Can cats taste Spicy?

Can cats taste Spicy

In ancient times cats only survived eating raw meat. They used to hunt for themselves. So that means their meat would have been warm as it was something alive. 

Cats do like food that is warm and hot but that spiciness is not always the best choice for your purr ball. Cats do not exactly taste spicy foods because their sense receptors in the tongue have not been that developed. However they can smell the spicy flavors. 

But you may notice your cat being slightly prone to spicy foods. Some cats will be attracted towards it but after they have seen the texture of the spicy food they may not eat it. The temperature and texture makes the cat actually want to eat the food.

Mostly cats can taste the basic flavors. You should never give your cats onions and garlic. 

Can cats eat spicy food?

Have your cats been prone to eating foods that are spicy in flavor? There is nothing wrong in wanting a little spiciness once in a while but the problem begins when the cat eats extreme spicy flavors even if it irritates its mouth.

Cats mainly like that sensation just like humans do but their sensitive digestive system is not cut out for this kind of food. Cats mainly need protein, fat, some carbs and other things like fiber, vitamin etc to survive. Spicy foods do not fulfil any need of their bodies. So that is why many cats do not like that.

Cats should be given foods that have no seasonings whatsoever. It is best if you do not give your cat anything spicy. Their stomachs do not react nicely to it. Some cats even get addicted to spicy flavors which is extremely bad for them.

What Spicy Foods are Safe for Cats to Eat?

What Spicy Foods are Safe for Cats to Eat

Normally we do not recommend you giving your cat any kind of spicy food unless there are some health benefits. Spices are generally bad for cats. Garlic, ginger and chives are very dangerous for your furry friend. 

When you give your cat spices more than she or he can handle then you might notice your cat vomiting. He or she can also have diarrhea and unusual stool. There are some herbs that are ok to give occasionally to your cat. But cats do not like herbs that much. Herbs like–

  1. Chamomile
  2. Valerian
  3. Catnip
  4. Calendula
  5. Echinacea
  6. Dandelion
  7. Licorice root
  8. Goldenseal 

These are ok for your cat occasionally. However, these herbs are not completely safe for your cats. So if you have to give spicy food then I suggest that you should consult a vet first. 

Depending on your cat’s health and body conditions your vet will give you valuable advice on whether you should give your cat spice or not.

Why Do Cats Like Spicy Food?

Some cats like spicy foods and some do not. It varies from one to another just like us. Among humans, not all of us like to eat spicy things. Some have greater tolerance towards spices. Some just can not handle them. 

Cats like that tingling sensation left in the tongue after consuming spice. Some cats consume so much that it actually hurts their mouth but they still eat it. It is like addiction to something. Cats can get food poisoning from some spices. 

That is why vets recommend us to give foods without adding any flavors to it. However, there are still many cat parents who claim their pets to be very fond of spicy foods.

Can Your Cat Get Allergic to Spices?

Yes there are cases reported where some cats are allergic to spices. Allergic reactions caused by foods match with allergies caused by other entities like flea bites, mites and other things. The symptoms include vomiting, itchiness in the skin, excessive scratching etc. primary symptoms can be hair loss and miliary dermatitis. 

When you see your cat reacting just after eating foods that are rich in spice then you can suspect that your cat is having an allergic reaction to it. Your cat may vomit and have diarrhea too. Its furr can come off because of excessive scratching. It can also be that his or her mouth has started to become red and swollen.

 Food allergies do the same kind of impact on all the cats, no matter their gender, breed, neutered or unneutered. Any cat between 5 months to 12 years of age can develop food allergies. 

Is Hot Sauce Bad for Cats?

If you are planning to feed your cat hot sauce then I suggest you drop that. We may think cats know what food they can eat but there are some toxic foods that cats will eat without giving a second thought. Although hot sauce is not toxic to cats if given in small amounts, it can cause extreme pain in the stomach.

Cats have difficulties passing spicy foods and foods that contain too much fat through the system.  So while humans enjoy hot sauce, it can be a nightmare for cats. Even if they swallow it, it is likely that they will vomit it out. Peppers are not really fatal for cats but they contain some vitamins. It has some health benefits. 

Pepper contains capsaicin which is a chemical compound. This gives chilli peppers its spicy taste. It has a kind of oil that irritates the cat’s skin as well as our skin. 

Can Cats Eat Pepperoni?

Pepperoni is bad for cats. It may seem okay because of its meat substance and redness but always remember that not all human foods are harmless to our feline friends, just like cat food is not good for us. Pepperoni has a lot of salt in them. Their high sodium makes it hazardous for our four legged furry creatures.

Can Cats Eat Pepperoni

The spiciness of the pepperoni is not suited for these feline species. Their digestive system will not support it. Once in a while you can give your cat small treats of pepperoni but if you are thinking of making it her or his permanent diet then your cat will not survive much longer. Even when you are occasionally giving your cat pepperoni you need to give very small pieces so that it would not cause any harm.

Can Cats Eat Pumpkin Spice?

Pumpkin spice is not fatal to cats however, if consumed in a large quantity it will create many health conditions. There are many ingredients in a pumpkin spice like allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger etc. all these ingredients individually are very dangerous to cats. Cinnamons can cause liver defect, heart rate drop, irritation in mouth (vomiting and diarrhea are obvious) etc. Ginger is extremely toxic for cats. Cats are usually drawn to the taste of the garlic.

Myristicin is a kind of toxin that we find in nutmeg. This will cause hallucination, increased blood pressure, high heart rate, pain in the lower stomach area etc. ginger causes loss of energy and severe pain in the stomach. Eugenol is found in both allspice and cloves. This alone will cause toxicity in the liver of the cats.

Is Cinnamon Bad for Cats?

Cinnamon has always been the questionable party here. It may seem harmless but cinnamon has a lot of qualities that are extremely harmful to cats. In humans cinnamon can cause some health benefits. But for cats the oil of the cinnamon is the cause of their itchy skin and sensitization. 

If our feline friends take any more than 1 tablespoon of cinnamon they will expose themselves to a higher risk. It causes great irritation in the lungs. It also affects their breathing systems causing them to choke and cough. It even causes bronchospasm.

Other problems are increased heart rate, liver issues, food poisoning. It can be so uncomfortable for your fellow felines that they even try to vomit it out. In addition they can also have diarrhea. 

So if you think that you should give your can cinnamon induced food to enhance the taste then think again. The momentary happiness will not last. However, if you notice the above mentioned symptoms then you should take your cat to the vet as soon as you can.

Can Cats Eat Curry?

There are some curries that do not cause any visible harm to your cat immediately but vets recommend not to give any kind of curry at all. Curry contains many ingredients. Some ingredients are very risky for cats even if added in small amounts. If you want to give your cat something healthy to eat then you should cook them separately without any seasonings and then give them to the cat. 

There are ingredients like carrot, spinach, kale which are rarely beneficial for cats but when you mix it up with spices, it becomes hazardous to them. You may add a tiny bit of turmeric as some research has shown that turmeric relieves cats from chronic illnesses. Cats do not need to need as much plant based meal as we do. Their main source of survival comes from meat.

It is like this from the old times. So they need a lot of protein. If you give your cat meat that will be a good treat for them. 

Is Nutmeg Toxic to Cats?

Is Nutmeg Toxic to Cats

If you give little amounts of nutmegs it may not harm your cat but when consumed in large quantities, it can be poisonous to them. Nutmegs contain myristicin which is harmful to cats. 

The aroma of the spice may attract your cat. But you should try to keep your cat away from that spice because it can be fatal if consumed a lot. If by any chance you think your cat has eaten nutmeg you need to consult the vet. 


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