Can Cats Eat Celery?

Celery is very beneficial for human beings. Cats can also eat it. It will not harm them if you give small amounts of it to them. It is not toxic to them. Most cat parents get worried when their cat has stolen a bite of celery from their meal. Actually not all cats like celery … Read more

Can cats get Hiccups?

Have you ever seen your cat hiccuping? Is it hard to stop? It’s quite a cute sight watching cats hiccuping. But being a cat parent, you are bound to get worried. While it does invite laughter from anyone who sees that, you don’t want to compromise on her health. Severe hiccups may point towards an … Read more

Can cats eat Ice Cream?

There have been a few tv shows where it is shown that ice cream is perfectly fine for cats. However, this is very much wrong. It may seem okay at first but overtime your cat will start to face many problems. Ice cream is not an ideal choice for your feline friend’s treat.  I get … Read more

Can cats eat Almonds?

Nuts such as almonds are widely known for being the king of micronutrients. There is no doubt in the fact that almonds are considered as the healthiest food to be a part of a diet. Almonds are the most popular amongst all nuts. They are so delicious that humans like to eat them in a … Read more