How to keep Cats off your Car?

Do you remember the last time you saw cat scratches on your car? It’s understandable that you were fuming and cursing all your colony’s cats over it. While it may give you momentary relief, it’s hard to think about why cats would understand your situation. It might actually be just fear that a cat might actually do that to your car when you saw your neighbor’s car scratched in various places.

How to keep Cats off your Car

The aftermath is easy to predict. You would have to buy those spray paints that hide scratches and actually get a costly paint job done because of those cursed cats. But does cursing actually solve the problem? While collecting your salary after a hard-working month, the last thing you want is to spend it on a problem caused by a cat not even owned by you.

It’s time to become proactive and work for prevention rather than cure. You can actually do a lot of things to prevent cats from destroying your car’s gloss. If you apply these tips, you wouldn’t want to worry about cat scratches anymore. Let’s just jump into how you can actually solve this problem.

Ways to keep cats off your car

  • Use a cat repellent spray

Just like all other animals, cats also have a dislike of some kinds of odors. Look out for any natural spray that doesn’t damage your car’s paint. Mothball odor is one of the effective options that can repel cats from coming around your car. Place some mothballs in a pouch and keep it anywhere near your car. 

The strong odor will definitely repel cats from coming around your car. You can also use other natural cat repellent sprays on the ground around your parked car. These odorants include natural scents and mineral oils like lavender and orange. If the cat continues to sit around your car, spray it directly on the body every night to shoo them away.

  • Cat Repellant powder

Look for organic and chemical-free powdered cat repellants available at stores as well as online. They will be safe to use around pets, children, and plants too. You should keep in mind that powder can be blown away by winds and rain. They are an inexpensive option to shoo away cats from your car.

  • Use dry herbs 

Herbs like rosemary, lavender, and rue can effectively and repel cats from jumping on your car. Sprinkle these dry herbs on the hood of your car which is the cat’s preferred place to sit. You may try different herbs and switch between them to check which one is the most effective. Sprinkle a small amount of herb at first and increase the quantity if it proves ineffective. While herbs are inexpensive options, they may be blown away with the wind as well as in rain.

  • Place ultrasonic cat repellants around the car

You can buy ultrasonic animal repellants that produce high pitched sound when they sense motion around them. Ultrasonic sounds are inaudible to humans but can scare away cats easily. While it’s an expensive way to repel cats, it will ensure no harm is done to the cat as well as your car. You can find an ultrasonic device online or at the pet store.

  • Motion controlled sprinklers

Motion controlled sprinklers are available in the market which is specially designed to dissuade feline pets. Hook such a sprinkler to a hose facing your car and it will spray a big arc of water whenever it detects motion. The sprinkler will easily shoo away the cat but will also wet your car in the process. Make sure that you have rolled up your windows before installing these so that your interiors don’t get wet in the process.

Ways to keep cats off your car

Avoid walking in front of your car or it may sprinkle water on you instead of the cat. You can find these sprinklers at the specialty stores or pet stores too.

  • Make your own cat repellant 

You can make your own homemade repellant using essential oils like lavender, orange or peppermint. Mix them with three parts of water and pour them in a spray bottle and spray around your car. You can also soak the solution with a mixture of one part citronella oil and 4 parts of water in a cotton ball and keep it around your car. 

Keep trying different home remedies until it solves your problem. Different replants deter a different kind of cats, so keep doing experiments until you find the right solution.

  • Setup a pet alarm

These are easily the most effective ways to keep cats away from your car since the alarm scares off the animal and additionally, you can come up to shoo them away. The only problem arises because it can disturb you and your neighbors so you need to be wary of using such a method if a lot of stray cats roam around your car.

How to keep cats out of car engine?

You rush to your car on a fine winter morning to move to the office but all of a sudden you find a cat sleeping in your engine? This is quite normal especially in winters when cats climb onto engines to keep warm. You might shred the cat into pieces if you turn on your engine and it’s important to honk your horn before starting the engine to dismiss such possibilities. 

You can use the above-discussed methods to prevent cats from entering your car’s premises. Other than that, you may use plastic or foil to cover any openings through which a kitty can enter your engine. Look around under your car any such openings you may want to seal. Although you have to undo all the hard work every morning, so finding a garage is a better option to prevent cats from entering overnight. 

Using sulfur to prevent cats from climbing on your engine is also a viable idea as it has an extremely staunch smell that the cat can’t bear. You can buy some powdered sulfur from agricultural supply stores. Pierce a soda can and fill it with sulfur powder. Fasten the can in a secure place inside your engine. This is a long term alternative and sulfur retains its smell for a long time, unlike essential oils and liquids. Periodically check and refill it to prevent any mishaps.

Preventing cat scratches on your car

  • Cover your car

Apart from the cat itself, you might be worried about the paw marks and the scratches on your car’s paint. A straightforward solution to it is to cover your car. Zip a cover every night that completely envelops your car. Although buying a cover may seem like an expensive investment, it will further save your car from bird shit, fallen leaves, dust, and dirt during thunderstorms.

Preventing cat scratches on your car
  • Remove food sources around your car

If a trash box lies near your parking space, cats would surely roam around your car. It’s time to move your car to a new parking spot or shift the trash box. You should also clean up your driveway and get rid of any food scraps. Food spilled around your car may be the only reason why cats are roaming around it and removing them will prevent the cats from attacking your vehicle.

  • Ask the cat’s owner to trim its nails

If a neighborhood cat scratches your car, you can reach out to his owner and tell him to trim his pet’s nails. While it may not be possible for every owner to clip their cat’s nails themselves, you may elaborate on your issue. If he’s co-operative, he may consult a vet and get his cat’s nails trimmed to save you some harm.

  • Ask the cat’s owner to keep it indoors

If a neighborhood is a cat that is adamant at scratching your car every day, it’s time to request its owner to confine the cat indoors. Request him in a polite tone and let them know that you are open to other solutions if they suggest so. Tell him about the expenses of the damage his cat is creating to make him concerned about the issue.

  • Use Chilli pepper

If commercial cat repellants, as well as the home remedies, don’t seem to affect the cats around you, chili pepper will definitely do. Cats hate the hot and spicy chili pepper and sprinkling some cayenne pepper around your car will keep most cats away. A little sniff of pepper may teach the cat a hard lesson and she’s unlikely to come back to your car. You can also sprinkle it on your car itself but do it at your own risk as it may enter your nose the next morning. 

It’s important to note that pepper may get washed away with rain and wind. Sprinkle pepper every night around your car until the cats have completely stopped coming near your car.

  • Motion-activated lights

While this one may not be effective on all cats, feral cats and kitties would surely get spooked by motion-activated lights. It’s also a useful technology to have on your driveway to scare away thieves and other animals. Place the light stand facing your car directly and observe if the cat runs away when you shed light on her. If the cat chooses to ignore the lights, it’s time to adopt a different technique. This trick is obviously useless if cats sleep in your car in the daytime.

If you are having a problem with your own cat, you should train her not to do so. Otherwise, apply one or all of these techniques and check which one suits you the best.


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