Can cats get Hiccups?

Have you ever seen your cat hiccuping? Is it hard to stop? It’s quite a cute sight watching cats hiccuping. But being a cat parent, you are bound to get worried. While it does invite laughter from anyone who sees that, you don’t want to compromise on her health. Severe hiccups may point towards an … Read more

What to Feed a Cat who has had Pancreatitis?

The difference between an ailing and smoothly sailing cat is its potential to perform the normal gesture of meow and purr. Expressionless creatures, Cats signal the existence of sickness by its inability to spit, yowl or purr. Like humans, the disease stuck to cat range from simple and shallow symptoms, to inactivity and dormancy, to … Read more

How to sedate a cat Naturally?

Suppose you are taking your cat to a vet and your cat freaks out. It starts hissing and growling making it impossible to control him. What can you do then? You can naturally sedate the cat to get a bit calm for the time being. Well, there are ways you can sedate a cat naturally.  … Read more

Why does my cat Smell Bad?

Pet owners who are concerned with their pet cat about their smells this article would help them decide if their cat is healthy or they should consult a veterinarian. Cats are known for their cleanliness. So a cat to smell bad is a serious problem. Although it might not always be some serious issues. Unless … Read more

How to get Cat to Gain Weight?

There is no doubt that cats are great companions for people of all age. But there’s a lot of things to be taken care of while owning a cat. One of the most important things is keeping a proper check on the weight of your cat. Is your cat getting way too skinny? Or is … Read more

Why do Cats Ride Roombas?

Roombas are a kind of vacuum cleaner. It cleans the house automatically. It can detect cliffs and walls so it slows down near obstructions. This is very convenient for cat parents who work a lot and does not have time to clean the house personally.  Cats like roombas as they think of them as their … Read more

Why is my Cat Limping?

Cat in the house is only a little safer than the one roaming in the open streets because the paws of this creature stroll in directionless locations which may mistakenly get hampered by the risen strokes of pavements, minute yet penetrating gravels cylindering in the balcony or stumble due to depression on the flat surface … Read more