How long does it take for a mother cat to forget her kittens?

How long does it take for a mother cat to forget her kittens

It is normal to feel sorry for a mother cat whose children have been taken away. As the owner it is very sad to see the mother cat crying and searching for her babies. But do you know that these behaviours do not always mean that the mother is finding her kittens. There are other meanings to it. Read further to know more about it.

If you are wondering what time is best for their separation then the answer is around 7 weeks. When the kittens are 7 weeks old, you can separate them from their mother. After the kittens have left, the mother cat will probably go around the house and you can hear her crying. Now you may think that she is crying because she misses her babies. But is that the case? Or is there something more to it?

You should not blame yourself for finding the kittens a nice home because eventually they will need their own space. 

As a car owner when you have helped your cat when she was pregnant and then took care of her and the babies, it is hard for you to part ways with those babies. As a human reaction we may think mom cat is feeling the same but that might not be the case. 

Mom cat can be crying because she is going through heat. Female cats sometimes cry and search for partners to mate again. Their cycle begins every two weeks so that might be the case. 

If the mom is truly missing her children then she will do some old conduct with the other pets in the house or with any stuffed animals in the home. 

You need to keep an eye on your cat’s behavior in case you need to step in. You can try to distract her by giving some new things to play with like new toys and puzzles or tasty food treats. In other words you need to lighten her mood and make her forget about searching for her babies. Because that will only bring misery into her life. 

Cats think in a different way than humans. They do not have all these complex emotions like we do. When the kittens will turn to four to five weeks the mother cat will begin to wean them. When the kittens turn 10 to 12 weeks old they will be completely weaned. This is their way to make their babies independent. In the Wild life, they need to be independent otherwise they will face many dangers ahead in their life. 

When the kittens are weaned their bonds with their mother will also weaken. That is just their lives. This is not uncommon. You may have seen mother cats who growl at their own babies when they become a bit older. It is because the kitten’s presence is making the mother uncomfortable. This is when the mother no more wants her babies to stay with her. So they need to part ways before that unpleasant scene occurs. 

Do cats recognize their adult offspring?

Mother cats are very attentive towards her babies. She grooms then when they are little and gives them the basic knowledge of survival. It is really difficult to think that they will forget each other but in reality, that is the case. Mother cats forget their babies once they are separated from each other. 

The reasons behind this is the scent. Cats remember things and recognize them via smells. That is why they leave their scents behind. You may have seen your cat rubbing her body and face against walls, inanimate objects, your other pets that she is friends with, or even you. This is because she is marking her territory so that she can know she is in her turf. It is a signal and warning for other cats too.