happen. Protein based diet creates acidic urine which prevents stones ultimately preventing the Urinary Tract Disease. 

Protein based diet means you have to have meat in the diet. Meat being the primary source helps keep the body healthy. The inorganic contents do not notify the consumer anything. So you should always check the packaging to avoid magnesium. You would want magnesium to be less than .1 % or less. 

If you see that there is magnesium missing on the packet then contact the manufacturer. The contact info is most likely to be on the same packaging. Remember that even if the magnesium percentage is 0 it will still be listed so when you see it missing from the packaging do not think that there is no magnesium at all in the product.

Well, just because your cat does not take magnesium does not mean that he or she will not develop UTIs. Diet helps reduce the chances of any kind of disease. When you see that your cat’s litter box visits have become frequent, urinating more often and crying in pain while urinating, then take your pet to a vet.   

How does the ash level help to determine the quality of dog and cat food?

Is ash safe to feed my pet

Ash the real abound in dog food. Dogs only need 2% Ash as in that little amount dogs can get all the nutrients they need like calcium / ph  / other minerals. Anything more will not be useful to dogs. Of course, you can see much more meaning less ingredients in dog food to make the food more digestible for example Starches need to be cooked before giving to the dogs to get nutrients from them. 

So, Ash is likely to reduce the quality of a protein ingredient. if you want to lower the Ash, give less bones in a meet me. Bones contain minerals. Ash can be the key to gain knowledge about whether market dog and cat foods have higher quality protein in them or not.

Too much ash can be harmful to dogs and cats because it will increase the amount of starting minerals in the bodies. When Phosphorus intake gets too much and it can lead to possible effects on the Kidneys overtime. 

7% Ash or lower is the accurate amount while making a good quality food. Ash does not have to be listed on passages so you need to do your research but most of the renowned brands do list them on their packages. higher quality proteins have lower Ash. Then, you have to choose expensive foods. 

You can also buy meat and then remove the fats then just grind the meat and some of the bones and cook them and then serve it to your dog and cat. Meat will provide the necessary protein and the bones will provide the needed minerals.

However, if you are going to buy food from pet stores then i suggest you take advice from your vet, do proper research about the food you are planning to  buy and then buy it.

Why is the ash level in a pet food important?

Gaining knowledge that water content is an efficient way of Finding the correct packaging for each atmosphere that develops pets’ lives. 

  1. The study of ash content in the cat foods is actually the excess inorganic minerals after burning of the organic contents. This helps select the amount and the type of minerals in the cat food. It is significant because the amount of minerals that can make out the physico-chemical properties of those foods also impact the expansion of microorganisms. So mineral components are a vital thing when it comes to the matter of the nutrition of the foods. 
  2. Instruments of Arizona can reach 600 degree Celsius. They have the power to burn down the food samples without harming the minerals content in it. Minerals are an essential part of the food that gets manufactured. Whose country in high and low moisture. 
  3. In dry foods that have low moisture contents like cereal and dry foods, a high moisture limit is necessary. The food sucks the water and gets more which then leads to the food not being undesirable. Otherwise it has a promise to microbial contamination. Foods have to be made with low moisture so that it does not become bland tasteless. Researchers have to find and test because these limits are a necessity when it is time to create right manufacturer conditions for moisture. 
  4. Foods that stay between these limits are a product of good quality and do not expire early on. Every food has its own time to expire and it depends on the minerals it has contained.  There are some instruments that can and have tested all types of foods. It needs computrac analyzers to test the moisture / solids / ash content in them.

What Is a Low Percentage of Ash in Cat Food?

Does your cat have UTIs ?  Has your doctor recommended you to switch to a diet which has less percentage of ash in it. You have to know that every food has a percentage of ash in them so you have to select very carefully. You need to know what food has how low ash in them.

If you are wondering as to how you can determine a food’s ash content then look at the packaging on the food. Look under the section ‘nutritions’. Always look for a food product that has less than 8 % ash content in them.

Now, when we talk about canned foods then the percentage changes drastically. If you think that only dry foods include ash then you would be astonished to know that canned foods also have ash in them. 

I am telling you this because I want you to know that if you are considering or you already have your cat on a canned food diet then also you need to check the ash contents in them. When you have gotten directions from your vet to put your cat on a low ash diet and you are feeding your cat canned food then the ash percentage can not be more than 3. 

We can have a question in our minds as to why there is ash in the food at all? But ash contains necessary minerals(magnesium, phosphorus, calcium etc) because it gets created after food has been burnt in the lab for approx 2 to 3 hours. That is called ash content in food products.

What Is a Low Percentage of Ash in Cat Food

However, you can not think that if you are giving your cat low ash food then your cat will not get UTI. UTIs are mainly caused by magnesium. So, when you choose the food always look for low magnesium.

What Is the Appropriate Ash Content for Cat Food?

There is no such thing as appropriate ash level. Your cat needs fat, protein, carbs, fiber and moisture. Dry pet foods are made by cremating the ingredients to create food. The inorganic silt that is omitted, is referred to as ash, which is the mineral content. minerals(potassium, Ph, magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron and others) are essential to every cat.

In the early days people believed that ash content in cat food was important because it was a source of essential elements in the body. Doctors said it played a role in feline UTI diseases. So, vets used to prescribe special cat foods which are very low in ash as they thought It Would help the cat lower the risks of having UTI disease.

Bath modern science has proved that level does not impact as much as the overall diet does. you have to gain knowledge about your cat’s urinary system first. This will give you an idea about what you can give to your cat. .018 g calcium is mostly suggested by doctors to a perfectly healthy cat. 0.16 g phosphorus is good when a cat is low on phosphorus. 0.12 mg magnesium is enough for any cat. Any more can be harmful to your cat as magnesium creates struvite crystal in the urinary tract.

Why do pet foods have different amounts of ash?

Ash can be composed through the creation of any organic substance. sometimes when extra protein foods are used when the Ash percentage also becomes higher. Any meat and poultry meals contain bones in them, bones contain calcium and phosphorus in high quantities.

 So when you try and add more of these meat and poultry, these meals can contain too many years components. So if your dog or cat is developing problems with urinary stones or is a would-be large breed puppy, then it is important that you know the Ash content of the food. if you still want to feed high protein food you have to make it at home.

Why do pet foods have different amounts of ash

 It has been proclaimed that an elevated mineral boost helps replicate the extra components of a diet that only wild animals get. In a natural environment dogs and cats additives to their meat-based diet by chewing on bones and rummaging anything to get the necessary minerals. Ash fills the nutritional hole in many ways.

Though Ash implies to be entirely innocuous from a scientific point of view, it is not that useful either.it is noticed that ash fills up the stomach quickly, so that leaves less space for healthy foods. This is a huge disadvantage. Choose carefully.



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