Why do Cats Smell Good?

Cats are gifted with real persona, catchy instincts, multiple times more olfactory receptors than humans, strong sense of recognition and interestingly, evocative body. Cats do not use any redolent agent or fragrance invoking substance. They hardly bath and pay no heed to self-orientation. However, cats do have a very practical approach and open mind to … Read more Why do Cats Smell Good?

Kidney disease in cats when to euthanize

Cats are creatures different from humans in function and features but stand equivalent on the grounds of feeling and obligations. Domesticated and farm cats, also, are treated as a salient member of the family. These members, in fact, owe special qualities of listening and investigating high frequency notes, hunting rodents and rats, retracing the path … Read more Kidney disease in cats when to euthanize