Can Cats Eat Honey?

Cats and other felines need mostly proteins from meat. They also require fiber but in very small amounts. Cats are most likely to eat anything that they see their owners enjoying. It impulses them into thinking that the food is very delicious.  Cats and other felines need mostly proteins from meat. They also require fiber … Read more

Do Cats Bleed when in Heat?

Like most female mammals, cats undergo physical changes in their bodies after a certain point of time. These changes prepare the cat for fertilization and make them receptive to take up male seeds. They become ready to give birth to babies after the cycle. Cats breed well in most climates and have increased in exponential … Read more

Why is my cat so clingy?

Cats are usually seen as arrogant animals who don’t pamper their owners much. Unlike dogs, cats usually won’t jump at their owners at their first sight from the office and most cats aren’t interested even waving at their owners unless they call them. So, it’s many cat owner’s dreams for their cat to become more … Read more

How Christmas Feels when you have a Cat?

One of the best feelings in the world is celebrating Christmas with your cat. It’s the perfect time to shower your love and affection towards your kitty in the Christmas holidays. You might have got a lot of Christmas gift boxes on this festive occasion. How about not throwing away those gift boxes for your … Read more

Can cats taste Spicy?

In ancient times cats only survived eating raw meat. They used to hunt for themselves. So that means their meat would have been warm as it was something alive.  Cats do like food that is warm and hot but that spiciness is not always the best choice for your purr ball. Cats do not exactly … Read more

Can cats Eat Popcorn?

You should not give any kind of popcorn to a kitten and any senior cat. They can choke on that or their digestive system can not handle that.  Other cats may have popcorn but you have to prepare them in a different way. Cats can not handle any kind of seasoning. So you can not … Read more

Why does my Cat Lick my Hair?

I have been in a situation when I would wake up and see that my cat has been licking and chewing my hair for the past few minutes. I have wondered why my cat did what he did, then I gathered some information about it. Reasons for this behavior: Apparently, your cat licks your hair … Read more

How many teeth does a cat have?

In the first few weeks after the birth of a kitten, there are no teeth. As the kitten grows up to be an adult cat, it has almost 26 baby teeth and around 30 adult teeth. As compared to a dog, 28 baby teeth and 42 adult teeth. A human being has 20 baby teeth … Read more

How high can Cats jump?

A cat’s jump is a sight to savor. Almost everyone has seen cats jump from the triple story or above and run away smoothly at least once in their life. Their tiny size, in comparison to the height they can clear, makes it all the more astonishing. While natural, built, and characteristics of an animal … Read more

How Long to Quarantine Cat with Ringworm?

Getting infected with ringworm is one of the biggest threat to the life of your kitty. Ringworm is considered as one of the highly infectious micro-organisms for cats. Ringworm or skin fungus can spread or transmitted from animals to humans and vice versa. You must quickly quarantine your kitty so that you can stop it … Read more