How to keep a cat out of a room?

Cats like to give orders and not take it. So, when you tell your cat what to do and what not to do he or she will more likely do the forbidden work. It is just in their nature. But I am not talking about all the cats. Some cats can be so good at listening.

How to keep a cat out of a room

But if you are reading it, you probably do not want your cat to go in certain rooms in your house for some reason. Do not take stress anymore because here are a number of ways you can keep your fur-ball out of a certain room. 


This is a way that is mostly used by the owners and is highly effective. When your cat sees the locked room he or she will likely be curious. Your cat may even try to scratch the door. But, after a while they will stop and get used to that. 

Please keep an eye on your cat because this activity might cause your pet stress. It is recommended that you talk to an expert about this before putting this plan to action. 


When you are going into the room be sure to close the door very quickly because cats are fast. It may try to get in with you.

It is a better option to distract your cat with food or toys or something so that you can get inside the room and come out without drawing your cat’s attention towards that door.


You can use an air compressed bag which has a motion detector feature to it. This way whenever your cat gets near the door the machine releases a gasp of air which will not cause any damage to your cat just scare him a bit. 

This is a very efficient way to keep your cat away while still maintaining your relationship with him or her.


Your cat is likely to avoid a room he or she does not feel comfortable in. So, you can make the room uncomfortable for your cat by filling the room with the things that your cat does not like. You can even spray the scent that your cat hates in the room which will keep him away from the room. For bathrooms you can spread a little amount of water on the floor to prevent the cat. Cats do not like to get their feet wet so they may stay away. 


If you do not want your cat going in that room you distract him by giving him a room of his own which is more comfortable and peaceful for him.

How to keep a cat out of a room

You can fill the room with his favourite play things. Basically, that room a

Has to be paradise for a cat, only then there is a chance that your cat will not go to that room you want to keep it away from.

However this method does not completely restrict your cat to go into that room, he or she might try to go inside the room but once he or she understands that this room is not that comfy for him then he will not visit that room much. 


You can give your cat positive training. There are ways you can do that. Usually if you forbid a cat he or she does not listen and scolding can affect your positive relationship with your cat. 

You can train your cat like this — first you have to make a nice and comfy place for your kitty and then tell him or her to stay there. And then you can give them their favourite treat. They will think positively of that place then and will likely stay there.


The room you want to protect from your cat is special indeed. Remember, cats like places where they can hide. So, you have to make that room free of hiding places. 

Less furniture is a good way to do that.less furniture means less hiding places which will keep the cat away.


You can make an outdoor house for your cat. However, this step is only needed when you want your cat to stay out of the whole house eventually.

This is not a recommended way though. Your cat may feel like an abandoned cat and this can create stress on her. This can eventually lead to her fleeing away from the house.


This is another effective method which can make your cat not want to go near that room as well as you too because he will start to dislike you for this type of behaviour.

So while applying this method remember you are risking the bond that you and your cat have created over years.

And if that cat is a new pet in your home then you are creating a bad relationship from the beginning by spraying water on the face of your pet. 

It will likely be very hard to bond again after you have ruined the relationship by spraying water on your furry friend’s face.

How to keep a cat out of a room with no door?

How to keep a cat out of a room with no door

Do you have a room without any door and your cat keeps on entering the room and this is annoying you or interrupting you?

You can make an alternative for a door like any kind of fence. This will make the cat hesitate to enter the room.

You can spread tin foil on the floor. Cats do not like to walk on tin foils. So, this will stop the cat from going into the room.

You can make loud noises when your cat comes into the room. We all know cats like to be in quiet places. So, loud annoying noises will make your cat disturbed and he or she will not be willing to enter the room.

You can scold him too whenever he comes near that room. Though remember, this can make a bad impression of you on your cat.

Can a cat be kept in one room?

Whether a cat can live in a single room for the rest of her life depends on the size of the room, circumstances and surroundings. If you want to keep a cat in one single room then you have to know that a cat needs at least 50 feet long and 30 feet wide room to actually stay healthy mentally and physically. 

However, it is very immoral to keep a perfectly healthy cat in one room for a lifetime because even the most indoor cat wants to go outside once in a day. 

Cats need external stimuli to keep their mind fresh. It is just like human psychology. If you stay inside one room for a very long time let alone a lifetime you will likely to get mad.

Just like this cats will get mentally sick. If the room is small like if you live in a small apartment then you should not adopt a cat. 

Even in a big room with a catio, it is too difficult for a cat to stay in that same room all day. They will easily get bored and without other feline’s company they will feel lonely. You cat might even run away if this keeps on going. 

How to keep a cat out of a room at night?

Keep the room shut. He can not enter if he can not get in. at night he might even make a fuss by scratching and meowing at the door. You can put an air compressed device with a motion detector which will detect the cat if he is near the room and then burst air to frighten the cat.

You can stick tin foil on the door and on the floor around the door. As cats do not like to step on tin foils your pet cat will not go near it.

You can keep your cat in his box at night if he is relentless. Some cats just will not give up. This option is for them only.

If your cat can not enter the room he or she might disturb you at night to get attention. What you have to do is ignore him. If he notices that you are scolding him or giving him any kind of attention he or she will know that you are giving him or her attention whenever he creates a fuss.

So, the best way is to ignore him. This will make the disturbances at night less. 

Is it OK to keep my cat in my room all the time?

No, it is not okay to keep a cat in your room all the time. Some cats go along with their master’s habits just to please them. But this can eventually lead to mental and physical issues. 

Being in one room is definitely sickening for any animal or human. You have to let him out at least 3 times a day. Your cat needs refreshments. Stimulation from outside is a necessity for any animal. 

How to keep a cat out of a room at night

Cats are very intelligent animals. Indoor cats are also allowed to go out once in a while. Also, they need to go out for mating. Cats may not mate with just anyone. They have specific choices. Keeping them in one room suppresses their natural urges.

They also need to go hunting once in a while because it is in their blood. They descend from a predatory circle. This is also a natural need for a cat. 


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