What do cats do all-day?

Have you ever thought about what your cat does all day long after you have gone for work? There are a lot of things which might come under the daily routine of your cat. There’s a high possibility that your cat will be sleeping during the day. Moreover, cats are curious creatures, they can also … Read more

Why is my Cat Peeing on my Couch?

Taking care of dogs and cats as pets is an enjoyable but tiresome task. You need to make your cat learn every little manner like a baby. That’s part and parcel of the beautiful journey you have with your pet. Right from the day you first brought them home, you’ll make them learn how to … Read more

How to wean a stubborn kitten?

When it comes to talking about the safest place on earth, it is surely a mother’s womb. The sense of security and nourishment that is present there is unmatched. even after you are born, it’s the breast milk that is responsible for producing antibodies in the baby’s immune system and thus, making it strong enough … Read more

Why do Cats Burrow under Blankets?

Cats are shy creatures who remain captive in corners, hide from unfamiliar identities, steal sight from unknown elements and prefer burying themselves in their comfort cocoon. This is a natural instinct of cats. They, initially, choose extreme silence, hide under couch, empty bags, suitcase, shoe boxes, route no tracks at home, do not pay interest … Read more