How long can a Cat go without Food?

Health is the threshold which connects and smoothens the obligation of head and heart.

Health is the physical, emotional and mental fitness of body and prepare organisms, helping them to live and evolve better.

Health of creature like cats is the symbol of ancestors and carves a niche for its legacy!

On specific note, the survival rate of cats without food and water is maximum 2-3 days.

If the craving towards food by cats is casual and transitory then it is not a matter of worry, but if there is sudden change towards the daily food practice, perhaps for 2-3 days then their action of starvation needs attention and investigation as they may be damaging to health. 

How long can a Cat go without Food

Possible reasons why your cat refuses to eat:

Cats have sufficient fulfilling appetite tendency. They, in fact ,demand choice in their regular balance diet like natural balance limited ingredient dry cat food someday or be it, neutromax dry cat food or Iams proactive health dry cat foods. 

Slow and silent swing away from food shows cats’ lose of interest or consumption disability for the former (the food). 

The list of reasons begin from serious disease  and end covering the most minute source, for cats are known to be sensitive creatures whose organs are prone to damage, if not looked after carefully. 

Little and unmarinated patch of dust particle may be immersed in dry food. This, after its thorough blend with saliva of cats, would travel to intestine and eventually to the kidney during excretion process. As a matter of consequence, the kidney would fail to segregate between the waste and re-absorbing contents. This would lead to kidney failure.
Inflammation of pancreas, muscle cramp, infection and uneven consumption of items are leading factors of pancreatitis.
Swelled eyes, sullen health and shrunken nose (the symptoms of diarrhoea)  too reduce the consumption level of cats.
Nausea, hairfall, common cold and allergies are incidental to main disease drifting cats away from normal food intake.
Guest appearance, travelling or perhaps, seasonal changes are momentary events causing mood swings of cats to eat less.
Poor surrounding which becomes the reason for cats’ sniff, poor appetite and pus-discharge are the adjacent factors of respiratory disease.

Gingivitis(Inflammation and bleeding of gums) and abscesses (body swell with puss accumulation) are recurring dental problems in cats which restrict easy consumption of food.

Apart from monthly and quarterly check-in,  the peculiar habits of cats must also be observed and checked for its constant growth.

The dangers of sudden weight loss in cat

Is weight loss risky parameter for the judgement of health of cats?

Weight loss is not deemed to be very sensitive issue when it is compared with the series of other fatal attacks. Moreover, it is a commonly left out affair by families thinking it periodic or self-controlled in nature but, the reality is weight loss can have traumatising and in tolerating effects, if left unconcerned:

  • Intestinal parasites are precarious worms attacking cats and especially, pregnant feline.
  • These little parasites are contagious, and can also transmit from feline to its kitten, by feeding or at the time of delivery.
  • Appropriate treatment by medicines like deworms and antibiotics can kill the parasites.
  • Hyperthyroidism is another risky disease which directly shoots down the weight.
  • It heightens the metabolism and induce the cats to overeat, overdrink and then urinate incessantly. This imbalance of body needs iodine treatment and medicines for proper secretion of thyroxine.
  • Secondary disease like viral fever, diabetes and kidney disease also cause weight loss in cats.
  • Relevant test and treatment must be administered at the right time to reduce the chances of catastrophe.
How long can a Cat go without Food

What to do if your cat stops eating?

Cats are playful and temperamental.

 They master their own moves and even manipulate their owners by kicking away the food which owner thought was the best and likeable by their cats.

How to discern between the natural and sick instinct? 

Accustomed actions of non-consumption can be given freedom.

However, total indifference can and must be treated by providing canned or wet food stuffed with sea-raws, boiled chicken and meat.

  • Warm food sprinkled with favourite flavour (of cats) like food topper or broth powder can generate the interest of cats towards food.
  • Yeast powder, too, has cheesy and crunchy taste, enough for cats to complete it’s meal of the hour!
  • if deviation from these changes do not work, then check-up of cats by specialist becomes next mandatory and quick action as there could be a possibility of serious injury or illness persisting day in day out. 
  • Instant evaluation can minimize the chances of serious sickness. 
What to do if your cat stops eating

What determines the cat’s survival in the phase of Hunger and Dehydration?

Cats are short-lived creatures and they can outgrow hunger only for a very short duration.

Their survival in those hours necessarily requires rudimentary yardstick for measuring their mortality and, thus, treatment.

Dehydration is the loss of minerals and water from the body. 

This reduction of fluid from the body of cats dislocates the core function of body like circulation, assimilation and excretion.

The body of cat is constituted of 80% fluid, out of which major dehydration wipes away maximum of 8% of fluid, nearly 10% of the constituted amount!

What are the visible changes in cat’s movement and appearance?

Dryness of face, slither in moves, flesh inelasticity, indifferent behaviour of panting and puffing are a mass of perceived symptoms ordinary in cats facing dehydration.

Therefore, to face the dusky hour cats’ immune must be prepared to win over or at-part/ at-least balance the adversity. 

The body of cat must have adequate water and food content in the unit of kilocalories as a supplement to the energy reserves.

Pre-planning, speculation, at some areas, and environmental (like plague, inherited trait or calamity) or seasonal changes and its effects should also be considered for making provision for upcoming situation. 

Infact, Cats must be provided water along with food for parallel and simultaneous consumption. This, besides building the drinking habit, eliminates the chances of infirmities. 

For cats to return back to its healthy position it is mandatory on the part of family to visit veterinary. Next, enough parenting like food, milk and especially water must be provided regularly for deviation from any disease also and longevity of cats.

Hunger heaps hallucination and dizziness.

Cats, although, are fed a specific quantity daily as a part of routine but this day-after-day consumption jolts body fats and metabolism which is converted into energy pool to assist the rest organelles of cells in carrying their activities. 

As long as this energy generates power to perform, cats are able to fight and survive, in hunger too, but once the situation turns uncontrollable, cats may become a victim of liver disease.

What is the connection between hormonal stimulation and hunger in cats?

Adrenaline hormone helps regulate the salt level in cat’s body and enhance blood output and blood glucose.

Growth hormone release by Pituitary gland controls the development of cat’s organs and body. 

Pituitary gland also controls all other glands and is thus, known the master gland.

Thyroxine hormone help in building of tissues and regulation of fats and carbohydrates in body.

Any disorder in hormone is the result of hunger and dehydration and, ultimately     demands absolute and on time consumption of meals for a balanced body, both externally and internally.

An eye-hawking reality about Cats is they spend ⅔rd of their lives sleeping. 

This way, they conserve body energy and are able to overrule health problems but 

 only to a limited extent. 

Thus cats, predominantly tamed cats require ample food and water to sustain and grow.

How can I get my cat to eat more

How can I get my cat to eat more?

Cats do not have complex neurological channels and responsive receptors to understand their nutritional status and that is why they require timely intervention of veterinary and nurture by the family.

Cats need constant variation in taste, preference, flavour, colour and texture of food to keep their interest alive. 

Not just eat, cats then may also start concealing their food from other creatures to safe and keep them for later consumption. 

How to deal with occasional mood and needs of cats?

They must be given wet/canned food ( if any definite meal not preferred), the food- contain bowl must be regularly changed to resist both interest and sanitation loss, the food flavour must encompass different taste to keep the interest intact (like sprinkle of tuna, cheese,etc) ,the balance chart must be re-introduced at least once-twice in a month and most importantly, the food must be served fresh. 

Cats are carnivore creatures, yet sometimes they crave for the taste of leaves and grass to get modification of taste (although the body can absorb nutrition  from meat and flesh food only)

This may also be spotted as a queer reason for cat discarding all other food. 

Why is warm food preferred over cold?

Television partially answers this.

The smoke of the warm food tends to reach the tip of cats snoring away from food and rise them to arrive to the place of meal.

Sometimes,  bowl feeding may be the only reason for owner’s struggle.

Hand feeding binds cats, not only physically with the owner in four walls and corners but also, emotionally and socially.

Gentle touch, slow and affectionate offering, simple smirk are all unique and distinct tactics to induce cats to eat more. 

Cats, then, may also start twinning it’s tail to express grace and love. 

Sometimes, isolation propagates interest. 

Cats may try ruling over other pets of house and compromise over its food, reason being competition or perhaps, boastfulness.

This turns the body weak.

Cats must be plated in their comfort zone, away from any terror and control where they are able to freely lie and lick!

Petting and parenting require much efforts and should be taken after understanding  animal behaviour and their needs for living.

They must be loved and lived with at most affection and guardianship.

Cats, once attached and associated with family, leaves no stones unturned in their periphery of duty.

Family morals must have obligation and tenderness towards their pet as a prime aspect!

What to do if your cat stops eating


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