Are Cats Colorblind?

Do you ever see a rainbow and cherish all the beautiful colors you can see? Red, green, blue, yellow, and so much more. Millions of color combinations. But as curious as we are, many of us can’t help but wonder whether our cat sees the same colors. Some would be fine to put aside the … Read more

Why is my Cat Pulling her Hair Out?

Cats are widely known for being a fastidious creature when it comes to grooming. But sometimes they might be going way too far while trying to pull their hair out as a part of grooming. Excessive hair loss can result in ragged appearance and bald patches. Cats have a habit of keeping themselves clean by … Read more

Why are my cats Ears Hot?

You should examine your cat regularly so that you can get a better understanding of what is normal for your cat. This way when something is wrong with her or him you will detect it much sooner. As a cat owner myself, I check my pet’s body for any unusual occurrence once in a day. … Read more

How long can canned cat food sit out?

Healthy and hearty food habits are the base of a perfect and diverse ecosystem encompassing the active movement of organisms.  Cats belong to Kingdom Animalia and are believed to be the inheritance or milder version of the tiger community. In human witness, classification of cats can be under: Wild cats Tamed cats Wild wanderers are … Read more

Do Cats Bleed when in Heat?

Like most female mammals, cats undergo physical changes in their bodies after a certain point of time. These changes prepare the cat for fertilization and make them receptive to take up male seeds. They become ready to give birth to babies after the cycle. Cats breed well in most climates and have increased in exponential … Read more

How many teeth does a cat have?

In the first few weeks after the birth of a kitten, there are no teeth. As the kitten grows up to be an adult cat, it has almost 26 baby teeth and around 30 adult teeth. As compared to a dog, 28 baby teeth and 42 adult teeth. A human being has 20 baby teeth … Read more

How Long to Quarantine Cat with Ringworm?

Getting infected with ringworm is one of the biggest threat to the life of your kitty. Ringworm is considered as one of the highly infectious micro-organisms for cats. Ringworm or skin fungus can spread or transmitted from animals to humans and vice versa. You must quickly quarantine your kitty so that you can stop it … Read more

How long can a Cat go without Food?

Health is the threshold which connects and smoothens the obligation of head and heart. Health is the physical, emotional and mental fitness of body and prepare organisms, helping them to live and evolve better. Health of creature like cats is the symbol of ancestors and carves a niche for its legacy! On specific note, the … Read more