Can cats eat Pistachios?

Can cats eat Pistachios

There are many cat parents who wonder if their cat will be safe after consuming pistachios. There has been some research and it has been declared that pistachio is not fatal to cats or does not contain any kind of toxic component in them. But as we all know pistachio is a kind of nut. When cats eat nuts, they tend to get fat quickly. Nuts involve a lot of fats. 

When your cat gets too many nuts in his or her system, it not only causes him or her to get fat but also it creates gastronomical issues in the stomach. When this happens, your fluffy little feline can experience tummy upset. 

When you buy the pistachios from the market, you may as well check the ingredients because some nuts can be salted or added with other additives to make it tastier. Cats are not good at handling additives, it makes their tummy ache and vomit or have diarrhea. 

What are the Benefits of eating pistachios to cats?

Pistachios are not toxic to cats but it is not good for them to eat either. Pistachios have many disadvantages which can cause discomforts and sickness in cats. Pistachio is rich in vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins but it is not appropriate for cats to eat it. 

If your cat has already consumed a few pieces, do not get anxious, it will not kill your cat but it may make her or him sick. For humans pistachios are healthy, have benefits and add bonus to our taste buds nicely but not all human food will be a good choice for your cat. 

  1. When your cat consumes this kind of nuts, it is very common that most cats will have gastronomical distress in their body system. This happens very often too as cat’s body systems are not that built enough to handle high fat foods. This condition occurs because the cat’s delicate body system is not suitable enough or strong enough to digest high fat foods like nuts. Pistachios cause a lot of gas in a cat’s body. If you think humans get spared then you are mistaken these little nuts are so hard to digest that omnivores like humans also get stomach upset. When we eat too much of that nut we also suffer from bloating and develop a lot of bad gas in them.
  2. When you give your cat nuts please make sure you peel off the nutshells perfectly. Nutshells and the seeds of those nuts may cause foreign body obstruction in your cat’s body. If you do not know what a foreign body obstruction is then let me tell you it is a condition where something gets in the way of the intestines and stays stuck in there. This can be life threatening and will cause immense pain in the tummy of the cat. Foreign body obstruction most commonly needs surgery to get it back to normal. 
  3. Pistachios are mainly made for humans. But those pistachios contain many other ingredients such as additives like sugar, caramel, salt etc and sometimes chemical components which are very bad for our feline friend’s health. As their caretakers we need to be extra careful so that we do not harm them in any way, not even unintentionally. Garlic flavoured or nuts that were cooked in oil, onion flavoured nuts are forbidden for your cats. Garlics are very toxic for cats and so are onions. 

Can Cats Eat Pistachios Pudding?

Can Cats Eat Pistachios Pudding

Pistachio pudding is a very delicious treat for humans. Many of us love this dessert. So, it is very natural to share this deliciousness with our feline fluffy creatures. But as we know now, cats can not have pistachios because it makes cats experience many health issues. So, can cats have a few bites of this delicious pistachio pudding?

The answer is a very strict no because pistachio pudding consists of dairy and additives like sugar and pistachio. All the above mentioned things are extremely harmful for our fluffs. Cats have a hard time digesting products that are dairy such as ice creams, milk, cheese etc. 

Cats do not generate lactase enzymes in their body naturally that is why dairy products cause tummy pain and vomiting / diarrhea etc. The sugar contents or artificial sugar contents create health hazards for cats. However, you can make the pudding at home with no additives or cow milk. You can use goat milk instead of it. 

If you want to give your cat pudding for the taste then do not because cats can not taste sweetness. If your cat has already eaten pistachio pudding you need to keep a close eye on him or her. If you notice any discomfort do not wait for more signs, immediately take your feline pet to the vet. 

What is Lactose Intolerance in Cats?

Well, many of us think that milk is a cat’s favourite as we have seen tom so crazy for the milk in tom and jerry show.  

Well as kittens they need to drink their mother’s milk to get the proper nutrients to grow up but when they grow up, they will not be able to digest cow milk properly. 

The reason is as kittens their body produces lactase enzymes which helps them process their mother’s milk but adult cat’s body stops producing these enzymes or produces very little enzymes which are not enough to digest dairy products. 

Can cats eat pistachio shells?

Pistachio itself is bad for cats so what do you think ? shells are also bad for them. Pistachio shells contain toxic components in them. 

Not only this, pistachio shells are quite big for our little feline’s throat so the pistachio shells can get stuck in their throats. So it can be a choking hazard. You have to take your cat to the vet as soon as you possibly can. Otherwise your beloved pet cat may die. 

Pistachio shells also get stuck in our feline fluff’s intestines and cause intestinal blockage. 

Can Cats eat Pistachio Ice-Cream?

Pistachio ice cream is also very harmful and dangerous for cats as it contains both the component — milk and pistachios. Cats will not be able to digest the milk properly causing him or her to throw up and probably have diarrhea along with immense stomach pain. 

Pistachio is high in fat and also causes tummy pain. As both of the things are very bad for cats you should not give it to your pets. There is also sugar in the ice cream which is harmful for our feline friends. 

If your cat has already eaten some ice cream then keep a close eye, if you notice any sign of indigestion take him or her to the vet as soon as you possibly can. 

Can Kittens Eat Pistachios?

Kittens do not have a properly developed digestive system so it is best to avoid giving your cat pistachios as they can not handle it. 

There are no benefits in giving your kitten this nut so do not do this. If you want to give a healthy treat please look for other food options. 

If you already have given your kitten pistachios or if your cat has eaten pistachios by himself then immediately consult with your vet about what to do. 

Alternatives to Pistachios for Cats:

You can give your cat tuna treats, some lettuce or cabbage too. There are processed cat foods that are extremely delicious for your cats. So if you want to give your cat a treat that will not harm them and benefit them, then cat foods are a good choice. 

Your cat can not taste spicy or sweet flavored food so it is better if you do not need to give him anything just for the taste. If you want to give your cats nuts then you may give little amounts of almond but you need to be sure your cat is not allergic to it. 

Can Kittens Eat Pistachios


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