Can cats eat Spinach?

Can cats eat Spinach

Cats should avoid spinach because they embody calcium oxalate. Calcium oxalate can create crystals in a cat’s urinary tract. That is the reason spinach is bad for them. It will increase the chance of having a urinary tract disease like kidney stone. If your cat has eaten a little bit of spinach already you do not need to be worried. Tiny amount will not do much harm but you have to keep an eye from now on so that your feline friend does not consume anymore. 

Cats who already have kidney diseases and UTI problems, should never consume even a little bit. Their systems are more delicate and even tiny amounts can hurt a lot. But suppose you have a cat who does not have any diseases whatsoever. Even in this situation you can not feed your cat spinach daily. Greens can be good but not all human foods are safe for our fluff balls. 

If your cat has prior body conditions or health issues then you need to consult your vet before giving your cat spinach. Not all the cats handle spinach in a good way. It can also be that your cat is allergic to it. Depending on your cat’s endurance, digestive ability and health issues your vet will give you advice whether to give your cat the greens or not. 

Can spinach be bad for cats?

When we want to manage weight or think of getting something healthy we think about eating greens. Humans are omnivores that means we can eat both meat and plant based meals. Our digestive systems are strong. Cat owners also like to pour some healthy treats into their cat’s body. 

However, not all the greens are beneficial for cats. There are foods like lettuce and kale and then there are foods like spinach and cabbage. Spinach does have a few benefits but the bad points surpass the good ones. When the bad side takes over the good ones it is better to avoid those foods. 

There are a few high quality cat foods that contain little amounts of spinach in them. But we have to keep in mind that cats are carnivores which suggests that they thrive on meat based foods. They need high amounts of protein. Other vitamins and minerals are not that important for them. 

Even if they do not eat plant based meals their entire life they will not have any problem. It is not necessary for their survival. It is because from ancient times, cats used to hunt small animals and feed off them. The necessary proteins , fiber, carbs, fats and other things  were consumed from that animal only. 

Spinach is quite a good green and provides a few nutritional benefits but not good enough to replace meat based meals. It is also not safe to give to your cats everyday. Spinach is not toxic to cats but there are some serious disadvantages of it. Cats who suffer from urinary diseases and problems should never consume this.

The calcium oxalate which is found in spinach creates kidney stones and urinary tract diseases. Cats that do not not have any health problems will not be affected by tiny amounts of spinach. 

Is spinach Good for cats?

Spinach is a type of vegetable which is very good for human beings. It is very popular all over the world. In the case of humans, the benefits are — lower blood pressure, blood glucose control improvement, improving bone health, decreases inflammation, less chance of cancer and asthma. But is it that good when it comes to cats? Do cats also get the same benefits from spinach?

In certain ways spinach can be beneficial for cats. That is the reason for a lot of cat food brands to add spinach in the ingredients. Below I am going to discuss the benefits of this leafy vegetable. 


Spinach contains vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin K, Vitamin B2, vitamin E, vitamin C. Even a small amount of spinach contains all these goodness. When we talk about minerals, there are essential ones such as folate, potassium, magnesium, calcium etc. 

Is spinach good for cats


When we compare spinach with other vegetables, we would find that other veggies have far less fiber quantities in them. Fiber is one of the things that cats need for a healthy living. More fiber means that it would help cats who have problems like constipation. Spinach improves the digestive health of our feline friends. 

When you give your cat small amounts of spinach then it will not cause any harm instead it will improve your cat’s health overall. However, too much spinach can cause diarrhea and vomiting. If you are confused about the amount you should give then you are always advised to ask your vet. 


Spinach is very low in calories. It does not contain unnecessary fat and carbs. That is why humans add it in their meal. It makes us full without making us gain weight. Cats can get this same benefit too. It is used by cat parents whose cats have gotten obese and they need to lose weight urgently. 

However, as i have said before cats who have urinary issues or kidney stone should not consume this no matter how obese they are. They can use alternative methods. They can consume lettuce instead of spinach. The oxalate inside the spinach has a very negative effect on cats. 

You should take your cat to the vet if he or she is obese because the real reason needs to be determined and your cat needs to be treated accordingly. If you try to treat your cat at home all by yourself without knowing what is wrong with him or her, you may put their lives in danger. 

Vets always recommend that cat owners need to keep their cat’s diet balanced. Some cats do not know how much they should eat so they keep eating until the food is finished. This is very dangerous. That is why you can not keep a bowl of spinach laying around hoping your cat will eat whenever she feels like it. 


Spinach contains anti-inflammatory properties in them. Which indicated that it has the power to reduce inflammation both from inside and out. This is very helpful for cats as they tend to groom themselves more than other animals. All the dirt goes inside their stomach. Now we know their tiny delicate stomach is not always cut out for complex foreogn bodies and dirts. So sometimes, their digestive tract gets swollen and spinach can help reduce it. 

Will spinach hurt cats

Spinach is a vegetable and it has its advantages and disadvantages. If given in moderation then it can be good if given in abundance it will cause harm. As I have said before this leafy green vegetable is not toxic to cats that means your cat will not die if you give it to them. If your cat has already prior health problems then spinach can make them worse. 

Cats with urinary tract diseases and kidney issues should avoid eating this all together. This can impact them very badly. It can cause other discomforts and diseases too. If you suspect anything please take your fluff ball to the vet. Even when your feline friend is on medication or getting treatment for any kind of health conditions (especially UTI and kidney issues) should also avoid these. 

Even when your cat has already recovered you should not risk it with this. There are other much healthier veggies like cabbage, lettuce, arugula, kale etc. you do not necessarily need to give your cat spinach to keep him or her healthy. 

Tiny amounts of spinach to a perfectly healthy cat with no past health issues should be fine and will not cause any harm. If your cat has eaten bits of spinach then keep a close eye on him or her for the next couple of hours. If you see any kind of discomfort then take him or her to the vet. 

Can cats eat Spinach leaves?

Many cat owners think that spinach leaves are not okay for their cats. Well, there is no single and short answer to that but spinach leaves are no different from spinach itself. Small amounts do not have negative impacts. Please do not give a lot to your cat. 

Spinach leaves also contain various nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin B6 etc. however, you should consult your vet before giving it to your cat. 

Can Cats eat Raw Spinach?

Raw spinach contains a lot of dirt hidden inside, there can be parasites too. It is always best to cook them. And by cooking i do not mean preparing them with seasonings. It needs to be boiled and no additives should be added there. 

You may give raw spinach leaves but still you need to wash them properly. Take a bowl of warm water and wash them in it. Warm water helps kill the bacterias and germs in the spinach. It also washes nicer than normal water. 

Can cats eat Raw Spinach


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