Can cats Eat Popcorn?

Can cats Eat Popcorn

You should not give any kind of popcorn to a kitten and any senior cat. They can choke on that or their digestive system can not handle that. 

Other cats may have popcorn but you have to prepare them in a different way. Cats can not handle any kind of seasoning. So you can not add any additive in that popcorn. Also you can only give a small amount of it. A large proportion can create complexity. 

Popcorns that are made with many additives and cooked in a microwave are potentially toxic and dangerous to cats. Eating popcorn does not essentially benefit the cats so it is better if you avoid giving them to your cats. If you insist on giving some then cook it yourself and no additives. Just a few pieces is enough. Do not give a large amount of it.

Can cats eat plain popcorn?

In a way, yes but plain means no additives (salt, sugar, spice etc). Popcorn is specially made by humans. They are made from staple grain. There are varieties of popcorn. It has vitamin B, proteins, iron and fiber in it. 

You can give your cat air-popped popcorn which is freshly made. It has to be a little warm. This kind of popcorn is alright but no more than a few pieces. The freshly made popcorn attracts the cats because of their scent and warmth. 

Even these contain no nutritional benefits to your cat. For adult cats who are well able to chew, this is good to eat and also sometimes they play with it. You have to check that there are no hard kernel pieces in them because if your cat eats the hard pieces it will be difficult for your cat to digest. 

Is popcorn toxic to cats?

Is popcorn toxic to cats

Cats are very curious animals and they also need nutrients and other things to live healthily. Humans also eat to get their required nutritions in them. However, the food that each species needs is not the same. Cats need different foods than humans to be healthy. 

That means not all human foods are safe for cats. Now when we are talking about popcorn many people will say that cats foods often include corn so why can not the cats eat popcorn? After all, it is made of corn. There are a lot of varieties in corn. 

Some toppings on the popcorn are toxic to cats. As cats can not intake additives. Popcorn which has been prepared in a microwave is also toxic to cats. Field corn contains protein, carbs, moisture and sugar but popcorn includes low protein, sugar and fiber. But still has a huge quantity of carbs and calories. 

Neither of these types of corn provide anything beneficial for your cats. 

Do cats eat popcorn?

Do cats eat popcorn

Yes cats eat popcorn. They have a very nice crunchy yet soft and tasty smell to them. Also cats like the warmth of the freshly made popcorns. Whenever they see that their owners are eating it so it makes them eat those too. They think it is perfectly fine for them as it does no harm to their owners. 

Air popped popcorn is the one that is not that risky for cats. If the cats do not want to eat it then they can play with it. It kind of gives them a stimulation boost. 

But even if the popcorn is air popped and without any additives you still can not give them to kittens and senior cats. They can not handle it. You can only allow the adult cats but only a few of them. 

What if my cat eats popcorn?

Has your cat taken a few bites at that popcorn that you have been holding while watching a movie? And now you are wondering if you can let your cat have that. Does something bad happen if he has eaten many popcorns? 

Well, it depends on what kind of popcorn your cat ate. As I have discussed earlier cats can not have popcorn that has additives to them like you can not give your cat popcorn with salt, sugar, caramel, butter etc. 

You can give your cat air popped popcorn. However you also have to check for any hard part in there. If your cat has eaten too many hard kernels then he or she will have trouble digesting it. You might even have to end up in a vet because of that.

Can cats eat plain popcorn

Why is Popcorn Harmful to Cats?

There is something that you should know about giving your cats popcorn. Popcorns already have huge amounts of salts in them. That is why even when we taste it without any seasoning we find that salty taste in them. Just because of that this is a very dangerous food for our cute little feline animals.

If you are still having difficulty in imagining how dangerous it is then a bag of popcorn which is butter flavored contains 500 Milligrams to 600 Milligrams of salt. Now think how dangerous it is for your pet. An average cat needs only 21 milligrams of salt per day. 

Too much salt can cause medical issues. And it is not just a little tummy ache. It is much more dangerous than that. If your cat has too much salt then he or she can suffer from sodium poisoning. In other cases it can also make your cat super thirsty. So she or he will drink a lot of water. This can also cause excessive and frequent urination. There are also other symptoms that your cat had too much salt. They are vomiting, diarrhea, less energy, body temperature rising up for no reason. 

This is rare but under certain circumstances there is a possibility that your feline friend might die because of all that salt consumption.

How to prevent cats from eating popcorn?

If your cat loves to eat popcorn then there is only one way you can prevent your cat from having some. 

  • Do not eat it yourself when you are in front of your cat. It is obvious that when you eat popcorn your cat will want a bit of share from that food. If you do not. Give him or her then the relationship gets bitter. So the best way is do not eat it yourself. 
  • Another thing you can do is keep all the popcorn hidden and out of your cat’s reach. When your cat does not get the popcorn he or she can not eat it. 
  • If you really want to eat popcorn then you can just go outside and then eat it. You do not necessarily have to eat it in front of your cat. Once your cat has not tasted popcorn his or her mind will be diverted and they will not demand that food. You must never give kittens and senior cats popcorn. 
  • If you are already having popcorn and you suddenly have to go somewhere but you want to prevent your cat from eating it then you can cover the popcorn and put it in somewhere your cat can not reach.
Can Popcorn Kill Cats

Can Popcorn Kill Cats?

Popcorns have too much salt in them. It can also kill them. But that happens very rarely. Normally cats do not die from eating popcorn but they do get seriously sick if they consume what they should not. Like cats should not consume anything with seasonings. Suppose your cat ate a lot of flavored popcorn then he or she will start vomiting. They might even have diarrhea. Their tummy will ache. They will have nausea and high blood pressure. 

If the amount of salt is too much then your cat might even have heart failure. If any of these symptoms arises, it is time for you to immediately take your cat to a vet. 

Can Cats Eat Homemade Popcorn?

As we have already discussed, cats can have air popped homemade popcorn as long as it does not have any additives. 

It has to be completely plain. And also you have to give only the soft parts of the popcorn. The hard portions are best to avoid.

Can kittens eat popcorn?

Cats have very sensitive and small digestive tracts. If we talk about kittens then their digestive tracts are even smaller which makes it difficult for them to digest anything tricky. Baby kittens can easily choke on something that is big and even if they swallow their intestines might not be able to process it. It will cause so many complexities. Kittens who are newly started to eat solid foods are only allowed to eat semi soft bite sized food which do not cause any choking hazards. 

Kitten should only intake what is beneficial for his health and growth. Popcorn does not help in fulfilling that criteria. Kittens need large amounts of protein which popcorns do not provide. 

Can cats eat kettle corn?

Well kettle corn includes salt and sugar and a little oil. However, cats should not consume any of the above seasonings. So no you can not give your cat kettle corn. But if you still want to give your cat a bit of that then a very small piece will not hurt that much. 

Can Cats Eat Starch Based Popcorn?

Cats can not eat starch based popcorn on a daily basis. Once in a while, a very little amount is okay but you should avoid that too. Cats biologically do not have a need for them. Popcorns contain carbohydrates which is not required by them. Popcorns are mainly starch based. 

If you give them that regularly then they can develop serious stomach issues like pain in the abdominal and intestinal blockage and flatulence etc.

Can Cats Have Popped Popcorn?

Can cats eat kettle corn

Very small amount of popped popcorn does not do much harm to the little cuties. But that also not regularly though. Once in a while is okay. That being said you can not add any seasonings to it. It has to be plain without any salt, sugar, caramel, spice, butter etc. 

When you cook it at your home be sure to not add any oil too. Oil is very harmful to cats and dogs. Organic popcorns can also be given to your cats once in a while.


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