Can Cats eat Potatoes?

Cats are popularly known as obligate carnivores. They always prefer to eat meat over plant foods. But are you curious to know whether a cat can eat a potato? Or can cats eat cooked potatoes? Do cats even like eating potatoes? There a lot of questions that could be spinning in your mind related to a cat eating potatoes. Don’t worry, we have it all covered for you in this article. Food items such as potato are enjoyed all over the world and humans have been growing it since the past 10,000 years. Moreover, there are a plethora of varieties of potato which are available in the market. So, just like human beings, can cat also eat potatoes? Yes, they do. According to studies, cats can eat a little amount of properly cooked unseasoned potatoes made in your home. 

Cats are popularly known as obligate carnivores. Therefore, their first preference is always meat or animal products. Being a carnivore, a cat would never choose a potato over a piece of meat. There’s a possibility that your cat might have developed a taste for a potato. Try feeding them with potatoes of different textures and treat it as nothing more than a healthy snack. Potatoes consist of minerals and vitamins like potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and water. It is important to know the ingredients of a food item before feeding it to a cat. There is a risk of causing gastrointestinal problems if any new food does not go well with the cat’s digestive system. Even though cooked potatoes are known to be safe for cats, there is a chance that they could cause an upset stomach as well. 

Can cats eat potatoes

The best part of making a potato dish for a cat is that it can be prepared in several ways such as baked, diced, mashed, boiled, fried, chips, etc. Moreover, they can be flavoured with a plethora of tasty items. But can you feed your cat with all of the above dishes? No. In case, the cat has ingested a raw potato or a cooked potato, keep a check on her health. There is a high chance that she might start vomiting or face medical condition such as diarrhoea. Under such dire circumstances, you must take the cat to a vet to get a physical examination. Most often, cats can digest cooked potatoes which are prepared properly. It is always better to feed the cat with peeled potatoes which are unseasoned as well as cooked.

Can Cats Eat Potato Chips? 

The potato chips which are available in the market are made up of thin slices of potato which are dipped into oil for deep frying. Humans eat them as a snack. Such chips are quite salty in taste. Potato chips are loaded with spices, cheese or artificial additives as toppings. Therefore, they must never be given to cats. It is extra toppings on these chips which are harmful to your cat’s health. These food items are not a good source of vitamins or proteins for humans and animals. 

Are Chips Good For Cats?

Chips are considered to be as the most dangerous foods for a cat. As they are filled up of carbohydrates and almost zero proteins and vitamins, chips are not good for cats. If a cat ends up eating a high amount of chips, then she might damage her digestive system. Chips are loaded with excessive salt and artificial additives as toppings which are harmful to your cat’s health. You must never give chips to your cat as a part of the meal. Feed her with animal products as much as possible to ensure her healthy growth.

The Dangers of Cats Eating Potatoes? 

Can Cats Eat Potato Chips

There a lot of harmful effects on the cat’s health if she eats a lot of potatoes. You should never feed a raw potato to your cat. Uncooked potato has a high content of solanine which can cause gastrointestinal problems. After eating them, a cat would either vomit or suffer from diarrhoea. There have been a lot of cases reported of the damaged nervous system in cats which lead to disorientation issues after eating such unhealthy food. If the cat is not used to eating a cooked potato with butter toppings, she could end up suffering from pancreatitis after trying to eat it for the first time. Skip from using salty or chocolaty toppings on any other food which you give your cat’s meal. Both sweet and salty toppings are harmful to her digestive system. 

Can cats eat french fries? 

Can cats eat french fries

No, you should not give french fries to your cat. Although they aren’t toxic for her health but contain almost zero nutritional value in them. Moreover, french fries are considered to be the most unhealthy way of cooking food to feed your cat. Even if you wish to feed a potato to your cat, you must first cook and mash it properly. Otherwise, she will have a hard time to chew them and end up having severe digestive problems. It is much better to continue giving an animal product to maintain the healthy growth of a kitten or adult cat. Cats don’t gain any proteins or vitamins by eating plant foods. Moreover, there are some plant foods which are toxic to a cat’s body. But if your cat has developed a taste for mashed potato, feed her with one or two of them in a week.

Can Cats Eat Mashed Potatoes? 

Raw potatoes are toxic for cats. But mashed and cooked potatoes are safe to eat. Since the toxins present in the potato are destroyed when they are cooked properly, henceforth, it is better to feed a cat with mashed potatoes. A simple way of adding them to your cat’s meal is by mixing them well amongst other canned foods. Never add spices, herbs, salt or any additional toppings on the potatoes. Both salty and chocolaty toppings are harmful to a cat’s digestive system. 

Is it safe for cats to eat potatoes? 

For the past many years, cats have built a habit of eating meat as their primary food. Being an obligate carnivore, cats might not prefer eating plant food item such as a potato. Do not feed her with raw potatoes, as they are quite toxic for a cat. If you want to know whether your cat likes eating potato, give her a piece of cooked potato. 

Can Cats Eat Hash Browns? 

According to studies, a cat should never eat potato dishes which have been made with onions and garlic. You must not give hash browns, processed products and fast food to your cat. A cat has a sensitive digestive system and she will not be able to digest all of the above-mentioned food items.

Is raw potato harmful to cats? 

Can cats eat potatoes

Raw potato contains a poisonous compound called glycoalkaloid solanine. You should never give this food item to your cat or she will end up falling ill. Moreover, they are very hard to eat as well. There is a possibility that a piece of hard raw potato ends up stuck in the digestive system of your cat resulting in intestinal blockage. Some cats respond by choking as a raw potato is much harder to chew. 

Can Cats Eat Sweet Potatoes? 

Can Cats Eat Sweet Potatoes

A cat can eat sweet potatoes as it contains little amount of nutrients which is good for your cat’s health. For human beings, sweet potatoes are one of the healthiest variety of potatoes amongst all. According to studies, cats are not able to digest them quite well. You should not give an excessive amount of sweet potato in the cat’s meal. Give her a little bit just for the sake of adding some changes in her food. Keep a proper check on her health after feeding her with potatoes. If she ends up vomiting, then stop giving her potatoes in the meal immediately.

Can Cats Eat Sweet Potato Baby Food? 

Never try feeding your cat with sweet potatoes or raw potatoes. If you want to give them sweet potato baby food, make sure that you cook it well. Always prefer feeding her with unseasoned and cooked potatoes. There is a high risk of damaging the digestive system of a cat if she eats a raw potato.

Can Cats Eat Yams? 

Sweet potatoes consist of vitamins such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C. But yams are much sweeter and contain good levels of potassium rather than vitamins. Both of these food items are great sources of low-protein foods. Even though they contain very low nutrients, kittens love to eat them. Cats can eat yams and they’re a great treat for them. Try to add up some flavours to yams before feeding to your cat. Most often cats skip eating sweet food items. If your cat likes eating yams, make sure that you cook it till it becomes soft enough for eating. Don’t feed them to your cat every day as it is not good for her digestive system to eat excessive yams.

Can cats eat a cooked potato? 

There a lot of food items consisting of potato ingredients which you feed your cat. Some cats might like eating potatoes and find them tasty too. If you are giving her just one or two pieces of sweet potatoes, it will not harm her health. But don’t make it a habit to feed her the same for every day. Make sure that the potatoes are cooked and baked before feeding them to your cat.

Can cats eat potato peel?

Can cats eat potato peel

Potato peels are more like raw potatoes. They consist of a compound known as glycoalkaloid solanine which is very toxic for your cat’s health. Moreover, potato peels are completely covered in dirt, pesticides as well as bacteria. You would never want your cat to eat such germ infected peels. It’s almost impossible that a cat owner would consciously give such peeling to a cat to eat. But, you are very well aware of your cat’s curious nature. She might be exploring your kitchen and end up eating the potato peel without your knowledge. Most probably, the cat will not like the taste of the peel, but try to keep them out of her reach.


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