How to tell if Cats are Bonded?

Cats do not show their emotions often. So it can be difficult to tell whether your cat likes the other cat or not. But there are a few signs and behaviors by which you can determine if your two cats are bonded or not.

How to tell if Cats are Bonded
  1. RUBBING –  

Cats have scent glands on the top of their head, cheeks and behind their ears. So, when they like someone, they rub its scent on them. This way they show that they are fond of the other one. 

So when you see your cats rubbing their bodies and faces on each other then you know that they are bonding.


Cats like to tangle their tails to show their bond. Actually cats who are interlacing their tails will release a kind of pheromone. 

This marks their friendship. Other cats will also be able to tell their friendship by smelling the pheromones.

Sometimes cats just rub their tails against one another. This also suggests their strong friendship and bond.


Cats do not trust other cats or animals that easily. Sleeping together means they really trust the other cat. This mostly happens with cats who have been together from a very young age. So, if your cats are sleeping together they are already bonded.


Cats always keep themselves clean by grooming. They do not like to be dirty. Usually they groom alone.

When you see two cats grooming each other, the cats have a strong friendship and bond. 

​How Long Does It Take for Cats To Bond?

In this case there can be two situations. One, where two cats are acquainted with the other from a very young age. In this case it does not take long for them to establish friendship because they have been seeing each other as long as they remember. They are practically siblings.

The other scenario is when you already have one cat at home and he or she has grown up. Now you decide to bring another cutie home but worried how long it will take for them to be bonded. Well, in this case there is no exact time. Some cats are natural friends and some just tolerate each other because they have no choice.  

So you have to make certain specific decisions like adopting such a cat who has similar qualities as your current pet, very carefully introducing them, taking a few measures and setting boundaries and many other things.

ASPCA declared that it can take from 8 months upto a whole year to create a friendship between two cats. It also says that some cats do not mingle at all no matter how much time you give. But that is very rare. As they have to stay under one roof they learn to cooperate. They set their own boundaries.\

There are some measures you can take when you see that your cats are struggling to get along. You can increase perches and hiding spots for your cats. In that way your cats will have enough personal space. The chances of them getting into a fight decreases by doing so. 

How to Introduce Your Cat to A New Cat?

How to Introduce Your Cat to A New Cat
  1. FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION – When you are taking your new pet home, you should not make a fuss. You have to be calm. You should keep them in separate rooms at first. 

Your cat will have a problem with the new pet because he has been the king of the house since, he will not let anyone just claim his position that easily. 

After all, cats are territorial animals. Bringing a new pet home will make your cat think that his territory has been trespassed. 

  1. SPRAYING CAT PHEROMONES –  You can buy cat scents from pet stores. This will help both of them calm down and be more relaxed. So, they will not have bad memories of each other at first. 
  1. FAMILIARIZING BOTH OF THEIR SMELLS – It is suggested that you should keep the cats separate from each other at first. This will help them get accustomed to each other’s smell.

You might notice aggressive behaviour. You have to discourage that. This way they will know that they have to get along or at least tolerate one another.  

  1. TREATS AND TRICKS – This is another very effective method to introduce your cats. When you are finally letting them see each other then you can use treats. Cats associate treats with positive things. So they will get a positive vibe from the beginning. 

In this case you should also separate their food bowls, water sources and litter boxes. If possible you should separate everything at first. 

Then when you see positive behaviour then you can place both of them in one room. 

  1. ENCOURAGEMENT – After introducing them a couple of times you can encourage them to play with one another. Playing sometimes establishes the friendship and creates a bond. 

Are there advantages to adopting a bonded pair?

Well, if you have financial support and the time to spare then adopting a bonded pair of cats will benefit you in many ways. 

  1. They will have each other to play with so they will not suffer from anxiety issues when you leave for work. Many cats get so hyped up that they grow chronic disorders of fear and anxiety.
  2. They will settle down quicker. One cat being all alone in a completely new and strange environment can develop aggressive behavior in cats. When two cats are together they know they are not alone and this gives them a little bit of security.
  3. They will not have destructive behaviors because they will be busy with one another. So this will benefit you most. You will not find a destroyed home when you come back from work.
  4. The fun will be double. When you will play with them you will be entertained. Everyday their peculiar habits will make you laugh and you will be happier. 

Do Bonded Cats Fight?

Even if two people are best friends, they will fight sometimes. It is just the same in the cats’ case too. Bonded cats also sometimes fight. They can have a very strong friendship but that does not mean they will not argue.

It can happen that one cat entered the other one’s territory without permission. As we know, cats get aggressive when it comes to territory. They do not like trespassing. 

Male cats tend to be aggressive. It is in their nature. However, not all male cats are like that. Aggressive cats play in very rough manners. This can escalate the play into a fight scene. It happens when the other cat does not like to play roughly. 

Cats do not always fight to solve their matter. This can lead to both of them having serious injuries. This is why it is important to avoid the situation where they start to fight.

You should always stop their fighting. You can clap really loud to get their attention. You channelize their attention to any toy or puzzle. Do not give them treats. Because then they will think you are rewarding them because they were having a fight

They will keep starting fights to get treats. Do not encourage that. You can also spray water at them whenever they start fighting. This will make them stop. 

You should not directly engage in their fights because you might end up getting hurt. When your cat is angry it is better to give him time to cool down. 

You might try to pet him but it can backfire as he is angry and might attack you. Cats lose their heads when they get angry.

Separating Bonded Cats

Cats are not very social animals. They like to stay alone but they also crave other animals’ or humans’ companionships. It can be a dog or a cat or any human. Cats like to live with pride. 

Cats are better off together when they are bonded. Lonely cats can develop mental health issues. Some studies have shown that cats who have friends be it cats or dogs tend to live a long life and they can adjust in any environment quicker. While it takes much effort and time to make the separated cat adjust.

Cats who are grown up may need time to get along with a new cat but once they are bonded and made friends with him or her, they will actually enjoy their company.

Separating the bonded cats can result in various unpleasant things. They can start to show negative symptoms once they are seperated. 

  1. The cat can get bored easily and will have anxiety issues. 
  2. The cat can become very clingy to its owner. 
  3. The cat will need extra care and much more attention than t=it used to need before separation.
  4. The cat can wake their owners up in the middle of the night.
  5. Another very common conduct is that the cat might stop eating because of the separation.
  6. Your cat might fall into depression. 
  7. It will lose its confidence and happiness
  8. It can develop many destructive attitudes like chewing and tearing apart things.

Do bonded cats remember each other after being separated?

Well, as much as it is hard to believe, the cats may not remember each other after they have been separated from each other for quite some time.

Cats release pheromones to familiarize a particular animal or human being or a non living thing. So, this is one of the reasons as to why they can not remember the other cat when they meet again. 

That does not mean they forget their existence. They just can not seem to remember the exact cat. The other cat will get worn off of their pheromones in its new home. So, that is why they both get confused.

Why is separating a bonded pair of cats bad?

Once cats have bonded pairs, that means that they need each other. When you split up the cats, it will be traumatic for both of them. Cats may get very worried and they can be depressed because of it. 

Especially if your cat is among them who are very insecure and afraid, then separation can be bad for him.

Bonded cats give each other the security of companionship. This makes them have faith in each other. That gave them emotional security. 

So, when you separate them you also take away their emotional support. So, now you have to make up for it by giving extra care. 

When you separate them, they will lose someone who used to play with them all day. Once they realize that, they will easily get bored by playing all by themselves.

You might not have the time to spare and play with him or her. That is why most working owners tend to adopt two cats instead of one. They play among themselves so owners do not have to spend a lot of time with them.

Separation leads to anxiety. Anxiety leads to boredom and loneliness. Loneliness leads to attention seeking behaviors. You might notice that your cat has started to seek more attention than before. It will meow a lot, scratch things, paw you often, sit on your lap all the time.

This can lead to many destructive patterns like chewing something that you forbed your cat. Your cat might scratch things to make noise and get attention. It might growl at you when you try to stop it.

Your cat might tear things apart. These behaviors are common after separation.

This is why you should avoid separating your cats. Sometimes one of the cats dies which creates such a situation. Sometimes owners have to give away one of the cats because of financial incompetence. To avoid this plan ahead.

What to do if your bonded cats fight?

You have to stop the fight but you can not engage directly. Your cats can get seriously injured once they start fighting. But if you try to separate them, their aggression may switch to you and you can get seriously injured in the process.

Cat scratches will not just hurt. Cats have very sharp teeth and nails. Wounds caused by them may seem shallow at first but the puncture can be deeper rooted than you think. It can make humans very sick and sometimes die when not taken proper medications.

What to do if your bonded cats fight

There are two most effective methods that you can use to stop the fighting. 

SPRAYING WATER : You can spray water when your cats start quarrelling. This will make them stop as they do not like to get wet.

This method is useful because when cats engage in major fights they ignore the surrounding. So you need to do something big and harmless to get their attention. So, spraying water comes to play as it does not cause any harm but gets their attention.

From there you can shift their attention to something else. You can give them toys to play with, balls and puzzle cubes are also effective. Once they focus on something else they will not fight.

CLAP : Here is the other thing you can do when your cats engage in mild quarrels. Clapping very loudly will make them wonder why you did that. 

Then they will look at you for answers. You can then give them toys and other distractions so they do not go back to quarrelling. 

So, here are the things that you needed to know about bonded cats. Hope this article helped you. 


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