Can Cats eat Lettuce?

Our feline friends are not always prone to plant based foods. But there are some that would go for the lettuce. Now we know that lettuce has so many benefits when it comes to humans but is it okay to give a cat lettuce? Will it cause any harm ? Cat owners may have faced … Read more

How to Fatten up your Cat?

The instant image framed in mind when someone utters the word “cat” is- thin, four legged visual of a creature with stripes/ single shade on the body. This response to stimuli reveals that thinness is a feature of cat and no peculiarity. Nevertheless, the abnormalities in the physique of some cats are reflected by their … Read more

Why does my cat Smell Bad?

Pet owners who are concerned with their pet cat about their smells this article would help them decide if their cat is healthy or they should consult a veterinarian. Cats are known for their cleanliness. So a cat to smell bad is a serious problem. Although it might not always be some serious issues. Unless … Read more

How to get Wax out of Cat Hair?

Sometimes cats might get covered with wax due to an accident or any other reason. You need to prepare a de-stickifying strategy and check your cat’s fur to see how much the damage has been done by the wax. Your cat might end up getting covered by wax in a party or any other events … Read more

How to get Cat to Gain Weight?

There is no doubt that cats are great companions for people of all age. But there’s a lot of things to be taken care of while owning a cat. One of the most important things is keeping a proper check on the weight of your cat. Is your cat getting way too skinny? Or is … Read more

Why do Cats Burrow under Blankets?

Cats are shy creatures who remain captive in corners, hide from unfamiliar identities, steal sight from unknown elements and prefer burying themselves in their comfort cocoon. This is a natural instinct of cats. They, initially, choose extreme silence, hide under couch, empty bags, suitcase, shoe boxes, route no tracks at home, do not pay interest … Read more