Can Cats Eat Mushrooms?

Can Cats Eat Mushrooms

Mushrooms are quite famous for enhancing the taste in everything. Humans can eat some mushroom but you may wonder if your cat can eat it too. To put it simply it is better if you do not give your cat any mushroom. Mushrooms are not safe for cats. If the mushroom is store bought then it will be okay for your cat. However, you can only give very small amounts. Many cats actually prefer the taste of the mushrooms.

As far as the talk of wild mushrooms goes, it is best to avoid giving them to your cats. The reason behind this is wild mushrooms can be poisonous for your feline friends. Also, putting mushrooms on your cat’s regular diet is a very dangerous decision. You can only give them to your pets occasionally. You should also ask your vet if you can give your mushroom or not. Depending on your cat’s health and body conditions your vet will advise you according to it. 

Scientists have found glutamate in mushrooms. Glutamate is an amino acid. This glutamate belongs to umami flavoured foods. Cats may not actually taste sweetness and spiciness but they can understand the savory flavors.  

What to do if your cat eats a Mushroom?

If your cat has eaten a small amount of store bought mushroom then it is okay. But if you suspect that your cat has consumed mushrooms that are toxic then you need to take him or her to the vet. It is very difficult to differentiate between toxic mushrooms and safe ones. Toxic mushrooms grow beside the safe ones. That is why cats and humans get confused between them. 

That is why you need to take your cat to the vet if you feel that he or she has eaten mushrooms. You need to take the mushrooms too which you think your cat has consumed.  Vet will need to check a few things. 

Vomit it out – Firstly your cat will need to vomit it out because if it stays in the system it will do more harm. When you call for the vet they might even tell you to make your cat vomit at home depending on how long your cat has digested the mushroom. You will need the instructions given by your vet.

Blood tests – when you take your cat to the vet they will do some blood tests. Some toxic mushrooms do not show its effects until a few days have passed. Some can cause liver failure. That is why your vet might need to do your cat’s blood test for the next couple of days. This method is helpful in detecting the problem sooner and then your vet will treat your cat more carefully. 

Activated charcoal induce – the vet sometimes feeds your cat activated charcoal. When the charcoal reaches its stomach it observes some of the toxins and safely passes out from the system. This makes the negative effect much less. 

Intravenous catheter – sometimes, vets need to give your cat IV fluids to make the system toxin free. It keeps the cat’s organs running and okay when the poison gets out of the system. 

Other – when you and the vet both notice other symptoms after ingesting the mushrooms, your vet will need to administer other various drugs to keep your cat alive and functional. These medications will support your cat. Some of the symptoms are hallucinations, change in the colour of the white eye area, issues in the liver, getting tired easily etc. 

What to do if your cat has symptoms of poisoning?

When your cat has been poisoned the effects will not appear immediately. It will be sudden so that is why you need to be aware all the time.

  1. Even when you get the slightest hint that your cat has come in contact with something poisonous you need to take action immediately. You may think that it is okay to wait until your cat shows some sign of illness but till then it may be too late for your feline friend to survive anymore. 
  2. If you have seen your cat licking or eating the poison then immediately take him or her away and take them to the vet. If possible you should take a little sample of the poison because then your vet can determine the treatment quicker. 
  3. You need to call the vet first and then take advice from them. You should not try to treat your cat by yourself as you do not know all the consequences your actions can bring.

Which mushrooms can be deadly for cats?

Which mushrooms can be deadly for cats

Toxic mushrooms are so difficult to recognize because it grows right beside the safe ones. Cats make the mistakes often to ingest wild mushrooms because they like the taste and texture of that. Now here I am going to give you the list of mushrooms that you need to be away from and also keep your cat away from. 


Treatment for mushroom poisoning?

Not all the mushrooms contain an exact amount of toxins in them. Some of them are extremely poisonous and some are mildly poisonous. If diagnosed early treatments are possible and it can save your feline friend’s life.

Some mushrooms are so very dangerously poisonous that no matter the treatment your cat may die because of it. Some toxins can kill your cat in a day or in a week. It actually shuts down the cat’s organs. So if you replace the organs, there might be a chance of survival. But for most cases organs are not available.

The treatment will be based on what kind of mushrooms your cat has consumed, how long it has been in his or her system. The vet will decide the treatment. But keep in mind even with aggressive treatments your cat may not survive. So it is best if you prevent your cat from eating any mushroom whatsoever. 

Preventing Mushroom Intoxication in Cats?

The best way for you to make sure that your cat does not ingest any mushroom is to prevent your cat from getting even near any mushrooms. Cats are very curious creatures. And there is a proverb – curiosity kills the cat. So as their parents and owners you need to take care of them.

They are just like babies. Even when you tell them not to do something they will probably do it out of curiosity. There are some things that you should do to make sure your cat does not find any mushroom near him at all. It is easy to keep an eye on indoor cats but if we talk about outdoor cats, you can not do anything. You will not know where he or she has been all the time, what might have he or she ingested. 

But if you have indoor cats, you can pluck all the mushrooms around your house and clear those areas so that no more mushrooms can grow on them. You can also hide all the mushrooms that you have in the house. It is not because they are harmful to your cats but then your cats will know the texture and if they like it they will try to find it outside. 

They will not know the difference between a safe one and the poisonous one so they will consume it. That is why you can not familiarize them with mushrooms. If you want to give your pet an occasional treat then you can buy the mushrooms from the store and then after preparing it in a proper way, give little bite sized pieces to your fur ball. 

Can cats eat cooked Mushrooms?

Cats should not eat mushrooms at all. Even if store bought mushrooms are okay but it is better not to give them any as it is too risky. Mushroom poisoning can be fatal for cats. Cats will happily eat them but after that their health will be at risk. So that is why it is better to avoid it . 

If you cook the mushroom for your cat then add no seasonings at all. It should be plain boiled and then you can give very small pieces. You should only give them occasionally. If you put them in their regular meal plan then it will cause many health issues for your four legged feline friends. 

I recommend you to ask your vet first. Your vet will need to know if your cat has any conditions and health issues or not. Then after getting all the information your vet will give you advice about what you should do. Mostly vets forbid owners and cat parents to not give any kind of mushroom at all.

There are other treats that will be very good for your cat and also healthy for them. You can give them tuna juice which is very tasty for them and also some dry cat foods are delicious. If you want to reward your cat, feed what is cat friendly. You do not have to give your cat what you ar =e eating as it might not always be safe.

What about store-bought mushrooms?

Can cats eat cooked Mushrooms

If you insist on giving your cat some mushrooms then first read about the dangers and risks of this action. Then if you still want to do the same then you can buy mushrooms that are being sold at the stores. They are okay for your cat to eat.

You can also ask your vet about it. They will give you good options. Suppose your cat has some condition that prohibits him from eating mushrooms, then you can try other cat friendly foods. There are some good brands that are healthy and also tasty.


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