Can cats eat tuna?

Can cats eat tuna

We have seen so many tv commercials or shows where a cat is fed tuna or the cats are somehow being associated with tuna. But in reality, can cats really consume tuna without having a health issue? Read further to know if tuna is safe for cats or not.

The answer is not just a simple yes or no, it has more depth in it. Tuna treats can be of different types. Whereas some of them are made for humans, there are some treats that can be given to your fluff occasionally. 

Tuna that is canned and has additives like salt or oil is a strict no no for our feline friends. Tuna that has been canned with just water is okay for your cat. You should also check the ingredients of the tuna can as you can not give any that have chemical compounds in them. 

Now, let us imagine you bought home a safe can of tuna that has no chemical in it, no oil, no salt, no other additives. Do you think it is okay to give your cat the tuna right off the can? It is absolutely forbidden to feed your cat unwashed tuna. The tuna needs to be taken out from the can and then washed properly before you feed them to your feline fluff. 

Why is Tuna Good for Cats?

It has been discussed a lot in the feline research world. Tuna obviously has certain benefits like other fishes but that does not imply that your cat can eat it on a regular basis. A cat’s health will be improved certainly if you give him or her tuna occasionally. You need to put it in between your cat’s diet and balance it with other consumptions. 

Let us take a look at the benefits of giving your cat tuna —


Cats need vital amino acids and a lot of proteins to have a nourished growth. Tuna is filled with rich proteins which is very beneficial for our feline friend’s growth. They also help the organs of our furry creature’s grow healthily. 


Did you know that tuna had vitamin B12, vitamin 6, vitamin C along with manganese and potassium. All these things protect our four legged furry friend from getting any kind of diseases or infections. That is why they are so important for our kitties. 


When cats eat tuna, their body gets protection against inflammation and because of its antioxidant properties cats can get rid of free radicals. Id your cat has high blood pressure then tuna will help him or her to reduce the blood pressure. It also filters away the toxic ingredients remaining in the system. 


This tiny little fish contains within itself Vitamin B complex, Thiamin, Omega 3 fatty acids. That is why when consumed by the cats, it helps them be more energetic and lively. Your cat will be full of vitality. 


Cats get potassium, iron, riboflavin, niacin etc. from eating tuna. These nutrients along with some other nutrients actually improves the blood circulation happening in our cat’s body. This also promotes proliferation of the red blood cells in our fluffy friend’s system. 

So, I have discussed the good things that come with the tuna. But there are many feline experts and researchers who do not recommend giving this dish on a regular basis. So, the main thing of this story is do not make this tuna treat a regular for your cat. You may occasionally give your cat tuna treat. 

The reason behind this is tuna is good but it is not enough for your cat. Your cat needs more than just tuna. There are some valuable nutrients which are missing in this dish. If you give your cat tuna everyday then his or her body will contain a lot of unnecessary properties such as mercury (risky), thiaminase and fats (saturated). Tuna is not supposed to be your cat’s whole meal, it can only be a snack or occasional treat. 

Is Tuna Bad for Cats?

Is Tuna Bad for Cats

There are some vets who advise cat parents not to feed their cat babies tuna. They say that no matter how many tv shows, movies, cartoons promote this type of thing, do not go for it. There are quite a bit of risks in feeding your cat tuna. 

  1. Most fishes have Mercury in them. Tuna is no different from them. Tuna also includes a lot of mercury in itself. It gets into the cat’s system when they eat the tuna. There have been many cases where feeding a cat tuna has gone wrong. The cats did not develop any kind of healthy growth of the body but they sure got mental health issues and physical weaknesses. Their health was very negatively impacted from this. 
  2. There is a disease called yellow fat disease. When you make tuna your cat’s whole meal then this situation can arise. Your cat will not get enough vitamin E. The lack of vitamin E in the body causes this illness. It is also known as steatitis. Researches have shown that cats who were fed tuna were more prone to this steatitis sickness. When the cat’s body is unable to get the necessary vitamin E, the fatty cells and tissues become swollen / inflamed. 
  3. As I have told before if you are giving your cat too much tuna or you have made tuna your cat’s daily meal then your cat will have really high amounts of unsaturated fats in his or her system. In this condition your cat will face many more difficulties, physical inactivities and some other functional defects. That is why this is so bad to give your cat too much of this fish. 
  4. Some say tuna improves the immune system some say it does not. So which one is true. Both of them are. How? Let us find out right here. Tuna when consumed in a large amount will increase the generating of Thiaminase. This Thiaminase contrasts the creation of significant Vitamin B ( also famous as Thiamin). When this happens, the body system will get less vitamin B which will result in a weak immune system in our four legged fluffy creature’s body. Consequently, the cat will be prone to any kind of sickness and become sick very often as the resistance power is not enough. But when you give tuna treats occasionally then what happens is the body of the cat gets improved as it gets the boost it needs. Tuna just fills up the needs of the cat. This is the reason why I said both of them were right. 
  5. There are some vets that say tuna can cause low amounts of Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. So, when consumed everyday as a whole meal, this can make your cat have seizures. It makes the cat’s body so weak that your cat will have difficulties in simple walking or moving from one place to another. Your cat will catch diseases often and stay ill for days. 

Can cats eat canned tuna?

Canned tuna should be without any kind of additives. Only then you can give it to your cat. It can not even contain chemicals. You need to make sure of that by checking the ingredients labeled on the can. 

When you bring home the store bought canned tuna, you will have to wash the tuna and clean them. After doing that, you may give your cat the treat. 

Can cats eat raw tuna

Can cats eat raw tuna?

In the wild, cats do not get to eat cooked food, so they live on raw meats. They grow up to be strong and well nourished. But our house cats, they have not been in the wild, their whole life is here with you that is why they would not get much benefit from the raw foods. 

His or her digestive system may not even support and process the food well. It is just like us humans. In ancient times we also ate raw foods and we survived but now that we have been eating cooked foods for ages, our digestive tract will not be able to process the raw food we intake.

How Much Tuna Should You Feed a Cat?

Tuna is a type of fish and fishes should not be fed to your cat often because all types of fish contain mercury. Mercury poisoning is a serious matter. Moreover, when you give your cat tuna as the main meal, you are actually depriving your cat from the other valuable and significant nutrients which is very necessary for cats to have a healthy lifestyle. 

That is why once in a while just a few pieces will be enough for your cat’s treat delight. Too much can harm your feline fluff but too little will do no harm. 

Can cats eat tuna in water?

It is not very best to feed your cat tuna in water. If you want to make it more digestible, you can do one thing. You can buy those products which have tuna in the processed food. There are some kinds of wet cat food that contains tuna in them. 

If your cat has health issues then I suggest you talk to your vet first before giving tuna treats to your cat. Vet’s advice is a professional one that is why it counts the most. If you have doubts about this you should not hesitate to ask for advice from your cat’s doctor. 

Can cats eat tuna in oil?

Oil is strictly prohibited for cats. So not just tuna, no foods are allowed to be cooked in oil when it is supposed to be given to your cat. If you want to give your cat cooked tuna then you can just boil it with no additives (salt / sugar / seasonings) in it. This will kill all those germs and bacterias that resided in those pieces of tuna. That is why boiled tuna is much more prefered than raw ones or the ones that are cooked in oil. 

Not just oil, you should not give your cat any kind of seasonings too. Oil can make your cat feel many discomforts. 

Can a Kitten Eat Tuna?

Well, in the case of the kittens the verdict is still the same as it was for the cats. Occasionally given, tuna will do no harm to your fluffy fur ball. But the problem arises when the consumption becomes a lot. 

Kittens may get growth properties from eating tuna because of the omega 3 fatty acids, high proteins and amino acids, Fe2, Mg, potassium, niacin etc. 

When the kitten consumes a lot of tuna, it increases the chance of getting steatitis. Mercury poisoning is among the other things you need to be careful about. Your kitten may become weak from its childhood if you feed him or her a lot of tuna. 

Can a Kitten Eat Tuna


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