How Christmas Feels when you have a Cat?

One of the best feelings in the world is celebrating Christmas with your cat. It’s the perfect time to shower your love and affection towards your kitty in the Christmas holidays. You might have got a lot of Christmas gift boxes on this festive occasion. How about not throwing away those gift boxes for your kitty? Yes, your kitty loves these gift boxes and sits inside them to feel relaxed. The gift boxes are the perfect spots for your cats to reduce stress levels. The best way to celebrate Christmas with your kitty is to dress-up your cats like a Santa or a reindeer. Your kitty will look very cute with reindeer antlers or a Santa beard. Make sure that you do not dress-up your cat with very tight clothing or sharp objects which might hurt her. If the clothing is very tight, you will end up making your kitty feel grumpy and annoyed on Christmas Day.

 Make sure that you do not pick a costume which covers the whiskers and ears of the kitty. If the costume is covering whiskers or ears, then it might affect your cat’s ability to sense the world around them. You can also wear the same antlers as your cat. The Christmas tree is the major source of distraction for your kitty. The Christmas tree has a lot of shiny and bright objects which might end up luring your cat. Your cat is going to have a great time while trying to climb up the Christmas tree. Make sure that your kitty does destroy the Christmas tree by chewing wires or toppling it all over or chewing ornaments. Your kitty is going to have immense fun while playing with the Christmas tree. How about involving your cat in the grand feast organized on the Christmas eve? Humans enjoy this festival by eating the best food and spending time with their loved ones. Cat owners can put an extra effort to make special food for the cat on this festive eve. Spend as much time as you can while playing the games with your cat. It’s the right time to love and snuggle your cat.

Is It Okay to Surprise Friends With Christmas Pets? 

How Christmas Feels when you have a Cat

A lot of movies have a part wherein a cute little kid toddles down on Christmas morning to see a new dog or cat sitting quietly under a tree with a beautiful red bow around the neck. It feels great to get a surprise like this on a Christmas morning. Pets are best gifts to your loved ones. It is okay to surprise your friends and loved ones with Christmas pets. There are some points which you must think about before surprising your friends with a christmas pet. If you are planning to gift a pet, check out the age of the kid. If the kid is 4 years of age, then it might not be the best option to gift a cat. A 4 years old kid won’t be able to take full responsibility for the cat. Instead of gifting a cat, you can gift a guinea pig to your little friend. A guinea pig does not need a lot of care and hardly bites humans. Most kids love to keep animals as a pet. Although children love spending time with a pet, they might not like the idea of having a pet for full time at home. Before gifting a pet, check out the cost of the pet from a reputable shop.

How to Prepare Your Home for Your New Pet? 

If you planning to adopt a new pet for your home, you just need to organize little things in your home. You must get rid of sharp objects, pet-unfriendly plants, and other objects from your cat’s room. Make sure that some specific items should not be anywhere within your cat’s reach such as cleaning solutions, sharp chewable objects, sugar-free gum, medications, electronic cords, etc. You need to decide if you are going to restrict the new pet’s zone within a room or let him wander in the whole home. And then you need to plan accordingly, how to organize your home so that it is safe for your new pet. Make space for setting up your pet’s stable and kennel in your cat’s room. Welcome your new pet with a lot of fancy chewable toys. You can gift your cat with balls of yarn and some other exciting toys to knock around. 

You must be aware of the fact that kittens love to explore new surrounding with the help of their mouths. Therefore, make sure that you don’t keep any medications or any hazardous object which is not appropriate for a cat to lick or chew. It is your responsibility to give your new pet a safe home to live happily. You must be prepared to listen to the unending crying of your new pet if it is a puppy or kitten. According to studies, kittens or puppies cry a lot during the night time while trying to adjust in the new home. Don’t try to shift your kitten or puppy to your own bed when they are crying in the night time. Instead, you must set a quiet and comfortable bed/kennel for your new pet. 

How Christmas Feels when you have a Cat

Before bringing a new pet to your home, you must buy all the necessary stuff such as collars, leashes, litter box, cat litter, potty bags, ID tags and scratching posts. In the beginning days, you must continue feeding the food that the pet used to eat before you adopted it. It is important that your pet must feel comfortable in the new home and does not suffer from anxiety. If you have any valuable items at your home, then you must shift them to a place which is a closed storage container. If you have any block spaces in your home, then you must think of a strategy to cover them up so that the kitty does not get stuck inside it. Keep a separate space for keeping all the pet supplies. 

Is There an Alternative to Adopting a Pet?

Almost every kid wants to adopt a kitten or a puppy for Christmas. To get a pet on the Christmas day is more like a dream come true. You have a lot of time during the holidays to get to know your new pet. When you adopt a new pet, you make a space for your pet to stay at home. Moreover, it might not be the best idea to adopt a pet in the Christmas holidays, especially in the month of December. December is a very chaotic time of the year, so it might be a difficult decision to adopt a pet during this time. 

Is There an Alternative to Adopting a Pet

A lot of pet shelters believe that the majority of the animals who are bought as gifts are most likely to be returned back after the holidays. Moreover, it might not be the perfect idea to surprise your friends with a pet whom they have not met before. So, make sure your friend likes the pet which you are about to gift them. There are a lot of people who have to travel for most of the year, so it might not be a good idea for these people to adopt a pet. If you are planning to adopt a pet, then you should make it a point to spend some quality time to know your new pet. 

How to help your cat to feel calm at christmas? 

How to help your cat to feel calm at christmas

Cats don’t like a change in their daily routines, so try not to bring any major changes in the life of your cat at Christmas. You can feed your cat with fish or any special item on Christmas eve. You must express your love and affection towards your cat whenever you get free time. If possible, try to play games with your cat in the lawn. If you have made plans to have a Christmas at your home, then you must keep the cat in a quiet place. Your kitty will feel a lot of stress and anxiety if you bring it to the party. Cats don’t like in a place where there are a lot of noises. Therefore, keep your kitty in a quiet place, keep some food and water in a bowl along with some chewable toys. Your cat might feel calm if there’s soft and soothing music being played. Make sure that the volume of the music is kept low to help your kitty relax. A lot of cats feel a reducting in stress and anxiety when you use pheromone products. Pheromone products are popular manmade versions of specific substances which a cat deposits when it rubs her face on stuff. When a kitty senses pheromone products, it feels safe and content. 

Are christmas trees toxic to cats?

Cats love to climb on Christmas trees, even if it is a real or a fake one. There a lot of shiny and bright objects which are used to decorate the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree might become a hazard for your cat if the cat starts chewing an electric wire, or sharp objects which are hanging on the tree. If you have a real Christmas tree at your home, then you must keep it away from the reach of your cat. A real Christmas tree produces oil which might cause minor irritation to your cat’s mouth. If you are thinking of putting up a Christmas tree, then you should buy a fake one. A real Christmas tree has pine needles which are very dangerous for a cat who has a habit of chewing everything. It will be a great health risk if your cat ingested a pine needle. To keep your kitty safe, you must prefer buying a small Christmas tree. It will be easy for you to decorate the tree and your cat will not get hurt if there isn’t much space to climb over a small Christmas tree.


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