How to sedate a cat Naturally?

How to sedate a cat Naturally

Suppose you are taking your cat to a vet and your cat freaks out. It starts hissing and growling making it impossible to control him. What can you do then? You can naturally sedate the cat to get a bit calm for the time being. Well, there are ways you can sedate a cat naturally. 

You can sedate a cat by using some herbs or flower essence. Some of them are also used to calm humans. However, you should not use any oil based product as the cat’s system is not as strong as humans so some products can make your pet very sick, even kill them.

There are other ways you can sedate your cat without using any chemicals. You can buy a Thundershirt for your cat. This shirt applies pressure and by doing this makes the cat calm. It is also effective for humans. For example parents wrap their babies with clothes and also use shaft to vaccinate bovines to make them relaxed. The thundershirt constantly applies gentle pressure on your cat’s torso. It is recommended to use during visit to the vets, anxiety of noise, any trip or maybe visit to any grooming centre or any other situation your cat feels anxious in. When you at first try to put it on him, don’t just directly force him into it. Train him through rewards of foods. Give him some food on the shirt. Then, he will start to think of the shirt as a positive and will not be afraid of it. Thus by priorly association him with the thing you don’t have to do as much struggle as you had to if you did not introduce the thing to your cat. Don’t fasten the Thundershirt onto the cat’s back, just put it over him and if he tries to walk around let him, even if it falls from the cat’s back. Next, try putting it on him by fastening it and then let it be there for 5 to 10 minutes. Then you can try to encourage your cat to walk around a bit. Because some cats tend to freeze at those moments. Some may fall over. But it is normal for them as they have not experienced such sensation before. So, give them time to adjust to this new situation. Try putting it on cats during non-stressful events. This way they will start feeling comfortable in it. One thing to remember is that a Thundershirt does not cause discomfort. Rather it takes time to adjust to it because it’s a new thing for your pet cat. 

There is another way you can help your kitty to calm down. You can try to spray cat pheromone diffuser in your home or in the cat’s carrier 10 to 15 minutes before any stressful event. Cat pheromones are created to mimic the natural pheromones of your cat. This causes the kitty to relax naturally. 

There can be some situations in which your cat will be upset no matter what. Like for example if you are going to the vet and suddenly thunderstorms start to brew or if fireworks are being set off near your residence. You can use these ways to naturally make you kitty calm down. 

When You Should Sedate Your Cat

What’s the difference between Sedation and Anesthesia? 

Anesthesia (general) is the combined product of sedation, analgesia, amnesia and muscle paralysis. Anesthesia is reversible and a controlled loss of consciousness. 

Sedation is used to relax the body and mind. A patient’s response to the stimulation induced from outside becomes limited. Sedation can be dosed lightly, moderately or heavily. 

Sedation and Anesthesia are a form of Anesthesia but sedation is a component of it. They are different in various ways. Patients under anesthesia have a complete loss of consciousness and can not feel anything and also will not remember anything. But under sedation one is in between being completely unconscious and very sleepy making one super relaxed. 

When You Should Sedate Your Cat? 

First of all you should not sedate a cat unless it is absolutely necessary because sedatives cause side effects. 

Some cats are naturally calm and they let vets to examine their body. They let you groom them like nail trimming, cleaning their ears and mouths but some cats go crazy in these situations they even try to attack someone. But grooming is important for hygiene and safety so natural sedation is recommended in these situations. 

Cats don’t like change. Change concerns them. Trip or visit to vet concern cats most. Some newly adopted cats who are not acquainted with human activities get scared while getting inside a car or a carrier. Car rides can make them puke. 

Other than this, fireworks, thunder or gunshots or party noises  make them severely upset and scared. 

In these cases if your pet is uncontrollable, only then you can sedate him. If you plan for a trip to somewhere so far that you have to go there via airplane then you should not give your pet any sedative whatsoever. Because when you travel in an airplane you have to leave the cat with other pets in one contained room where no one will go to check up on them. So if your cat is having a problem because of the sedative you will not be able to know about that and you might find a dead pet when you land on the ground. You certainly do not want that.

Various Herbs that can help sedate a cat:

There are many cats who get anxious and stressed a little too often. Itnature is how they are in nature. Now, some pet owners get a bit nervous when their cat starts acting crazy in anxiety. So they want to calm their pet down but any chemical approach is not always the best and appreciated choice. We look alternatives in the herbs which are far less harmful and much more effective. Here are a few suggestions which can help your cat calm down. 

  • CATNIP/FIELD BALM/CATMINT/CATWORT- Well we usually do not think about giving a cat catnip because it makes the cat act crazy for sometime. But think of it like this, after some minutes of jumping, running the cat will have less energy left in its body and so it will calm down. So, give your cat catnip 15 minutes before to any stressful situation that can make him go crazy like a visit to the vet or any cat trip. Catnip does not work on every cat though. It is estimated that only 50% cats get affected by catnip. Baby cats begin to respond to this catnip only after they are three months or six months old. Well it is recommended that try the catnip on a normal day and see how your cat reacts as some cats become aggressive because of this herb. 
  • VALERIAN– Valerian is a herb which has a similar effect as catnip. But there is one difference between catnip and valerian that is after the craziness, the cat will fall asleep. So if catnip does not have any effect on your cat you can try using Valerian. You can grow valerian or buy products. Human patients with insomnia are also given this as a remedy and it has the exact effect on felines. The effect of the valerian will make your cat really calm down and also make her more obedient in the situation. This also test by giving it to your cat on a normal day and notice how he behaves. If it works, give it to the cat 15 minutes before the stressful event.             
  • CHAMOMILE –  Have you heard of Chamomile tea? We take it before going to bed. It is also known for its use to reduce menstrual cramps. VCA ANIMAL Hospitals claims that skin inflammation can be reduced using chamomile. We can also give this herb orally as a sedative. It helps us to relax.It is also effective for cats as its anti-anxiety property is also effective on cats. However, give your cat the dried flowers because it’s more healthy for them. Chamomile contains the same components which affect the portions of the brain as anti-anxiety drugs do. The effect decreases stress and makes the body repose. Cats, who suffer from gastrointestinal symptoms like gas or bloating and anxiety pain, will be much more at ease  as a result of the use of this herb. Although you should not give chamomile supplements because they are not highly managed. If you have any worries about these you can always ask your vet and then use something that you vet recommends. 
  • RESCUE REMEDY BY EDWARD BATCH – The Nest says that there is a homeopathic remedy which is used to reduce stress or anxiety in cats which is called Rescue Remedy. This remedy was first created by Edward Batch in 1930. This remedy includes five different flower essences which are Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, cherry plum, rock rose, and impatiens. When it is about to get used on pets, it is made out of flower essences, vegetable glycerine and water but for a human we add alcohol. Alcohol is harmful to cats or any pet so it is important that you don’t give your cat the human version of the rescue remedy. Just add a few drops in your cat’s water container or it’s food. 
  • KAVA KAVA – kava kava , a tropical herb is traditionally used as a natural sedative. Amazing Wellness Magazine claims that you can use this natural sedative but you have to do it under the supervision of a veterinarian who is an expert in the use of natural sedatives for cats. This way you can give your let the correct doses and not harm it. However, kava kava can be toxic to the liver. So if you give your cat this ensure that it doesn’t have any liver issues. Pregnant cats should not intake this. 

Are there any side effects of sedating a cat naturally? 

Sedatives are not a great choice for pets. Because some pets can not handle that so if not extremely necessary do not give your cat any sedative. However, natural sedatives have fewer side effects than chemical ones. 

The first disadvantage of using a sedative during an air travel is that there is no one that can check on her and she will not get any medical treatment even if she is having problems. They can have blood pressure problems, hypothermia and other health issues. 

So it is not an ideal choice to sedate your cat in any way. Best thing is to put him into its carrier then let him adjust and fall asleep and then move with him. 

Are there any side effects of sedating a cat naturally

Can Human Sedatives be Harmful for Cats?

Human sedatives or medications are extremely poisonous to pets. It contains such components that are not suitable for animals. Cats have very delicate systems so do not even try. Some pet owners by mistake give their pets human medications. If you ever do this even by mistake immediately take him to a vet and get him checked up. Because it can be lifetaking for him. Even if he doesn’t show any symptoms do not wait for it because it may be too late then. Immediately take him to a doctor. 

People often give pets common household medicines (Nsaid, acetaminophen, antidepressants, adhd or add medications, benzodiazepines and sleep aids, ace inhibitors, beta-blockers, thyroid hormones, lipitor, zocor etc) thinking it is alright but it can be very harmful. 


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