How long can a cat stay in a crate?

A crate is a great spot which keeps your cat in a relaxed and calm state. If you have already raised a cat in the past, you must be aware of the advantages of a crate. The best thing about a crate is that you can shift the cat in a crate when everyone in your family sleeps. In this way, your family can sleep without worrying about the whereabouts of the cat and the cat can feel comfortable and relaxed inside the crate. Moreover, if you have a very naughty as well as a dynamic cat, then a crate is going to act as a blessing in disguise. 

The next question that comes in mind is for how long can a cat stay in the crate! You might be even worried if your cat will feel comfortable to stay inside the crate for long hours. You must know how much time limitation is favourable to keep your cat in the crate. If you leave your cat for a long time inside the crate, it might start showing aggressive behaviour. There is no doubt that a crate is a great spot for a cat, but you should keep a cat in a crate for not more than 24 hours. You must make sure that the cat has an ample supply of food and water inside the crate. 

How to choose a cat crate? 

How long can a cat stay in a crate

A crate is one of the best spots for a cat if the owner is planning to go out of home for some time or wants to have a sound sleep at home. The good part is that even a cat feels relaxed inside the crate. It is important to have a cat crate if you have adopted a cat. There are plenty of beautiful and colourful crates available in the market. These crates are made of different materials, amazing designs, vibrant and different sizes. Crates are made of different materials such as wood, plastic and stainless steel. Check out which would be the best option for selecting a material for your cat’s crate:

  • Wood: A wooden crate is a great choice for keeping your cat. There are plenty of housing styles available in the market for buying a wooden crate. You need to be careful about one thing before buying a crate for your cat. Buy a crate that is nicely painted with a moisture-proof layer along with a waterproof layer. To check out these moisture-proof and water-proof layers, you must look for advanced wooden crates in the market. Make sure that you are not selecting a very closed or a cramped crate. A closed or cramped crate is not good for the growth as well as the health of your cat.
  • Plastic: If you are selecting a plastic crate for your cat, then you are buying a crate which has high durability and long life. You must select a plastic crate which is spacious and comfortable so that your cat does not feel stressed out. You can find a plethora of designs while selecting a plastic crate in the market. The good part is that the plastic crates are way cheaper than crates which are made up of other materials.
  • Stainless steel crate: There are plenty of advantages of buying a crate which is made up of stainless steel. Crates made up of stainless steel are durable and also quite easy to clean. According to studies, crates which are made up of advanced stainless steel do not have any adverse effects on the health of a pet. It is very easy to fold the cat’s crate which is made up of advanced stainless steel. Most people have found the advanced stainless steel crate to be more convenient and comfortable to carry a cat when they go outside home. One of the best parts about the stainless steel crate is that it is spacious and airy which makes your kitty feel comfortable. Moreover, the stainless steel crate is also a cheap crate so you can buy them at a low cost from the market. 

Best crate training tips to help your pet feel comfortable?

Best crate training tips to help your pet feel comfortable

Buying a crate for your cat is one thing and training your cat to use the crate is an entirely different thing. Are you wondering about how to train your cat? Then start with baby steps one by one. First of all, buy good quality and a spacious crate for your kitty from the market. Check if the crate has high durability and long life. You must buy a crate which is big enough so that the cat does not face any difficulties while standing, turning around or sleeping in a comfortable posture. It’s the responsibility of the owner to place the crate on a stable surface so that it is easy to keep it open. 

The next step is to place bedding and comfortable objects inside the crate for your kitty. Make sure that you add some tasty treats every day in the food bowl which is kept inside the crate. If you are worried that your cat is not using the crate at all, then you must read the following steps. Start with calling out the cat by its name. When you have the attention of the cat and it is looking at you, place a piece of meat or tuna for it. Your cat might come running towards you when it smells or sees the piece of meat. Now slowly and steadily, continue putting more pieces while moving towards the crate. As your cat keeps coming closer, place the big piece of meat inside the crate. Repeat this process for some days and try to make the kitty spend more time inside the crate for eating or sleeping. 

Once your cat starts feeling safe and comfortable inside the crate, it will start using the crate on its own. Even after trying out these steps, you are not successful in luring your cat to use the crate, then try out spraying pheromones. You might get successful by spraying pheromones like Feliway on the inside walls of the crate. Try some different flavour or a tasty food item like wet cat food to motivate your cat to use the crate. You can also change the location of the crate as it is possible that the cat might not be feeling comfortable with the location. Don’t keep the crate anywhere near the air conditioner or from where loud noises keep coming. Cats don’t like loud noises and prefer a calm and quiet place. 

How necessary is it to buy a crate? 

How necessary is it to buy a crate
  • Although you might not need a crate every day, there are plenty of occasions when you would feel the need to shift your kitty to a safe and comfortable space like a crate. You might find a crate useful in the following situations:
  • In case you have two or more than two cats in your home, you might need a crate so that both the cats don’t end up hurting each other. Cats don’t like if there are any changes in their daily routine. Your cat might feel a little tense or uncomfortable if you bring a new pet in the home. In such scenarios, you can keep the new pet inside the cage or crate. This will help the new pet and your kitty to build a healthy relationship. 
  • A lot of people face difficulty in sleeping at night because of their cats. Most cats are way more active during the night time as compared to the day time. If you have left your cat open in the home, it might keep exploring and making noises in the middle of the night while your family is trying to sleep. Therefore, owners prefer to keep the cat in the crate during night time. 
  • If your cat is suffering from some underlying medical conditions, then you must have a comfortable spot for your kitty to rest in the home. It is much better to use a crate when your kitty is feeling sick. Moreover, you must start keeping your kitty in the crate if it is getting old. 

How to make your cat get familiar with sleeping in the crate?

How to make your cat get familiar with sleeping in the crate

It might take some time in the initial days for your cat to adjust in the new crate. It is the responsibility of the owner to select a spacious and comfortable crate for the cat. There’s a possibility that your cat might not like the newly bought crate. You will have to try different things to lure your cat to start sleeping inside the crate. You can start with coving the lower area of the crate with soft grass or fur. You can also cover the lower area of the crate with the cat’s favourite mattress. If it is wintertime, you can place heating bags inside the cage so that your kitty can feel warmer. 

Cats like to live in places which are clean and tidy. It is important to make your cat feel secure and safe inside the crate. Most cats like to hide or run away when they feel stress or anxiety. Try keeping some chewable toys or your cat’s favourite toy inside the crate. You need to try different things to make your cat feel relaxed and safe inside the crate. You can even try keeping some pieces of fish or meat inside the crate. It might be possible that your cat might be feeling stressed because of noises nearby the crate. Make sure that the crate is not kept anywhere close to the air conditioner if it makes a loud noise. You can also start keeping the crate in the same spot where your cat used to sleep. If your cat likes to sleep in your room, then you place the crate inside your room only. There’s a high possibility that your cat might switch to sleeping in the crate on its own. 

How Long Can A Cat Go Without Peeing and Pooping?

Most cats can hold their urine and poop until 24-48 hours. It is highly unlikely that your cat would end up urinating in the crate. If you are planning to leave your cat inside the crate for more than 48 hours, then it might be a matter of concern. In an ideal case, it is more healthy if your kitty is having a bowel movement every day. If you have a habit of keeping your kitty inside the crate for long hours, then you should observe for signs of straining or a loss of appetite. It is highly possible that your cat might be suffering from constipation or obstipation. In such cases, you must take your cat to a vet and get her properly examined. The vet might prescribe some medications or supplements for your cat. 


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