Can Cats Eat Honey?

can cats eat honey

Cats and other felines need mostly proteins from meat. They also require fiber but in very small amounts. Cats are most likely to eat anything that they see their owners enjoying. It impulses them into thinking that the food is very delicious. 

Cats and other felines need mostly proteins from meat. They also require fiber but in very small amounts. Cats are most likely to eat anything that they see their owners enjoying. It impulses them into thinking that the food is very delicious. 

Cats can eat honey. But if they should eat it or not that is the real question. Cat’s digestive system is not as capable as ours. That is why not everything we eat is safe for cats. Honey is among the unsafe ones. 

Honey is rich in glucose and fructose. Our four legged feline creature’s body can not digest many things among which glucose and fructose takes place. That is why any food which contains sugar is not a good choice for your fur ball. 

Humans can handle sugar because of our strong digestive system. It does not impact if not taken in enormously large quantities. Also honey does not fulfil any need of a cat’s body. It does not provide protein nor fiber. It does not have any great benefits either. The risks are higher than the benefits. 

When should I give my Cat Honey?

Cats do not require honey to live and be healthy. Sugar is not a good option for them. However, some say that for occasional medical purposes honey can be used. There are antioxidants in honey. Honey also has antibacterial properties. Humans use it when they have a sore throat and respiratory inflammation. 

Some people believe that if your cat is suffering from cold like symptoms then a drop of honey can help. Honey is not good for cats who have diabetes. So in this case you have to take other health conditions into consideration. But before deciding anything by yourself it is best to take your cat to a vet. 

As honey relieves allergies from human bodies, some tend to use this to cats too. Cats can have many other symptoms including allergies but the actual disease can be something else so that is why you should never give your honey unless your vet has suggested it. You should always go to a vet first. 

Is honey safe for cats?

If your cat has consumed honey and you are worried that it might be toxic then you are mistaken. Cats can be interested in tasting honey and because of its sweetness. Moreover, when they see their owner eating it like it is something out of the world then they will become more interested in that. 

Honey is not toxic for cats. But it does not mean that honey is not doing any harm. It is not enough to kill you but if you give large amounts of honey everyday then there will be major health issues. Your cat will face problems like obesity, diabetes, high sugar level in blood etc. 

It is better to not give any at all. You can give other treats which are cat friendly. There are a lot of tasty cat foods that you can give your cat without being worried about his or her health.

can cats eat honey

Is honey beneficial for cats?

Honey itself contains many vital properties like Vitamin C, potassium, iron, zinc, copper, antioxidants and some antibacterial properties. Cat parents always want to give the best to their cats. But to put honey in their diet is not a preferred option because of its drawbacks. 

Our feline friend’s body is not suitable for digesting honey. It can not handle glucose, fructose and lactose. Honey involves glucose and fructose. Honey may provide little benefits to the cats but it is not worth all the other troubles. 

By natural law, cats did not need honey to survive, they used to eat meat to get the protein and other nutrients like fiber,, carbs etc. so when we talk about benefits, cats do not require honey to live. It is understandable that you want to treat your cat with sugary delights as you yourself enjoy them very much. But as their downsides go, vomiting, diarrhea, obesity etc, it is really not worth it. 

How much honey can cats eat?

A cat’s digestive system is shorter than that of humans. This suggests that anything of human proportion is too large for our feline friends. So when you are giving  your cat honey please remember to give it in small amounts. 

Cats’ mouths are very small so if you give them a lot of honey it might choke them. To prevent choking hazard you can mix water with the honey so that it will create a runny texture. It will be easier to swallow for the cats. 

When you are treating your cat with honey even in small amounts it might cause pain in the stomach. If you want to give your cat honey without making her or his stomach upset then you should give 1 drop at first. Then occasionally 1 or 2 drops will be good. 

However, if your cat has other health issues then you need to ask your vet for permission. Not all the cats have the capacity to handle honey. 

What can happen if my cat eats honey?

Many researches have been done and they all came to this conclusion that honey does not contribute any fiber which does not mean that it is unable to replicate the side effects caused by consuming too much dietary fiber. 

And if you think humans do not experience discomforts then you are mistaken. You need to know that the side effects are also effective on us. It causes pain in the stomach and other mild health issues. 

But it is only for humans. Now if we talk about cats, there are other serious health problems involved. It is not just mild stomach pain which goes away after a little bit of time. Cats develop problems like diarrhea and vomiting, sudden increase in the insulin level, massive weight gain and botulinum. 

What can happen if my cat eats honey

The effect however depends on the cat’s age, health, breed etc. young kittens and cats with obesity and diabetes should be kept away from honey. 

Do Vets Recommend Giving Honey To A Cat?

Almost all the vets do not recommend this. If you ask for help they will give you other alternatives. Some other things that are more cat friendly and have few side effects or no side effects at all. As cats do not need honey to keep on breathing you have no reason to give your cat honey. 

You should never give your cat honey. If you want to give something sweet then there are cat friendly treats to buy from markets. Cat’s taste buds do not allow it to taste sweet. So it is no use if you are trying to give your cat a taste of the honey. 

There are also side effects to be kept in mind. Some medical concerns also pop up regarding this case. That is why you need to go to the vet to take advice if you can give your cat the delight of honey. Your vet will need to diagnose a few things to make sure your cat does not have any such condition that prevents him or her from eating honey. 

What are the side effects of honey for cats?

Honey is one of the sweetest things humans can taste. As a cat parent you might want to share the sweetness with your four legged furry creature. Then you start wondering if it is safe for your cat. 

Many people think what harm can a bit of honey do. So they go ahead and give their cat very large amounts of honey. Let me tell you how this situation can go wrong. 

CHOKING HAZARD : Honey has a thick texture. Cats have small mouths. It is likely to create a choking hazard. It can be so severe as to be life threatening for that poor little cat. 

DIGESTION ISSUE : Cat’s digestive system can not bear the burden of honey. So honey intake will cause an upset tummy. It can lead to diarrhea and vomiting. This may not kill your cat but will cause much discomfort. 

OBESITY : Too much honey on a daily basis will cause obesity. Overweight will then cause other health complications. 

DIABETES : when you give your cat honey regularly, your cat will develop diabetes which is a very bad disease. Your cat will have to suffer the rest of her life. 

Can I give yogurt with honey to my cat?

Normal yogurt has lactose in it. Cats generally can not digest lactose. When they were kittens their body used to produce enzymes which helped them digest their mother’s milk. But once they grow up their body stops producing that. That is why they become lactose intolerant. So yogurt is a no for cats. 

Honey on the other hand includes fructose and glucose which are also not suitable for cats. Honey also has other side effects which can make cats very sick. So honey is also a no for cats.

This sums up to the fact that you can not give your cat yogurt with honey. 

Can cats eat raw honey?

Raw honey is also a no for cats because raw honey like processed ones have all the qualities that cats should not intake. Cats may want to eat honey because their owners enjoy it. That does not mean that they need it. 

One thing you need to remember is that your cat can not taste honey because they do not have the ability to taste sweet or spicy. So, even your kindness will only cause him discomforts. 

You should also ask your vet before giving your cat raw honey. 

Can cats eat raw honey


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