Can cats eat apples

Can cats eat apples

Apples are okay for cats. They do not cause any harm to cats. However not all the cats like apples. It varies from one cat to another. So if you see that your cat is not eating apples you do not need to be worried nor do you need to force your cat to eat one. 

Some cats do not find the shape of the apple appetizing. Some cats do not like the taste. So it is more likely that they will rather play with it than eat it. 

You should also cut them in bite sized shapes so that your cat does not have any difficulty in eating them. Big pieces may choke them if not chewed properly.  

Are Apples Safe For Cats?

Cats can have apples . There are no risks but you have to prepare them properly before giving them to your cat. According to ASPCA apples are toxic to cats but that is because of the seeds, stems and the apple leaves. 

That is why when you give your cat apple you have to remove all the leaves and stems. Cut the apple and remove the seeds from them. You can cut the apple in bite sized portions. It would make it easier for your cat to chew and swallow. Big pieces can choke your cat. 

If your cat has eaten seeds or leaves or stems then consult your vet as soon as you can. Seeds contain cyanide which is poisonous. 

Why Do Cats Like Apples?

Why Do Cats Like Apples

Cats go for food that has an alluring smell or appetizing shape. Then they taste it and if they like it they keep eating it. But in the case of apples these do not apply. Biologically they do not have any attraction towards apples because from ancient times they used to survive solely on meat. 

However when they see their owners eat it, they get curious. After all, cats are curious animals. So, they try to taste apples and then if they like it they will want more. Sometimes, cats like to get a taste and then leave the rest.

Can cats drink apple juice?

Apple juice is not toxic to cats but it has a high amount of sugar. Apple juice is safe when you give a controlled amount of it. Apple juice does contain vitamin and fiber. Too much apple juice will be very high in sugar which can cause an upset tummy. 

High sugar is bad for cats who have diabetes, especially senior cats. It is also bad for kittens whose immune systems have not been developed. Adult cats with good health can consume little amounts of apple juice. Even if healthy cats intake a lot of apple juice it will cause discomforts in them. 

You should never give it to your cat on a daily basis. It can cause diseases like diabetes. 

Can Cats Eat Apple Seeds?

Apple seeds contain poisonous cyanide which if taken in large amounts in humans, it can be fatal. Cats are much smaller than humans so even one seed can make the cat very ill. The seeds can also get stuck in their breathing tube causing them to choke. It can also get stuck in their teeth. 

The leaves and stems of the apple are also not safe for cats. They also have hydrogen cyanide in them. So they would do the exact same harm as the apple seeds. If your cat consumes apple seeds then, it will prohibit the cells in the body to absorb oxygen. 

The symptoms are almost immediately shown. It will take effect in 10 to 15 minutes. The symptoms are —

  1. Red gums
  2. Difficulty in breathing
  3. Panting loudly
  4. Vomiting
  5. Dilated pupils

Apple poisoning is not a matter that should be taken lightly. This can be fatal so you need to take your cat to the vet immediately if you suspect anything. 

Can Cats Eat Apple Peel?

Many cat parents have this query. Some just eat the apples but not the peel. So they wonder if there is nothing dangerous about giving your cat apple peel then it would not be wasted. Cat owners think as cats do not have a problem with eating apples then they should be okay with eating peels too. 

Well this is right to some extent. Apple peel does not do anything that apple itself does not. It has the same effects as apples. However, you should not give too much apple peel to your cat. It can be very risky then. It can cause pain in the cat’s stomach. 

Cats mostly do not like the taste of the apple peel. So you should not force them to eat that. They do not need apple peels to survive. 

Can Cats Eat Apple Pie?

Can Cats Eat Apple Pie

Apple when served in small quantities do not cause any harm to the cats. Baked apples will also be safe for cats but when we talk about apple pies it is much more than just pure apples.

Many cat owners give their cat apple pie thinking it will be safe but it has a very high risk that they do not acknowledge. Cats can not intake any kind of seasoning. It will be risky for their body. 

That is why their foods are free of any salt, sugar or spices. Apple pies are made with a lot of sugar and spices which can be a health hazard for cats. So you may give apples but not apple pies. 

Can cats have Apple Cider Vinegar?

Yes, cats can have this because it has many benefits. Apple cider vinegar has enzymes. It also contains many minerals and vitamins. When you give your cat apple cider vinegar all natural and made for cats ones then it will benefit your cat in many ways. It has gut friendly bacteria in them which is incredible at healing. The advantages are —-

  1. It will improve the digestive system in the cats.
  2. It also repels parasites. 
  3. Bladder crystal gets broken down by this.

So yes, all this you can get by giving your cat apple cider vinegar. However. You should not give too much. When you give your cat wet food mix in there one fourth tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. You can mix it with juice of the tuna or chicken broth. 

Is apple cider vinegar safe for cats?

can cats have Apple Cider Vinegar

Yes, it is safe but you have to be sure that you are using the right type of apple cider vinegar. You need to chose one that is —–

  1. Organic
  2. Unpasteurized
  3. Unfiltered
  4. Naturally fermented ACV

The benefits it provides are —

  • ACV can increase the power of the immune system. That means your cat’s immune system will be stronger. Your cat will not fall as sick easily.
  • It will positively affect the skin health and coat health of the cat. Save it from fleas / dander / hotspots / itchiness.
  • ACV has also the benefit of protecting against Urinary Tract infections. 
  • It increases metabolism.
  • Reduces the chance of getting kidney stone or liver diseases
  • Protects against yeast infections. 

Always buy apple cider vinegar that includes ACV.  White distilled vinegar does not provide any of the beneficial factors. 

Can cats have Applesauce?

Cats should not consume applesauce. Cats are not likely to eat fruits but some fruits are to their liking so they occasionally try them. But they do not require it to survive. Nutritionists say that cats need food that is mainly meat based. They need protein mostly. 

Their digestive system is not really equipped for plant based meals. They derive vital minerals and vitamins from meats. That is why applesauce is not really of any use to them. Also if you are just giving them for the taste then you should know that cats can not taste sweet or spicy flavors.  

So if your cat eats it, that can be because they have seen you eat it just they are just curious about it. 

Can Apples Treat Obesity In Cats?

We all know that apples are essential when treating obesity in humans. Apples have so many benefits in them for humans that humans eat it almost everyday. 

It is also well known all over the world. But can your cat’s obesity be treated with apples? Well, in a way yes it can be used as a method to help your cat lose weight. But there are some guidelines to that. 

While you decrease the amount of fat in your cats diet you need to fill it up with apples. However, you can not give too much apple on a regular basis so you need to consult your veterinarian to know the exact amount. 

You should also get a full diet plan for your cat from an expert nutritionist of cat foods. 

Can Kittens Eat Apples?

Can Kittens Eat Apples

Kittens need what they require to grow. The essential nutrients do not include apples. Your kittens diet should be well balanced and maintained. However, kittens may eat apples but there are some things you need to make sure before giving your kitten apple. 

First, you need to ask your vet about it. If they give their consent then comes the preparation part. As kittens are small and their mouths are also very small a big apple will be risky. A big bite size may choke her so you need to cut it in bite sized shapes.  

You also need to keep an eye on her just to be sure that she is okay after eating it. Avoid giving her apple peels,  do not give any apple seed, stem or leaves. Wash the cut apple pieces and then give it to her. 

Can cats eat green apples?

Cats need mainly protein and fiber to survive. Apples contain fiber and they are also low in fat which means that cats with lower metabolism rate would get benefit out of it. 

But you still can not give them a lot of it. You need to give it in moderation so that it does not cause any harm. Although low in fiber it does have sugar contents which are not ideal for cats. If taken in large amounts can cause other health issues. 

So keep an eye on your cat’s diet. And also remove all the seeds before giving it to your cat. 

Can cat be allergic to apples?

Can cats eat green apples

There is no such case that I heard of as cats being allergic to apples but as a cat parent you need to be careful. When you give your cat an apple you should consult with your vet. 

Then you should notice if your cat is having any discomforts or not, if you see a slightest sign that your cat is not alright after eating apples then you should immediately take him to the vet.

Do not give large amounts the first time. Give a small amount and notice the reaction. Then you can move forward.


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