What do cats do all-day?

Have you ever thought about what your cat does all day long after you have gone for work? There are a lot of things which might come under the daily routine of your cat. There’s a high possibility that your cat will be sleeping during the day.

Moreover, cats are curious creatures, they can also spend the day while exploring home and new spots. All-day long, your cat might be sleeping, hunting, eating or exploring. While the owner might be busy all day long at work, a cat showers love and affection when the owner returns home. The owner must spend a little time playing with the cat and get involved in small games to keep the cat happy. In case you have an answering machine in your home, then you can leave some messages for your cat. While you are busy at work, the cat might hear your voice on the answering machine and feel better. The cats love to hear you shout and call out for it when you return from work. The owner can reward the cat with tasty food whenever the cat greets him. Cats feel a stronger bond with the owner after receiving attention, love and trust.

What do cats do all-day

After the owner has left home, there’s a high possibility that the cat might feel a little curious to explore the whole house. Apart from sleeping, your cat loves to explore everything that has been dropped on the floor by the owner. Some cats just spend their time walking all over the rooms in the house. Your cat might even hunt for a mouse when it is alone in the house. Cats are natural predators and hunting down rats is their favourite thing to do. If you want to play with your cat while you are at work, you can bring some battery-operated toys. With the help of a button on the remote, you can make your cat run after the battery-operated toy while you are sitting in your office. 

How Many Hours A Day Do Cats Sleep? 

How Many Hours A Day Do Cats Sleep

Cats love to sleep during the day time. Cats like to sleep for almost 13 to 16 hours in one day. According to studies, cats are biologically programmed to sleep for so long during the day. Your cat needs to sleep for at least 15 hours on a normal day to remain healthy. If your cat is sleeping for more than 15 hours suddenly from the past few days or the cat is feeling excessively lethargic while being awake, then you must pay a visit to your vet. As a kitten, in the adolescent years, it will have bizarre habits of sleeping during the night and day. But when they become adults, cats develop a regular schedule of sleeping, that is almost 12 or 18 hours on a normal day. 

You must have noticed that your cat is feeling most energized either during the dusk or dawn. Henceforth, most cats spend their daytime by sleeping and twilight time to use for exploring and hunting. People who have recently brought a kitty to their homes must have observed a pattern in them. As soon as the kitty eats breakfast, it straight away goes into a deep slumber. But as soon as the dusk time comes, the kitty starts investigating and exploring the home from every nook and corner. Your kitty might prefer sleeping for a longer time as compared to a fully-grown up cat. It’s a very normal thing for a kitten to sleep for 18-20 hours in a day. When you have brought a new kitten to our home, it might sleep for about 20 hours in one day. The kitten might have a light and agitated sleep accompanied by some contractions on the face muscles or ears. Your kitten might make some low sounds while sleeping. A kitten prefers to sleep with her mother to keep warm. The kitten does not have the ability to regulate its own body temperature. The owner can keep a warm blanket on the kitty while it is sleeping. If you want your kitty to grow properly, then you must let her sleep as many long hours as it wants. By sleeping for long hours, the kitty is able to reinforce the process of learning as well as memorization in the head. 

What do cats mostly do? 

What do cats mostly do

Cats love to sleep for long hours during the day. So for most of the time, cats spend their time sleeping. At other times, cats prefer hunting, exploring, playing and eating. Most cats are curious in nature and love to explore the home alone. After the owner leaves the home for work, the cat explores every part of the home. Your cat might simply walk around different rooms or check out the stuff which is thrown on the floor. Even though you are giving a nutritious diet to your cat daily, cats are widely known for being natural predators. You can buy some battery-operated toys for your cat which appear like a mouse. Cats love to catch a mouse and a battery-operated mouse will help in keeping the cat busy. Your cat will love to chase the mouse and try to catch it in your house. Even if you have to leave for your office, you can still play with your cat by just switching on the battery-operated toy at your home. By doing so, you can help your cat to exercise and remain energetic after eating and sleeping.

What do cats do all-day

Cats wait all day long for their owners to come back home after work. Your cat might be curiously watching from the yard or garage when you have returned home. When the owner is working a full day at the office, the cat is eagerly waiting to see the owner come back home. Moreover, there are a lot of coworking spaces or regular office spaces which allow the owners to bring their cats and dogs to work. If you want, take your cat along with you to work. Cats are very social as well as emotional animals. They will adjust themselves to your surroundings and make you feel happy and peaceful.

What do cats mostly do

Your cat might even start to feel bored if there is no one at home for a long time. If you are leaving your cat alone in the home regularly, then your cat might even start to feel separation anxiety. Your cat might start laying around more and not show much interest in playing. Henceforth, make sure that you spend enough time with your cat at home by playing, cuddling and enjoying along with the cat. The cat might try to get your attention by sitting on your lap or meowing loudly. Start taking pictures of your cat and posting on Instagram. Get involved with your kitty whenever you get time!