How to feed Cat Wet Food while Away?

If you have pets around you then you know how much it matters to any owner to take care for their pets. Cats make wonderful pets as they are playful and have a mysterious sense of humour. Also they are very particular about hygiene. But most of all they are so cute. But even though they are quite intelligent they need to be fed everyday. 

How to feed cat wet food while away

Mainly indoor cats need more care and attention. They need to be given their nutritions on a daily basis because unlike stray cats they do not go hunting. But that does not mean that the owners can not have some travel time or vacation time for themselves. There are ways you can keep a balance between your life and your cat’s health. 

Now, i have said that it is possible to live your own life while having a cat. You can continue with your daily life like morning walks, movie nights, vacation time etc. all these are possible if you just take proper measures beforehand.


This machine has brought revolution in the  lives of the cats and their owners. Automatic food dispensers have made the process of cat feeding easier and more convenient. 

Cat owners do not have to be around their cats. It is common that cats need much less attention in comparison to other domestic animals.but that does not mean you can neglect their food plans. You need to have a proper diet plan for your felines to keep them healthy.

If you think you will stack a lot of wet cat food and go somewhere to travel then you should know that it is really unhealthy and risky. Your cat might not be that intelligent to know how he or she will get the food on a daily basis. 

Chances are he or she will find the food , but they will probably eat it all at once or leave it without storing it in a proper way. Then when the next time they come to eat they will find the food spoiled. So they will be starving while you are on your vacation. And if you are gone for too long then an unfortunate event will occur.

Wet food can get spoiled easily. But if you get an automatic food dispenser it will keep your cat fed all through the day. So you do not need to be worried about them being hungry. You can even programme the machine to give food on times that you select. That means your cat’s daily routine will not be messed up. He or she will get food when they normally eat. 

It can help you even when you are not travelling. Some cat owners are too busy. They come home late and go to work early. So they have little time with their cats. And they wish to spend that time bonding and playing not feeding. Then you can use this machine to do the work. It will not miss any timing. 


If you are going for a long trip then you will need a cat sitter. Because food dispensers can only store limited amounts of food in them which will run out eventually. When you hire a cat sitter you will be assured that your cat is in good care. Your cat will live his daily life and you can enjoy your trip. 

However, you need to make sure that the cat sitter is responsible enough. You can find ratings or reviews about them before hiring them. And also you can place hidden cameras to check if he or she is doing their jobs. 

What features should you be looking for in an Automatic Feeder?

How to feed cat wet food while away
  1. You  should check for the capacity of the storage the dispenser has. Because the more storage it has the more food you can stack before. 
  2. The food type which is supported in the dispenser. This means if the dispenser can support only wet food or dry food or both. If you can then both would be a good option for you.
  3. The speed of the dispenser matters because if the speed is slow the food will drop slowly. This can make your cat frustrated. Then he or she might leave without eating. This will affect the health of your cat. He or she might get sick. You should get a fast dispenser because then your cat will not be annoyed.
  4. Timer option is another important thing you must check for. You should be able to time schedule the feeding. 
  5. How many cats the dispenser can feed is also an important information that you check before you get it. It is needed for owners who have more than 1 cat.

How Does Automatic Food Dispensers Work?

Suppose you are going on a vacation or you have to go somewhere far for a long time, but you have a cat. Is it normal to worry about their well-being. They are intelligent but not as much so they can manage their daily food routine. 

Are you too busy with your job? When you come home you see your cat starving and when you leave you barely make enough time to give your cat food. You might need to think for another method to make this easy and convenient for you.

This is where you will need an automatic food dispenser. If you are feeding your cat a lot of food  once in a day it will be very risky in the long run. If you have adopted a pet then you need to take care of it properly. Providing little quantities of food throughout the day is the actual method to keep your cat from being hungry. This also keeps their bodies active as it never lets them go hungry. 

Automatic food dispensers provide food several times in a day. You can set the timer and the amount of food. It will automatically release the food into the bowl that is placed under it. Your cat will then come, eat and then go away to do his or her work. They are also sealed containers so you do not need to worry about food getting spoiled. 

These machines are available in different styles, colours and come with a variety of features. You can choose according to your preferences and finance support.  

It also balances their mood as they are not feeling the hunger they do not complain. This also makes their eating habit healthy. However, I recommend three to four times a day is enough. 

You do not need to keep feeding your cart all day as that will make him overweight which is unhealthy. Being overweight will cause many painful diseases and you do not want that for your beloved cat. 

However, sick cats need to develop food habits as their vet has suggested. You should not leave a sick cat home alone. That is seriously dangerous. 

Can Cats Survive on Their Own?

All animals have a natural instinct to survive. Cats have a hunting instinct within them from birth. So outdoor cats are quite capable of surviving all by themselves without an owner. 

Indoor cats on the other hand will have difficulty surviving without an owner. That is why you need to prepare your cat’s diet plans and everything before you go away on your trip.

You should treat your cats and other pets like you would do your own children. You can hire a cat sitter if you are away for a long time. You can also ask someone whom you trust, to look after your cat. 

How to keep wet food fresh?

How to keep wet cat food fresh

You should store wet cat food under 38 degree Celsius (108 degree Fahrenheit). If the cat food has not been opened then you can store it in 50 degree Fahrenheit to 100 degree Fahrenheit. Do not completely freeze the food otherwise the taste and texture will change.

If your cat has left the wet cat food for more than 4 hours then you need to store that food immediately. After 4 hours the food should not be given to your cat again. 

When the food has been opened then after your cat has eaten, you should take the rest of the food and put it in an airtight container and then store it in the refrigerator. The temperature should be 40 degree Fahrenheit to 45 degree Fahrenheit.  You can store it for 5 to 7 days maximum. After that you should throw the food out. 


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