Can cats eat Ice Cream?

Can cats eat Ice Cream

There have been a few tv shows where it is shown that ice cream is perfectly fine for cats. However, this is very much wrong. It may seem okay at first but overtime your cat will start to face many problems. Ice cream is not an ideal choice for your feline friend’s treat. 

I get it when cat parents want to share a bit or two with their cats because it is just so tasty and the cool texture really satisfies us. But not all human foods are okay for cats. Even for humans too much ice cream can cause serious illnesses. We should also treat it as an occasional delight. 

Cats need to avoid ice cream all together. You may think I am over reacting, one lick or two is not a cause of alarm. But ice cream is made with milk and other additives. Cats should never consume these two things. They are not good with milk based foods. Most cats are considered to be lactose intolerant. 

This is the reason you can not even allow one or two licks. Because then it will cause your cat to have diarrhea and vomiting. It can also create gas problems in your feline friend. Stomach aches is another effect of this. The fat and carbohydrate in the ice cream can be alluring to your cat and this might be the reason as to why your cat keeps coming back for ice cream. 

Is Ice Cream Bad For Cats?

Ice cream for your cat is not just only bad but it is very bad for them. It can make them dangerously sick. So even if your human heart says that you should share your cold treat with your cat you should not for the sake of your cat’s health. If you are worried your cat will dislike you for that then I recommend you not to eat it in front of your fluff ball. 

When you see the packaging where it says sugar free, you might leap in joy thinking it can be shared with your cat as it does not have sugar in it but let me tell you, these companies mix artificial sugar contents to sweeten the taste and it is just as harmful to your feline friend as actual sugar. 

Cats can not taste the sweetness of the ice cream so it will be a waste if you want to give it to him or her just for the taste. The lactose in the ice cream will not be digested very well by your cat. Moreover the seasonings will also cause harm. 

What happens when a cat eats ice cream?

When your four legged fluffy friend licks an ice cream it causes gas inside him or her. This can cause –

  1. Tummy ache
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Vomiting

It will not actually kill him or her but will make them very sick. Now all this happens just because of one lick. 

If you are wondering what will happen if a cat eats a whole ice cream then this is very dangerous. It can be fatal to your cat. So it is recommended if your cat has already had good amounts of ice cream do not delay and go to the vet immediately. 

Are Cats Lactose Intolerant?

Most of the cats are lactose intolerant because biologically their bodies stop producing enzymes (once they grow up) which actually helped them digest their mother’s milk. However, there are a few cats in the world who can still produce enzymes once they grow up. 

Some cat parents argue that if yoghurt is alright then why not milk, both are dairy right. But the tricky part is yoghurt has enzymes in it so they are easy to digest and not all yoghurt is okay for our four legged fluffs. But ice cream does not contain that. That is why it is much more difficult to digest ice cream than yoghurt. 

Kittens can drink milk because their own body produces lactase enzymes. This helps them break down the milk and not have diarrhea. But once they start to eat solid foods their body stops producing lactase enzymes. 

Cats do not understand what is bad for them so when you try to give them ice cream they might not reject it but later they can have discomforts and sometimes so severe illness that you will have to take him or her to the vet. 

Are Cats Lactose Intolerant

Can cats eat dairy free ice cream?

Yes, dairy free ice cream may not cause as much harm as dairy ones. But just because cats can eat does not mean that you should give them that. Sometimes cats have a problem drinking milk but they can easily digest other foods that are made from milk. This happens because different types of dairy products ( cheese / ice cream / yoghurt) have varied amounts of lactose in them. 

This is why some cats can digest ice cream or cheese but can not handle actual milk. However, you should avoid dairy products all together if your cat has digestion issues. 

Giving an unhealthy cat dairy product will only increase the chance of them getting more unhealthy. 

Can cats eat vanilla Ice Cream?

Ice cream is a bad choice for treats. So it is better if you do not at all give it to your cat. But if you really insist on doing this then you should avoid cow ®¢ milk. There are cat milks and goat milks in the market. You can use them to make ice cream at home. 

Goat milk is used to reduce the chance of getting diarrhea. Goat milk is quite different from cow milk. It has enzymes left in it because it is not pasteurized. These natural enzymes help in digestion. Now all you have to do is cut off the additives and make the ice cream by yourself at home. You may add vanilla flavor. It is the best among other flavors. 

You should not give your cat any store bought vanilla ice cream. However, even when you give him or her homemade ice cream, you need to keep a close eye on your pet cat. If you notice any kind of discomfort or if your cat has been vomiting or having diarrhea then you need to take him to the vet as soon as you can. 

Can cats eat Chocolate Ice Cream?

NOT SAFE – Strawberries, vanilla etc are safe but when we talk about chocolate there are so many properties on it that can harm your cat. So chocolate is an absolute no for the cat. Anything that contains chocolate should be kept far away from the reach of the cats. 

RISKY CONTENTS – The most risky parts are the ingredients that chocolate contains. It includes an alkaloid / theobromine (a type of organic compound). This is hard to process and in the cat’s case their bodies can not digest this. 

STUCK IN THE SYSTEM – It will remain in the cat’s system and become toxic overtime. Even just a little lick of the chocolate will cause so much harm. Dogs are also at risk when exposed to chocolates. 

HIGH AMOUNT OF THEOBROMINE – 100 milligrams to 200 milligrams per kilogram of theobromine can be fatal to cats. Cocoa powder in one ounce has almost 800 milligrams of toxicity. 

Now you know that even one lick can drastically make your cat sick. It is best to keep them out of your cat’s reach as they would not listen if you tell them not to eat it. If you have already given your cat chocolate ice cream you need to take your cat to the vet as soon as possible. It is a very dangerous situation. 

Can cats eat Strawberry Ice Cream?

As we have discussed before, cats are not able to taste sweetness. Strawberries are sweet. So if taste is the reason you want to feed your cat ice cream then do not. It will be a complete waste. 

If you are giving it to your cat because of the benefits of strawberries then let me tell you, there are no such benefits in strawberries which cats necessarily require. That means it is your futile attempt to try and give your cat some nutritional boost by giving them strawberry ice cream. 

You can not give your cat store bought strawberry ice cream. All you can do is make it at home. You can not add any sugar contents or other additives to make it tastier. It will have a negative impact upon your fluff’s health. You also have to use goat milk instead of cow milk to make the ice cream. 

After all this you still can not be sure that it is safe for your cat. Your cat may have diarrhea after eating it so keep a close watch on him or her. 

Can Kittens have Ice Cream?

As kittens produce lactase enzymes so cat parents assume it is okay to give them ice cream but they are highly mistaken. The amount of enzymes the produce gets outgrown. It is because all of it is used to digest the milk. Now when they slowly move towards the solid protein foods, all the enzymes are used in this process to digest the proteins. Once the body gets used to it the enzymes stop being produced naturally. 

So now you see, kittens can not digest ice cream either. Their digestive systems are still developing so it is best that you do not mess things up for them.

Adult cats overcome illness much quicker than kittens. So it should be in your best interest not to give anything to your kitten which will make him or her sick. Diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain are the common signs of indigestion. 

If your kitten already had some ice cream please keep a close watch over him or her. If you see any kind of discomfort, then immediately take him or her to the vet. 

Now this is almost all you needed to know about ice-creams and cats. The main thing is you should avoid giving your cat any kind of ice cream. Homemade vanilla may be okay but chocolate is a big no. Strawberries do not have any benefits but it is quite safe so your cat can eat it. 

Can Kittens have ice cream


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