Can Cats eat Lettuce?

Our feline friends are not always prone to plant based foods. But there are some that would go for the lettuce. Now we know that lettuce has so many benefits when it comes to humans but is it okay to give a cat lettuce? Will it cause any harm ? Cat owners may have faced … Read more

When to Stop Force Feeding a Cat?

When cats get sick they stop eating. So to keep them hydrated and nutritioned you need to force feed that is feed your cat liquefied food via a feeding tube or syringe. If your cat is not eating properly first get it checked, it might be that it has a bad tooth or abscess or … Read more

Can Cats have Bananas?

A monkey’s meal quickly turns into a protein diet for humans. Banana is extremely nutritious with a host of nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, and fat. But are they equally beneficial to cats? Should your kitty eat this popular diet? You need to be doubly sure in case of fruits as they contain more harm than … Read more

How long can you leave wet cat food out?

I have seen so many cat owners ask this question to me. This is something that you should know obviously but it is not the only question that needs to be answered.  Keep reading to find out more queries about wet food in this article.  Mostly cat parents who have to go to work early … Read more

How to feed Cat Wet Food while Away?

If you have pets around you then you know how much it matters to any owner to take care for their pets. Cats make wonderful pets as they are playful and have a mysterious sense of humour. Also they are very particular about hygiene. But most of all they are so cute. But even though … Read more

What is Ash in Cat Food?

In cat food when the organic portion of it is burned there is a mineral content left which is made of inorganic portions of the food. This inorganic mineral content is ash in cat food. The ash can contain magnesium, silicon, potassium etc. If you want to measure ash then you have to heat the … Read more

Can Cats eat Pork?

Do you ever wonder why cat foods are available in some specific flavors like Salmon and Tuna but never in Pork flavors like Bacon and Ham? That’s because people are apprehensive about feeding their pets pork because of various reasons. But being cat owners, there are times when we run out of cat food. Since … Read more

How to Force Feed a Cat?

If your cat is suffering from any disease then it is better to seek medical attention and advice first. Do not try to force-feed without taking proper medical consultation.  Now, coming to how you can force-feed a cat. First, you have to learn that there are various ways you can feed a cat that does … Read more

Why do Cats like Fish?

Cats are obsessed with eating fish since time immemorial. Even in the cartoons, you can see that a cat is always trying to catch hold of a fish to eat. According to ancient history, the very first humans who tried to domesticate cats were Egyptians. The Egyptians used to lure cats into their ho with … Read more

What do Cats eat in Wild?

What a beauty nature has served mankind! Nature has defined its glory in and around by the virtue of mesmerising lakes with swans flowing with the course, waterfalls falling like silver threads with Pigeons quenching their thirst and cats wandering & self-pleasing in the company of forest filled with autumn, distinctly developed tress and blooming … Read more