When to Stop Force Feeding a Cat?

When cats get sick they stop eating. So to keep them hydrated and nutritioned you need to force feed that is feed your cat liquefied food via a feeding tube or syringe. If your cat is not eating properly first get it checked, it might be that it has a bad tooth or abscess or … Read more

Why do Cats Smell Good?

Cats are gifted with real persona, catchy instincts, multiple times more olfactory receptors than humans, strong sense of recognition and interestingly, evocative body. Cats do not use any redolent agent or fragrance invoking substance. They hardly bath and pay no heed to self-orientation. However, cats do have a very practical approach and open mind to … Read more

How long can a cat go without peeing?

Has your cat not urinated in a considerably long time? Or you are just curious to know how much your kitty can go without peeing? Whatever your reason is, you will find your answer here. It’s perhaps a good question by your side as moat pet owners don’t pay much heed to bladder problems. While … Read more

What is Ash in Cat Food?

In cat food when the organic portion of it is burned there is a mineral content left which is made of inorganic portions of the food. This inorganic mineral content is ash in cat food. The ash can contain magnesium, silicon, potassium etc. If you want to measure ash then you have to heat the … Read more

How many kittens can a Cat have?

There’s hardly a cuter sight than watching a herd of adorable newborn kittens. Many cat owners want to have that happiness of experiencing their cat have kittens. That’s a different thing that these kittens are left astray many times. This is what has led to cat shelters overflowing and vets dishing out guidelines to spay … Read more

Kidney disease in cats when to euthanize

Cats are creatures different from humans in function and features but stand equivalent on the grounds of feeling and obligations. Domesticated and farm cats, also, are treated as a salient member of the family. These members, in fact, owe special qualities of listening and investigating high frequency notes, hunting rodents and rats, retracing the path … Read more

Cat with fip when to Euthanize?

FIP is feline Infectious Peritonitis. FIP kill rate is 1/100 or 1/300 cats who are under 5. Kittens are 10 times more affected than adult ones. Especially the ones that come from shelters. FIP is such a disease that has no cure or treatment. The symptoms or the effect can take weeks or months or … Read more

Buprenorphine for Cats How to Administer

Buprenorphine is given to the cats through injection orally. It is usually given 3 times per day.  If you want the medication to work then you have to give the exact amount your vet has advised. You can check the prescription label so that you can be sure that you are giving the correct drug … Read more

Why is my Cat Shaking?

Many owners have noticed their cats shaking but they do not know the reason. They get unnecessarily anxious too. A cat shaking does not always mean that he or she is having any disease. Although that is a possibility. Read further to know when you should take him or her to the vet.  FEAR – … Read more